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The teach from the Marriage Today materials at my church - the Marriage On The Rock Series. The topics in each session are great for group conversation, and I have benefited from hearing them discussed and participating in group sessions.
I listened to the “New Bloodline sermon and it is false doctrine, preaching under Prosperity Gospel. I’m a fairly new listener to this podcast and was drawn to it because I love listening to Dave&Ashley Willis who are apart of Marriage Today. The “New Bloodline” sermon talks about breaking the “family curse” because we are under the blood of Jesus as believers and He breaks the curse. Yes, God is all powerful! Yes, He can heal! But just because you believe in Him does not mean you are not susceptible to family healthy history and traits. God is Good! And He can and will use anything and everything for His glory! Not our glory but His glory! We can’t not fully comprehend His glory but know that glory belongs to Him! A family line of cancer does not just stop because you believe in Jesus, although He has power to do so. Belief in Jesus means you are saved from eternal damnation and are excepted into His glorious presence for all eternity.
I am currently single, and I LOVE listening to the marriage today podcast! There is so much great info, and I know it’s preparing me for a great marriage one day! When it comes to showing a man respect, is that different in the dating stage? If so, how? If you’re saved and he’s not how do you go about trying to help him get saved?
Grateful for finding this!
So do I! Thanks so much! :)
I’m not of Jimmy’s faith, but I am religious and I really appreciate his teachings, counseling background, and humor. I’ve been married for just under 2 years and it’s been so beneficial listening and putting into action his podcasts, and not just in my marriage, but in my daily life and other relationships. It’s refreshing to come across Jimmy. Thank you, you helped save my marriage and helped make me into a better human being.
This podcast has help my marriage so much. I just love the powerful messages that come from this marriage. I pray you will listen to this podcast and be blessed.
This is the premier marriage podcast. Its content transcends its medium. This is a reference, a tool, a resource, and a revelation. Listening is an investment.
I have shared this podcast with everyone I know and love. God truly uses the Evan’s to speak to me in our marriage and how to be a better wife. It has also taught me to pray for our marriage and for my husband. Truly changing me through this God-given word on marriage.
Jimmy and Karen are THE authority on marriage. You won’t find this much marriage content anywhere else. They are so real and easy to understand. Gives me hope for my marriage and any marriage really.
Thanks Jimmy and Karen for your ministry. Every church needs someone promoting your shows and products. Your Biblically based marriage and life help has opened my eyes to a whole new world! Keep up the great work!
This podcast is incredible.. so much wisdom! A great resource. Thank you!
The message are to point and supported by biblical truths. I encourage married and single people to listen to and apply these teachings.
These sermons are such a blessing to us. They are right on according to the bible. Praise God for Jimmy and Karen sharing Gods message to help others and save marriages. Every couple needs to hear these messages. May God continue to Bless this ministry.
Every couple needs to listen to these. What a great marriage ministry.
Thank you so much Jimmy and Karen! God bless you!
I love this podcast.
Awesome! Great advice for marriage and life
Thank You for this message so applicable to All couples.
This ministry is really a big blessing to me that God open my eyes make me realize my mistake as a wife as mother of my 3 kids and I pray that God help me to grow more and be more closer to him. I’m not tired listen to all your message for me this the food of my soul I thank God for this ministry and i pray that God bless you more so you still continue helping other people like what you did to me thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
very good information... very useful.
I love how God is using this couple! They are giving me so much insight for my marriage. Everything they preach about is so true and real. I am learning so much about being a good wife and understanding my husband. Thank you so much for your ministry and sticking together to allow God to use you guys!!!
Jimmy and Karen are God's gift to every husband and every wife!
I listen to these podcasts each day on my way in to work. My husband and I discovered Marriage on the Rock a few years ago and it made our marriage so much stronger. We have both changed from these teachings. We have learned to better communicate and understand each other's needs. Our marriage is so much better today because of the changes we made. Now that Ive found the podcasts I can listen on my way to work each morning. It brings me closer to God and closer to my husband. Love it!
God relevant for us all
Perfect Refresher that I need everyday, this podcast has helped me to focus and dig deeper into my marriage while driving. Listening is the easy part. Thank you Jimmy your a RockStar
All I can say is Amazing.....
Thanks For a great podcast Everyone should listen.
Fantastic you guys rock....:)


By Nhiamay
This ministry have blessed us from the beginning of our marriage. Currently, it saved us from separating. We needed to hear these sermon and practice it on a daily basis.


These amazing, Life changing words have absolutely been such a blessing and have helped my marriage in every way.
Jimmy and Karen are the best thank you for allowing us to download podcast for free your teaching is the best around
I've listened to Marriage on the Rock, and in several of the podcast presentations so far, and have seen Jimmy on TV once in a while. The Podcasts are great (half hour each) and just enough to get a good solid message. This message (pro-Marriage) is what we ALL need to hear, to heed and apply, to regain the core values in our most important earth-bound relationship. Thanks so much to Jimmy and Karen for their ministry and these messages. The style is not boring or dry, so it's easy to listen to, and easy to share, AND it doesn't come across as all 'preachy', but the message is Biblical and solid. I recommend the purchased materials (MotR is GREAT for ALL, married or not yet) and others great, too. Praise God for this wonderful couple!
this ministry has been such a blessing to my marriage. i only regret i don't have/make more time to have my mind filled with God's many wonderful messages about his design for marriage that he shares through jimmy & karen's testamony. thank you so much for making this available here!
Thank you Karen and Jimmy so much for podcasting your resources through this vital technology. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to listen to Marriage Today on my iPod or in iTunes. Couples need resources and tools for successful, healthy marriages. These informative and practical sessions will benefit any marriage no matter where they are at in their journey. As the founders of the Center for Marriage and Family, we endorse and support the Marriage Today team and the materials released. We pray you’ll experience favor this year like never before because of your faithfulness to your calling.