Reviews For Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

I so want to listen but it gives me knots in my stomach listening to all the things money needs to do 🙁


By vwom
Some helpful info, but so full of ads I can’t enjoy it.
I’m a new listener and I’m loving this podcast. It tackles all of the necessities regarding personal finance. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us Laura!!!
Recently found the podcast and I love it. I am in finances and I had been searching for a podcast that can provide relatable information and tips!!
Loving all the information! Thanks for sharing.
The perfect podcast in providing valuable information in a concise format. I appreciate the emphasis on utilizing time to stay on topic. The production and host are both top quality.
I should start off by saying I’m pretty bad at reviewing podcasts. This is my first ever review. But after listening to so many of these Money Girl Podcasts, I knew I had to change that. The wealth of knowledge and financial advice is unparalleled. Listening to this Podcast is such a huge investment in your financial health. If you’re looking for sound financial advice and answers to common yet rather complex financial dilemmas, this is the Podcast you should be listening to!!
I wish the intro music, ads, and voices didn’t grate on me so’s loud, abrasive, and even robotic sounding. But awesome, super helpful and comprehensive tips! I noticed in a recent episode in which Laura was being interviewed for another podcast, it was SO much easier to listen to as it was much more low key and conversational. Not robotic or grating at all. I wish every episode were like that!
I have just discovered your podcasts and the wealth of information you have online. I’m so appreciative of you and your guests that take the mystery - and the fear - out of investing and making the right financial decisions. I am a retired teacher. I wish you had been around 40 years ago!
This podcast is amazing, always feels unbiased and has taught me so much. I love the range of topics and am so impressed with her knowledge. Love it
Love this podcast for its easy, quick, & understandable topics. I’ve learned so much & even listen to episodes that don’t pertain to me because I can soak up new information. Highly recommend!
While the info is okay--pretty basic stuff, actually--and the expert interviews are the best part of the show, I can't stand listening to it because it's nothing but one commerical after another, followed by Laura's testimonials for products, followed by her hawking her own books, classes, etc. Too frustrating to listen to.
Simple and effective. Very easy to understand and follow - I love all the topics. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in getting his finance in order or just to keep up.


So grateful for your tips,tricks and knowledge. Great Podcast
I have been a Money Girl listener for years. I value this podcast because of the great information and the production quality. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about personal finance in an easy to access way.
I’ve made many mistakes regarding money but Laura’s advice has helped me be more mindful when it comes to my finances. I am getting out from under a lot of debt and on top of that affording to live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. She’s given me to tools I need to take control of my money. I feel empowered to call my credit card companies to ask for things I wouldn’t even thought of before. Thank you for your hard work Laura!
This podcast is awesome because Laura explains financial topics in a simple, easy-to-understand way. She covers an array of topics that apply to everyone: investment advice, home buying, car buying, social security, estate planning, general money saving tips, etc. I listen to a variety of financial podcasts, but Money Girl is one of my top two favorites. If you’re looking to improve your financial health, and you want down-to-earth advice on steps you can take right now, Laura’s podcast is the one to listen to for sure! I already feel like I’m in better financial shape and more knowledgeable on money matters. Thanks, Laura!
Great podcast, encouraging, practical and informative. Money Girl is a new favorite podcast of mine!


I think the contribution limits are $6000. & $7000 over 50 for IRA in 2019.
Someone please teach this woman how to pronounce finance. It’s kind of imperative to the show.
Money Girl has been my go-to podcast for quick and digestible bits of information that I can apply to my financial life. I like to listen to it whenever I get up from my desk and go for a quick walk. There are a lot of great tips for people who either have a job or are self-employed, and for a variety of financial circumstances. As a 30-something, it is really helping me learn to better manage my stocks and my taxes for my business.
So informative! I will listen several more times as I work to build up my brand. Thank you, Laura.
Laura Adams does a great job of distilling more complex, but very important topics into easily understood language. I just heard her podcast today on travel insurance. I never purchased this before, but will think hard about it next time my family takes a big trip. I didn't realize the cost and coverage structure. I appreciate the broad and varied personal finance topics on here. The Motley Fool podcasts brought me to hers.
Wow. Isn't it great to quickly get in and get a quick explanation of things...and feel like its a really accurate answer. Thanks for what you do Laura! Irish
I am eternally grateful to have a financial expert to guide me through this complex financial jargons in my almost retired age, 56 after staying home for 25 years to care for my family of 5, found myself divorced (in the process) and completely detached from managing my personal finances! You are the light in that dark financial tunnel! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish all the divorce podcasts will linkup tp you!
Helpful information and tips. Bit odd that the presenter asks for a “quick 5 star review”. Surely a persons view is their own. 5 stars won’t come from everyone but doesn’t necessarily devalue your show.
I have been binging this podcast for about a week now, it is so packed with useful information! I am graduating college in 6 weeks and have already started my first full-time job, but I feel incredibly overwhelmed when it comes to starting out with saving and investing. This podcast has been very helpful in understanding the importance of investing early! I would love an episode targeted to fresh grads with the top 10 things you wish you had known/done in your early 20s!
The information is presented so well: straight forward, clarity of speech, step by step, examples given. I love how Laura gets right to the point. (So many podcasters and you- tubers drone on and on without getting to the point that I have to turn them off and pull my hair out). I also really appreciate that she doesn’t have some goofy or annoying music in the background to distract me, which causes me to have to backup numerous times to try to focus. My one and only suggestion would be to change the intro music 🎶
Super helpful and practical podcast! Thanks Laura 🤗
Very pleasant voice and easy to listen to, well produced podcast and great info for the average person trying to figure out personal finance. One suggestion to Laura is to add your name to the podcast as I didn't see it on there in the Apple Store and fans can search for you that way.
Very practical and easy to understand.
I’ve been listening to the Money Girl podcast since 2007. It’s my go-to source for financial information! Each podcast is a well thought-out, straight-forward presentation of financial info on a specific topic that anyone can understand. Highly recommended!
I love this podcast! I’ve recommended it to at least three different people. She gives great advice and it’s relatable and doable!
Laura, you sound like a broken record and nothing you have mentioned was useful. You might consider listening to women who have smart sense money patterns. Your advertising clearly is false and yes credit scores are pulled as a soft pull and several pulls of this nature will lower all three bureaus. Lots of advertising and minimal suggestions
I absolutely love this podcast! It’s amazing how informative she is and the best thing is that it’s all for free. I’ve learned so much and truly appreciate all your (and your team’s) hard work. Thank you!


By Xococo
Omg how have I lived without this resource?! So simple and clear and easy to understand. Great information, I’m only on my second one and I’m already hooked, thank you!!
Love this podcast
I found this podcast two years ago and have been listening religiously since then. With her advice, coupled with personal research, I’ve been able to jump my credit score into the excellent range, pick an amazing credit card, evaluate far off decisions based on my goals for the future and so much more. Worth listening to, especially because the topics are so varied!
I love that I can scroll through the variety of topics and listen to podcasts that are helpful to my current situation and near future.
Good tips, but too much rambling and sponsorship plugs for me to rate any higher.
I’ve listened to this podcast for years and it’s consistently been excellent. I especially appreciate that the topic is strictly about money... like it advertises itself to be... and I’ve never heard a hint of a political slant. It’s informative, interesting and very helpful. I’ve unsubscribed from several podcasts lately because I’m tired of political agendas being injected into the shows... either the political slant is becoming more prevalent or I’m just becoming more annoyed by it. Either way, this podcast delivers exactly what it promises and I really appreciate that.
I helped my daughter with her retirement saving choices at work thanks to you!
Great podcast! It has helped me... I don't listen to all of them but when I do I'm glad I did.
Smart, timely, and practical advice on how to save money on the things you are already spending it on everday. I highly recommend episodes 537, 541, 542, and 557 as they delve into IRAs and HSAs. Laura is very technical as an MBA, but relatable as an everyday person. The problem with financial well-being is a lack of awareness - you can't solve problems you don't even know exist. Laura highlights key trouble areas affecting most people, and offers great money-saving ideas you can take advantage of right away. Thank you for putting in all the hard work and helping bring this useful content to the masses!
I appreciate the manner in which Laura covers her topic. She avoids the traps of many in others in this space by not talking down to us listeners, holding our interest and being relevant. I’m hooked!
I love that it is down and dirty and keeps things simple.
The episodes I’m interested in always provide good basic, as well as info pearls, to help me be in charge of my finances and avoid expensive mistakes. The presentation is very clear and always professional.
MoneyGirl offers short concise episodes to get you thinking about your financial future. Highly recommend!
Even if the topic doesn't pertain to me, I still find value in all of the episodes. There has also been a few instances where I was able to help and inform friends and coworkers based on what I heard on the show. Some of the topics can be a bit steep and I'm always grateful when Laura revists topics from time to time (repetition is good!)