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I used to love listening to Sierra Club Radio, but it has seriously jumped the shark with episodes promoting so-called green cleaning products--like Clorox GreenWorks, which should be called Green Wash for its refusal to list the TOXIC chemicals in the product. In the past, I would usually skip over the recipes section, since they tend to call for dairy products. However, this week was the straw that broke the camel's back. As a vegan, I was offended by the interview with a former vegan turned hunter. Sure, it's a free country. He has the right to hunt. I have the right to find his lifestyle morally reprehensible. I also have the right to unsubscribe from podcasts that I can no longer listen to. That is exactly what I have done.
This podcast lives up to it's by-line: "Green News You Can Use." Orli Cotel never fails to ask her guest(s) the question I want answered. The stories are short and to the point and always impart practical, pertinent information in an enjoyable format. Keep up the good work!!!


great podcast, informative.
This podcast has such great interviews! The very diverse, very informed group of interviewees keeps me tuned in.
The Sierra Club podcast is GREAT!! You get wonderful tips on how to live an environmentaly friendly life and great articles concerning the environment . I would recommend this to anyone would would like to live a "greener" life