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I love listening to the Books and Ideas Podcast with Dr. Campbell while going about my day. Also, I learn about many subjects and books I would not have investigated on my own. Good to expand my brain and horizons!
Great Scientists + Interesting Books + Great Host = Can't go wrong mix
I found this podcasts via The Brain Science Podcast which is also hosted by Dr. Campbell. I really enjoy the way she makes sure she understands her subject matter, summarizes it clearly for the listener, and then discusses it in-depth. I am going back through this and the Brain Science Podcasts to listen to them all, which I have never done except for Astronomy Cast :)
Not too frequent (monthly) but you can bet when an interview shows up it will be interesting and high quality. Dr. Campbell is a great interviewer and a warm friendly voice, kindly giving her time to share her wonderful interests. Be sure to check out the back catalog of great interviews. Thanks, doc!
If you enjoy the brain science podcast you will love this one too. Check it out!
You will learn a lot
Although I prefer Ginger Campbell's Brain Science Podcast, her work on Books and Ideas is also worth a listen. Dr. Campbell has a wide range of interests, and covers many of them here. These including but are by no means limited to modern fiction, philosophy and medicine. I especially enjoy her interviews, which feature fascinating guests and Dr. Campbell's thoughtful questions and commentary. I also enjoy many of her book reviews, but I definitely prefer the interviews. There's something here for most podcast listeners, since she covers a number of topics. Even if you don't end up subscribing, there's a good chance you'll find an episode or two that covers a subject you're interested in. I also highly recommend The Brain Science Podcast!
Thank you Dr. Giniger Campbell for bring in all the scientists and authors and your own ideas. Excellent show.
It is obvious that Dr. Campbell puts in a lot of time, energy and care into this podcast. I just listened to one episode and I am hooked. No doubt she is intelligent and well-read. I am neither a scientist nor a doctor. But I can still listen and follow the conversation. I highly recommend this program.
Dr. Ginger Campbell is a superb cultural critic and advisor. I have read some of the books she recommends and find them fascinating. She covers not only books, but other cultural phenomenon, and I appreciate the way she keeps me up to date on stuff I'd otherwise not know. I don't know how she finds the time to do all she does.
I listen to dozens of podcasts and I rate Ginger Campbell as the single best unprofessional interviewer I have come across. Her podcasts are the only ones for which I have listened to each and every episode, despite being a latecomer to both. She is detailed, insightful and thought-provoking. This makes the podcasts interesting. In addition, she is clear, focused and highly organized, something most others simply do not have the skill (or perhaps, interest) to deliver. Finally, her commentary is concise, non-nonsense and thorough providing the listener with an action-packed experience. I wish others had her abilities and passion for their topics. Tune in!
Dr. Campbell's Books and Ideas podcast keeps me current in contemporary scientific ideas and keeps me re-thinking popular notions about science. Her balanced and intelligent approach gives me lots of material for starting conversations with my children, as well as a lot to think about myself. I'm very grateful that I can gain from Dr. Campbell's intellect and wisdom!
Whenever a new episode of "Books and Ideas" pops up I am sure to listen within a short time. As one on a life-long quest for knowledge, wisdom and truth I always find stimulating ideas presented on this popcast as well as her other one on Brain Science.
This is an incredible contribution to the sea of information that is "the internet". I am a philosophy professor in Michigan with a deep interest in overcoming the "educational silos" that dominate the academy. These podcasts help me to see connections between my own research and cutting edge neuroscience. Thank you Dr. Campbell -- the time and commitment that your podcasts demonstrate is helping to awaken and illuminate. It is awesome and it makes me happy that you are motivated to do this.
Wow! Dr. Campbell really brings true wisdom and an honest discussion of many important ideas of our time. I appreciate the bold attempts to explain many facets of an issue without being intellectually dishonest about them. As a future physician it is encouraging to have a representative of our profession as yourself. Thanks for this and keep it up.
This podcast along with Dr. Campbell's other podcast on the Brain is absolutely tremendous! Thank you Dr. Campbell for creating this podcast! I highly recommend!
This podcast is one of the best I've heard. Dr. Ginger Campbell goes out of her way to impart her wisdom and curiosity through this podcast. She continues to inspire me with her great guests and charming way of delivering information.
Dr. Ginger Campbell's Books and Ideas podcast is as refreshing as having a cup of tea with a friend and catching up with each other's reading. She covers both audio and print books, with an overview and comments and makes this format both personal and available. After discovering her other fabulous podcast, The Brain Science Podcast, I tried this one and was thrilled that she both discusses books, the themes and concepts and interviews authors in the same frank, intelligent manner that I admire in Brain Science. So pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this wonderful podcast,. You will soon feel that Dr. Campbell is sitting nearby eager to share books with you. . .