Reviews For Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone

Life changing and inspiring. Thank you for what you do!
Of all the cognitive science podcasts I listen to/books I have listened to/read since the mid-1980s, this one is clearly the easisest to understand, providing valuable information and insights for ALL of us as we struggle to understand ourselves and those around us. Her summaries at the end help the listener retain the information, and her thought-provoking questions about recent studies in brain-science are questions we should ALL be thinking about as we move through our days with others. As an educator for the past 33 years, this podcast it a MUST!
For the non-science listener, this podcast offers all kinds of interesting and helpful information. Listen and learn!
This podcast is amazing! It’s Neuroscience for everyone.
High level brain podcast with tons of good info! Great guests and tons of rich content!!
The host is marvelous. Definitely knows what she's doing. Invites the right guests and asks the right questions. I love this show!
I have been listening to many neuroscience podcasts from many creators. This is - by far - the best podcast. This podcast is super high-level-professional as well as super easy to understand. Ginger (the creator) invests so much in each episode. She has great questions and she summarizes each episode at the end. She discusses books and comps them in incredibly deep as well as practical ways. I could go on, but it’s best if you just listen. Enjoy.
I’ve listened to this wonderful podcast for over a year and have learned so much more than expected. I’ve also purchased three books written by guests!
I first subscribed to this podcast when I decided to major in Neuroscience assuming it would cover the usual topics discussed in my courses. To my surprise, Campbell has also recently done podcasts covering the subject of consciousness and “the hard problem.” This “hard problem” is what made me venture into neuroscience research and knowing that consciousness is sort of taboo or placed in a secluded corner in the field it is awesome to see a podcast with distinguished guests go over the topic.
This podcast is an excellent bridge between the latest research and the interested layman. I love Neuroscience, but don’t have a career dedicated to it. Ginger is great at breaking down the key points of the studies and when appropriate, how to integrate good brain health into your life. I have bought several books recommended by this podcast. Enjoy this information as a Neuro-professional, or just to feed an interest.
I savor the info and am so appreciative that Dr. Ginger curates what’s out there to bring it to us in an accessible form. I imagine the prep for each show is monumental. Have been listening for years and a year ago became a premium subscriber. These podcasts are a gem for those interested in anything brain science.
I'm an undergraduate neuroscience student, and I was so pleased when I found this podcast! I've been listening for about a year and I'm never disappointed. A lot of other (or just science) media and podcasts are either geared towards a layman's audience and isn't very informative (the usual), or sometimes you'll find one that is for such a specific audience that there could only be ~100 listeners. Dr. Ginger Campbell does a fantastic job of not being underestimating her audience's knowledge or ability to learn, while still making a program that most people would have absolutely no problem following. This podcast gives me an insider's knowledge on a broad range of neuroscience topics. It teaches me in a way that promotes my knowledge as an undergraduate student, while still being something I don't ever plan on growing past.
Not only do I look forward to the next Brain Science podcast, but I truly do enjoy Dr Campbell's guests. These episodes will keep you up to date on the latest and great, and are 100% worth the time. Looking forward to the next one, thank you Dr Campbell!
Ginger Campbell’s podcast is thoughtful and humane. It is not dazzling and does not waste your time.
Brain Science is an easy to understand podcast that explains so much about neuroscience / brain function from multiple perspectives. Every episode (that I’ve listened to so far) features an expert thoughtfully interviewed in conversation style. I learn several new things with each interview.
This is a long overdue review. I discovered this podcast a few years ago and was immediately hooked. I couldn’t get through the back catalogue fast enough! The subject matter is fascinating, and is delivered in a way that is highly informative while being accessible to the lay listener. Unlike many podcasts, Brain Science never sacrifices content for gimmicks and sound bites. Excellent podcast!
I have listened to almost all of the neuroscience podcasts available on iTunes. This is the best if you enjoy listening to challenging and thought provoking discussions with a diverse group of experts interviewed over the latest concepts and research in neuroscience. I give the highest recommendation I can give for this podcast!
I love listening to this podcast. I have always been interested in the brain, but didn’t know much about it. This podcast really helped me learn more about our current research and our past research with the brain, while making it all interesting.
I’ve been listening to this podcast since I was about 22 and I am 31 now, just can’t say enough about the content and how it almost feels like you know Ginger by now, just love her!
I have been listening to Ginger Campbell from early days. As a physical therapist with a strong interest in neuroscience, these talks are everything. My work will forever be informed by these amazing interviews.
I am fascinated by the brain . Ginger Campbell makes sense of the science, and makes it easier for me to understand. I have been listening to her for several years now maybe even as far back as episode five or ten. I strongly recommend this for any level of interest from Duffer, like me, Or smart guys.
As a lifelong mental health practitioner, I am fascinated by the information and the guests that Dr. Campbell interviews, and rewarded also by her summaries of the discussions and key points from the interviews. I learn a great deal about the brain and recent neuroscience discoveries., some of which is directly applicable in my sessions with clients.


One of the best episodes
I am a teacher interestef in cognitive abilities and learning. I find this podcast facinating and have gained so much knowledge about the brain.
Been listening for years. Really helps me stay up with current neuroscience research and informs my practice as a speech therapist. Thanks a Ginger!!
Thank you Dr. Ginger for continuing educating the public through your podcast. I am an undergraduate student and was inspired by your show to pursue a career in neuroscience research for the future. I will share you show with other friends to continue support your work.
I like listening to science podcasts where researchers can present their own work, particularly when the research is related to neuroscience and psychology. Dr. Campbell stands way above most podcast hosts, IMO, because of her extensive preparation before the interview (she's read what they've published), her own thoughtful consideration of and commentary on the topics, and her ability to do a focused interview that helps listeners understand how the guest's research is connected to larger debates and ideas in the field.
A very enjoyable podcast that explores a wide variety of issues associated with the brain. Ginger provides the material in a manner that is suitable for all people, who are eager to learn, no matter their educational background.
Very science-y! The Doctor breaks down very complex subjects and understands the material she is interviewing on. Highly organized and easy to listen to. I always learn a lot and get excited to read the books she covers!
This podcast is always delivering high quality information and interviews I thoroughly enjoy Ginger
The best show on the internet for people who are interested in our brain impact our lives!
I love this podcast. I have learned so much and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from these creative people.
I am so excited to find this podcast! I’m teaching A&P and love this site for new ideas for the Nervous System. Thank you Dr. Campbell!
Not only is Dr. Campbell a one in a million when it comes to this topic, she inspires anyone remotely interested int he field. She has always done her research and guides the interviews superbly. I always look forward to her next installment. The best!
A terrific show that speaks to everyone from novices to experts. It's not too dumb down and I appreciate that. Its rare to have a smart show with such good flow as this.
Fabulous podcast! Ginger Campbell is an amazing interviewer and scholar. She asks great questions of her guests and then puts all the information together at the end of each segment. A must for anyone with an interest in the brain. It's such a wonderful teaching tool, probably even for for many kids still in high school.
great, understandable, in depth SCIENCE (fact based). Ginger Campbell obviously spends a lot of time preparing for each podcast and has good interview skills. Dr. Campbell tries clearly to differentiate between experimental and theoretical ideas, and is good at clarifying jargon. Well worth your time.
After the interview, Ginger wraps up the episode with a summary of the main points. I really retain a lot of the valuable information from each podcast.
I’ve been listening for a couple of years now and have found every show to be full of great information. My son has brain damage from cranial radiation as a child and I have gleaned nuggets of helpful ideas. I love her curiosity and eagerness to always know more.
This podcast is the reason why I became a Neuroscience major.
Since I work in the field of education, I routinely share the podcasts with colleagues.
My only complaint is the inclusion of known animal torturer Edward Taub as a guest speaker. I'm sure that a number of other neuroscientists could have taken his place. Instead, the attention is practically a commendation of his horrific acts and detracts from the legitimacy of this podcast.
If u are in the science field and interested in neuroscience give this a listen! Probably little hard for lay person to follow, but that's why I like it, I want to hear more of the actual science and research results with out trying to simplify it for a general audience.
As a current neuroscience PhD student, I find that this podcast does a good job of explaining complex topics in a way that can be digested by someone with a non-science background. I especially enjoy the various guest on the show.
Sometimes the interviews/discussions are very dense with information and I have to stop what I'm doing (usually walking dogs) to pay full attention. But I'm always glad that I did. It's fascinating to hear firsthand from pioneering researchers like Dr. Brenda Milner or Dr. Michael Gazzaniga. And as a child psychiatrist I thoroughly enjoy any thoughtful discussions about "the hard question"--what is mind?
This is a great, serious podcast. It is clearly presented and Dr. Campbell does an amazing job of interviewing guests in ways that help to clarify some incredibly technical topics. Especially helpful is the way she demystifies jargon and connects subjects to each other across episodes. The intros and outros are always well crafted and help to summarize the information presented very well.
This show is a very solid science podcast!! Probably one of the best!! The content is very engaging and deals with all important issues in the domain. I was so glad that I found this show because this was exactly what I have been looking for, even though I was saddened that I came across this show so late. Dr. Campbell also summarizes the content nicely at the end of the each episode which helps audience to digest sometimes complicated concepts of the show. She also has fairly detailed show notes on her website which is also quite helpful. Thank you for such a great show!!! Hope this continues as long as possible!!
I have listened to over 100,000 podcasts. I rank Dr. Campbell’s interview with Professor Deacon the best. It led me to read his book, which led me to change some of my deepest beliefs, which has helped me make progress with problems I have pondered for decades. I would not say that Dr. Campbell’s interviews are ‘scintillating.’ Indeed, it often takes a bit of effort to get through them, but I generally find the return on investment of my effort is well worth it. Thank you Dr. Campbell!
Good balance between layman's terms and information I can practically use for my dad who recently had a stroke. Thank you!