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The show is average at best. Not very many quality guests and when he does have a good guest, he browbeats them with dumb questions that are biased by his own opinions. Also I have no respect for a man that told his wife he’d vote for whoever she wanted. Grow a pair.
The word “skeptical” has been weaponized it seems. Stuff like this and then the pro APGW site “skeptical science”... It’s like people have figured out that when you want to be completely un-skeptical then call yourself “skeptical”?
Really love this podcast!!! He is not afraid to ask the tough questions and go to places most people are afraid to go!!!! Kudos! Always entertaining , informative and enlightening!!!! Keep up the amazing work! Thank you 💜
This isn’t a bad idea for a show, but it lacks focus. Alex rambles over the guests, or does most of the talking and blows up at even minor disagreements or pushback. Usually he’s annoying and diverts conversations away from interesting directions, sometimes he’s astoundingly hostile and rude. In sum, it feels more like an excuse for him to talk to people than anything intended for an audience.
Alex gets some superstar guests, but how I don’t know. The interviews are lacking in thought, logic and discipline. He rails against the materialists to his friendly guests and then when he gets one on the show he says very little to confront them and fails to come up with answers to questions that he should have easily handled. He has some good insight but some very silly ideas too. I am in complete agreement with his basic worldview, which is philosophical idealism, but his climate denialism just gives the materialists a huge stick to beat us with, almost enough to get me wondering if he isn’t running a false flag operation.
I love the idea of Skeptiko. I think there are a lot of interesting ideas out there, and to me it’s clear that some fringe science might be onto real phenomena, so the premise of Skeptiko is really up my alley. However, after listening to two partial interviews, I’ve quickly realized that the host is not the ideal person to conduct them. For instance, in one recent interview, it devolved into a rather childish argument with his guest, and in both interviews it quickly becomes apparent that the host (1) cannot stay on topic and (2) spends much of the time espousing his own views and perspectives rather than letting the guest talk. For instance, on a show asking whether or not Jesus existed, I listened for something like 15 minutes and the topic of Jesus’ existence didn’t even come up by that point because the host got distracted by talking about globalism, Alister Crowley and other issues. So if you have patience to wait and listen to the guests and can filter out the meanderings of the host, you might enjoy the show. It’s a shame given the topics sound interesting. If the host hones his interviewing skills over time, I’d be curious to give it another shot, but for now, it’s unsubscribe for me.
Excellent guests with a wide variety of expertise in esoteric and non mainstream ideas BUT the host can be very rude and annoying. I’ve heard him literally talk over his guests and insult them. The problem is that the guy is 100% sure of himself and his ideas/theories and is unable to hear people disagree with him or entertain other ideas. Listen at your own risk, I’m done.
Host was incredibly annoying and argumentative with his guests. Very rude. Would not quit interrupting his guest despite repeated requests by the guest to let them finish. I don’t know what this guy’s problem is but I am unsubscribing.
The complexity of the content of the discussions on this podcast give me a brain ache! (That’s a huge compliment, by the way). The only reason that I didn’t give it five stars is because I frequently find the host’s persona to be contentious and overly aggressive when he doesn’t agree with his guest’s methodology or point of view. When this happens, the podcast devolves from an Anderson Cooper-esque tone to a Bill O’Reilly one in a hurry, which is off-putting. The podcast’s incredible guests and stellar thought provoking content always leave me eager for the next episode, regardless!
This guy is way to into fringe consripacy theories and whackadoo nonsense. Utterly devoid of intellectual rigor.
I’m afraid I must agree with the majority of these reviews which, as far as i can see, are uniformly less than complimentary. I made it though about two-thirds of episode 385, the Jason Louv interview, and frankly I was embarrassed on behalf of the host. His tone was reminiscent of a fundamentalist on the losing end of a debate, increasingly shrill and confrontational. He kept interrupting his guest, all the while chastising Mr. Louv for doing so (he didn’t, at least not that I heard) and going off on disjointed and insuperable rants, offtrack personal anecdotes and tangents. For his part Mr. Louv, with whose work I hadn’t previously been familiar, conducted himself with professionalism and aplomb. His answers were intelligent and concise and his obvious (and understandable) irritation was kept firmly under control. It’s for this reason that I’ll be looking up his podcast and will be discontinuing my subscription to this one. Sorry, but if I wanted to hear inarticulate rants I’d turn on one of the mainstream news channels or the 700 Club.
I heard Alex on the THC show. I had never heard of this podcast before that. I’m SO excited I discovered it. I’m always looking for new podcasts I like and this is right down my alley. It has EVERYTHING I’m in to and I’ve learned so much in just the cpl of episodes I’ve listened to. Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Wish they made more like this that were this good.
Through this podcast I've discovered many interesting authors, artists, scientists and fascinating research centered on consciousness, spirituality, psychology, history, etc. It's a clear example of how it's possible to have an engaging conversation with someone you may not see eye-to-eye without resorting to confrontational argument at the first whiff of disagreement. Alex is doing a great job and I look forward to each new podcast release. If you don't like it, it's okay to move on. But if you do, you've found a gem.
Go look at all the reviews from 9-11 years ago. Interesting that they are all one star, mention Michael Shermer and are left within the same time frame. Seems like an awfully big coincidence to me.
I’m all for an interesting discussion between to parties with differing views. The host of this show seems to have an agenda he would like to push and little patience for information and opinions that contradict his own. Regardless of where one stands on these topics, all listeners are better served looking elsewhere.
I've been binge-listening to this podcast for only a few weeks and so far I think it's outstanding. I'm having a difficult time understanding why there would be any negative reviews. In my opinion, the host projects open-minded skepticism, kindness, and a seemingly earnest desire to uncover the truths about our world; the seen and the unseen. I appreciate podcasts like this that offer incredible guests with diverse insights. I know how much time, money, and effort is required to produce content like this and for no money in return. I hope this podcast continues just the way it's going. Thank you for your time.
Alex is very intelligent interesting and has a wealth of knowledge. For example I have read just about everything about NDE’s since checking out books by Dr Moody beginning in the 4th grade. 35+years later I still learn from his vast knowledge of consciousness. And isn’t consciousness square one of everything and everyone? If some conspiracies are simply too out there don’t fret his conspiro compass is as true as they come. He has fantastic guests and chooses his words very carefully. Also Alex stops to explain things as they arise. Something few podcasters bother with . Highly Highly recommended.
Great dive into subjects most don’t dare to touch. A+++
I listened to this a year or so ago and it was interesting. I picked it up again recently and it had turned into a pathetic paradigm- pushing mid-mash . You could almost hear the host thinking-“ok, what talking point can I reply with? Hmmm- maybe just deflect...”. The host sounds like an Alex Jones clone minus the testosterone. Many other good podcasts are available dealing with similar subjects - skip this one unless you a novice right wing conspiracy type that wants to wet your toes gently.......
You should try some occult workings and report back results
It’s odd that pretty much every 1 star review was given a) 10years ago b)mentions Shermer c) calls tsakairos a ‘fake skeptic’ and mentions the word “woo” It’s almost as though it were an organized attack. As for me, I’ve heard plenty of things of interest on this pod and have become familiar with many other areas of interest and researchers because of it. Thanks.
If the Michael Shermer fanboys hate this podcast, I’m in! I follow the data wherever it leads and it lead me here. What a great interviewer! I love how he challenges his guests. Destroy that dogma!
Enjoy the content and manner in which is presented. Thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.
I am a regular listener of this show and feel its bad ratings are mostly due the show's title. This is NOT a show that will appeal to your typical self-declared "skeptic." This is a show in the true tradition of skepticism: actually looking at new ideas with an open mind. My only complaint is that Alex sometimes seems unnecessarily confrontational with certain guests. I understand his frustration with closed-mindedness in the scientific community, but would really like him to fall back a little and let these more conventionally "skeptical" guys talk - if only so I can better understand how such people operate.
I avoided this podcast for a couple years simply because I assumed it was a carbon copy of every other “skeptically" geared podcast. The ones that convert all newness to prosaic, defending science but never challenging it and talking more about what they DON’T believe in than what they DO. Well I was pointed in this podcast’s direction from the incredible Gordon White and when I got here only to see the MASS of scolding reviews that sound like a bunch of people that all came on the same bus, I didn’t need to listen to an episode, I just subscribed. I’m happy with this podcast and it’s attempts to think about the unknown with interesting guests. I don’t need for someone to tell me what is true or false and I don’t believe that is the goal of this show. Thanks Alex!!
An interesting podcast with a lot academically credentialed guests. Some episodes are better than others. The name may be a bit misleading to some though. This is not your typical cynical skepticism you get from guys like Michael Shermer and Benjamin Radford. Alex will oftentimes take the scientific establishment to task if what they are saying doesn't fit with the journey he seems to be on with his own research.
Alex Tsakiris turns the tables on the people who claim to be skeptic when in fact they are True Believers TM. The host "follows the data" and demonstrates that most of the proponents of naturalism either do not know or do not care to know the results of rigorous research...research into areas they would rather ignore.
I enjoy this podcast and listen fairly regularly. I make up my own mind about the topics discussed not always agreeing with Alex. I am more sympathetic to some of the anti-materialist stuff than some of the UFO and conspiracy stuff. I withhold one star because sometimes, Alex is downright painful in the tense, confrontational way he deals with his guests. He could handle things much differently and get better results. I am not against debating and asking hard questions. There are skillful ways to do that and to still have a productive discussion. Sometimes, Alex just gets a fight going instead when it is totally unnecessary. The cringiness sometimes makes want to pull my hair! Aside from that, I enjoy listening and considering these matters.
Great topics and guests. Materialism, consciousness thoroughly explored and discussed. Alex is very knowledgeable.
An excellent, albeit imperfect, exploration of new science.
This is one of those podcasts where I find myself having to re-listen to information that I have heard. Guests that are interviewed are progressive and offer the relief from the walls that science all too often creates. Skeptiko offers the listeners a chance to think out of the box in order to question what we think we know. Listen to this podcast if you are interested in the concepts of consciousness, life after death, parallel realities, extraterrestrial contact, and the like. I truly appreciate work like this! Thanks to Alex and all of his guest speakers! This podcast series is a treasure trove.
The star ratings chart says a lot about this show. If you are a rigid materialist, think yourself part of some movement to enlighten/convert the rest of us, you will enjoy bashing this show for all the ways it rejects scientific atheistic materialism. If you can except the possibility of a spiritual realm or underlying reality and feel the claustrophobic pressure of the predominant materialist world view, you might find this show refreshing, informational and even entertaining.
I'd actually give this show about three stars, but I want to counteract the dogmatic materialists. This show doesn't reflect a skeptical point of view, but neither do those critics. I appreciate this show for being one of the few media out there to approach these topics. The scientific mainstream is very close-minded and refuses to acknowledge evidence to the contrary of a material worldview. However, the host of this show is a rather poor interviewer. He often takes a pretty confrontational stance toward the people he's interviewing. And he flogs his own point of view really hard. This show would be greatly improved if the host would accept a greater diversity of viewpoints without getting hot under the collar.
If you are looking for a dogmatic affirmation to a belief system or discipline, this is not the podcast for you (this is where most of the bad reviews come from - people looking for a place to discuss dogmatic skepticism and new age atheism are thrown off by the "skeptico" title. They shouldn't be if they know what being a skeptic really means). If you are looking for a place to hear skeptics and new age believers compare notes, then you are getting "a little" closer, but this still is still not even close to what Skeptiko is. Skeptiko is so, completely not anything close, to "new age". Rather, if you are looking for a place to ponder eons old questions about our essence and consciousness mixed with cutting edge scientific data and modern rigor (Who are we? Besides biological matter... Can a near death experience be approached scientifically, are some paranormal experiences able to be studied under the scientific method?) If this is a curiosity for you, then you are getting very close to being ideal for this podcast. If you don't want to approach these questions entirely from a religious context, and if you want to hear the life long thoughts and work from the mouths of some of the smartest and most accomplished scientists and thinkers in the world, then you have truly arrived. There are many gems in this podcast list; many from years ago, and many from recent days. I think this is one of the best podcasts out there, a true sleeper of a resource for the intellectually curious and those that ask why and how more than look to "group think" pat answers to the hard questions about the big picture.
I'm not surprised at the reviews here as debunkers and deniers of anything that doesn't fit the current dogmatic, academic, mainstream paradigm are terrified that the house of cards they have built that claims there is no consciousness outside of the mind is falling. Which it is. This shows delves into the work of NDE studies and the research that conclusively proves that paradigm flawed. If you are looking for a show that presents more of the same dogmatic flotsam that claims there is NO evidence that we humans are nothing more than meat puppets hurtling through space on an insignificant rock, this is NOT for you. Go to Shermer's site and there you can congratulate each other on your high IQs and your superior place in modern society. Ugh.
Alex does a very professional job. He is extremely knowledgable about the topics he covers. And he interacts very respectfully with his guests, even when he strongly disagrees. I have been very impressed, and I find the discussions fascinating. It is true that Alex has his own perspective, but that is true of all of us. He articulates his reasons clearly, and does not hide from a challenge, going toe to toe with sometimes famous guests. I can only guess that the one-star reviews are from “skeptics” who felt deceived by the title of the podcast. Personally, as a philosophy professor, and I am much more impressed by Skeptiko than I am by the so-called “skeptics" like Shermer.
Alex started off pretending to be an open minded skeptic. As time went by the charade became clear. Many of his guests and interviews are still interesting. But in recent years, he has become a devoted conspiracist. If an idea is supported by a consensus of scientific experts, Alex takes that fact as evidence that the position is likely wrong. He purposely remains ignorant of evolutionary psychology, depriving him of the ability to grasp the greatest arguments against his beliefs. He starts with the belief that we survive death and works backwards.
I've given this podcast a chance and have listened to several episodes over the past several weeks. I've absolutely had it with the host's bias. He will disagree with practically everything for the sake of disagreement, but will always fall back to his key talking points he pushes through each episode. They're exactly the same... his bias is bewildering. This is not a skeptical perspective at all. It has an agenda.
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. Consciousness is the only thing that is real, IMHO.
Science Is Another Religion Simply one of the best podcasts Keep up the great work Alex
I listened to part of one episode on NDE's. First of all, regardless of the fact that this show should be called Anti Skeptic or perhaps New Ageko, the host is kind of like George Noory in that he's too amiable and boring and nice to keep you engaged. About the episode I listened to, just another crackpot author with a cheaply designed book cover which tips you off its not from a major publisher and the author sounded vengeful and hateful and emotionally motivated like something you'd see on Fox News where emotions trump rational thought.
Great show! Very intelligent questions if you're open minded you very much so will enjoy this podcast. If you are close minded you won't get anything out of this at all don't even bother listening. I'm a very practical person I don't enjoy podcasts that speculate but this is a very good podcast for a very informed and intelligent question-and-answer. That often Flusters many research community such as physicists so forth. One of the best open-minded podcast that actually makes an attempt at finding the truth not just listening to conjecture. Very good debater, that's makes many of these reviewers upset.
It's been an amazing adventure listening to Skeptiko for the past few years. I commend Alex Tsikaris for boldly exploring territory that others are afraid to venture. Over the years Alex has introduced me to many fantastic researchers, different ideas about life and reality, and about new views on consciousness. For whatever the shows faults are, Alex still needs to be acknowledged for bringing this information to the masses. I greatly appreciate him and this program, it had been life changing for me.
So in fairness, I only listened to the first two minutes of one of these podcasts. That said, the topic was Crop Circles and the host made multiple mentions of the Scientific Evidence behind them. What a crackpot show. It actually concerns me that they use the word science in the same sentence as crop circles, or in their title for that matter.
The host likes to hold everyone but himself to logical fallacies.