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Does it get any better then this? I did not know how much I have in common with "A Love Supreme". As for Trane and his search for higher achievement in his craft; priceless. Will we ever Love again? Will the Supreme ever return to play and bless us with his sound of Music? When the trumpets blow as the world takes it's last turn on the axis, we know trane will be on the tenor. It's the supreme way of putting the band back together.
This is truly a gift!!!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me? You've got 33 episodes here combining some of the best music that Coltrane played accompanied by the commentary of those who either played with him or were influenced by him. Where else will you find this? Music and conversation about music. For a jazz fan, for a Coltrane fan, it doesn't get any better than this. Download it now; listen to it immediately; learn from it forever.
Trane is for the ages. Thanks Trane and thanks Dr. Taylor.
What is the song at the beginning of the podcast? I love it.
As a jazz novice, this podcast is a wonderful primer on the works and mind of the artist who drew me in. In excellent documentary style, The Traneumentary mixes music and words to a beautiful rhythm. I can only hope that other artists receive this same treatment.
Close your eyes and listen to A Love Supreme from beginning to end. The moment the last vibration comes out of Trane's sax, you will feel as close as you can be to God. God did truly granted him the grace to make other people happy and gave him the means to find the meaning of life as well. This pod cast is an excellent way to learn and study Trane's understanding of music and himself. Best PodCast, Tsax22
Very interesting to hear commentaries about John Coltrane's life. I'm a big fan of his music and I think that with the commentaries it helps the listener gaining more from John Coltrane and his music which it is timeless. No matter what people may think about the Traneumenatary, its still the best in the podcast category.


By GeoffH
Fantastic - something I'd exptect hear or see from PBS and public radio or Ken Burns and its a podcast. A must listen for serious jazz fans
Let me get right to the point: what is sorely lacking in this Coltrane retrospective is the African-American perspective. Yes, jazz and Coltrane transcend race, but we cannot escape the fact that jazz largely arose out of the African-American milieu. As a teen, Trane's music spoke not only to my emerging musical sensibilities but also to a young black man's newly found pride in the accomplishments of black America. Colrane may have rarely addressed the incredible change swirling around him, but his music reflected it.


By DesireG
This pod is real smooth and mellow. I'm enjoying for sure.
About time a great jazz podcast came out. This podcast is great because 1) It comes out very frequestly (unlike other podcasts I subscribe to where I get two episodes from two years ago) and 2) It doesn't dwell on playing tracks alone, it gives us commentaries. To the people that want to listen to more of his music alone (AKA the guy that gave this 1 star), buy a CD from trane and listen to it.
Thank you so much for letting me hear his speaking voice for the first time. I have been listening to John Coltrane for about 17 years and I still have so much to learn. He's one of those artists where once you hear his music you can't ever live without it again. His music was so beautiful and powerful, and he appeared to carry himself with such grace and humility. I only hope to be so committed to my work one day.


By env310
It's great to hear Coltrane's music and it's influence on other artist. Great Pod Cast!
This is the best podcast ever! I love John Coltrane's music. The music in the podcast is a gift and sounds wonderful. Great production value. I only hope that this is the beginning of something beautiful, i.e. a lot more episodes and more 'profiles in jazz' -type documentaries of this high quality.
great podcast, great intro to jazz for me... but sometimes.... i wish the guy would just let the songs play for a good while without having to give his commentary...
Instead I hear a about a minute of audio commentary. What gives? With a title like The Traneumentary you would think you've found the Holy Grail of jazz podcasts. In fact, there is no music. What a let down.
This is a very well informative listing show about jazz.The reason I say jazz because John Coltrane is one of component of the multifarious jazz.
I finally have heard John Coltrane's VOICE! Wherever you are Mr. Coltrane, there are millions of people now who cherish and love your music. And your voice is exactly what I expected...soft, intelligent and full of life; bold as LOVE!!
very well done pod on one of the very best musical artists of all time . . . . a love supreme is the album.
classic stuff - looking forward to more ... had podcasts been around when milt jackson, dexter gordon, et al were still alive think of the archives we'd have forever ... invaluable work, invaluable music! thank you