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We’ve been listening to your podcast for just over 2 years now. We enjoy hearing about your travels and the RV life style. I think the stories and information are a great help to new and seasoned RV travelers. Thanks for taking to time to do this each month. Looking forward to many more.
I really enjoy this podcast not only is it filled with a wealth of RV knowledge but we live vicariously through all of your wonderful trips/cruises. They really sound like they’re enjoying life.
We enjoy your perspective about RV lifestyles. Thank you! Jay


By Fun1894
He sounds like a circus emcee
I listen to you during my long commute from work to home and you are the best if many that I listen to - I have learned so much from you and appreciate all your words of wisdom. Great show, keep it up
Been listening to you guys for about 6 years. Love the banter betwixt one another! I wish you would do 2 hours tho!
I look forward to the start of each month because it means another RV Navigator Podcast with Ken and Martha. They are such a great couple who exchange comments and talk through timely and relevant topics each month. The sense of humor and banter make me smile and laugh alongside them each cast. My husband and I are planning to travel via travel trailer for a year starting next spring and this podcast has brought to much knowledge and expertise to us. Ken also responded to an email I sent with my own questions. (Thanks again, Ken!). I also love that they are 100% honest and not sponsored so we can trust their opinions are exactly as shared - not bought. :-)
Ken and Martha are fun to listen to. They seem like such a typical couple, with outstanding travel experience and extensive RV and technology knowledge. I always look forward to their next podcast!
I look forward to new episodes. I like that it’s only once a month. That’s just right for me. This podcast provides great escapism for me as a desk worker who dreams of traveling the country in an RV one day.
I really like the podcast and you guys do well to make the experience realistic, but it was hard to keep up when the Ken interrupts his wife continuously as she is making a statement. Not trying to be mean, just constructive...thank you so much for the information that you provide.
I always have to run and get my notebook to write down information given in the podcast. Thanks for giving us great information in a fun and entertaining way- you 2 are hilarious!
A great podcast with current info on motorhomes and talk about all the tech and RVing gadgets you could ever need.
You both do an excellent job of producing an informative and helpful podcast about RV living. Every part of your podcast is super. But, lately it is getting more difficult to listen to your Podcasts because the husband talks over the wife most of the time when she's trying to say something. It's very frustrating and the listener can't understand anything either one of you are saying when he does that. You both contribute very important information to the podcast. So sir, would you please let your wife speak so we can hear her too, and get more from your hard work? Keep up the good work and thank you so much for giving of yourselves for all of us out here in podcast RV land. Darrell in southeast Indiana.
I really enjoy this podcast 💕💕💕💕
I really enjoy this show. It's fun, entertaining, informative and also has great tips! I love the chemistry between Ken & Martha. Looking forward to digging into this podcast more!
I found the "RV Navigator" podcast recently while searching for information about Alaska. They had a nice series on the topic. As a full-time RVer for ten years, I already considered myself knowledgeable about general RV info. However, the hosts discuss useful news, technology, websites, apps and gadgets, with a bit of cheerful banter, so I am listening to old episodes too. International travel (by air, cruise or rental RV) is also discussed. I listen at 1.5x speed and have to hit the rewind button occasionally to write something down for further research. Sound quality is usually very good (episode 102 was a rare exception). Language is clean. There are no ads but I wouldn’t mind a few. Keep up the good work Ken and Martha!
Enjoyable, entertaining, and informative. Ken and Martha obviously enjoy each other and enjoy bringing their adventures RVing to their listeners. I love what you do keep it up.
Ken and Martha really enjoy doing these podcasts and it shows.
I always get excited when I see a new episode show up in my podcast feed. Always informative. I have listened to several different RV podcasts but this is the only one I have subscribed to. Love the conversational style and information given.
This podcast contains RV related information. However Ken and Martha love to travel and tell all about everywhere they go, even if it is on a Cruise ship. Ken and Martha love photography, biking, golf and touring all around the world. Ken will tell you about any technology that fits a mobile lilfestyle, Martha is technology challenged, so the interaction is informative and fun. This couple have been traveling together for a long time and their chemestry is anything but boring.
Inspirational, and always some good tech tips. Listen every month. Nice work.
Good podcast, but most of the time is spent bragging about the latest stuff they bought. There is some good info about places they go, but would really like to hear more tips for actually using the RV and how to camp
Enjoy the podcast. Very helpful and fun to listen
Ken and Martha produce a great series of podcasts and I always look forward to the new shows. I have listened to the entire series, some of them more than once. They have a wonderful sense of humor, offer great insights and make their shows well worth listening to.
Ken & Martha, Thanks so much for producing this podcast. Both of you have such a great sense of humor, which makes it very interesting. I also like listening to your opinions on the latest technologies and how they fit in to your RV life. I just began listening starting from the latest podcast (because of the more recent information), and I am working my way back. I also have a close friend that started listening too and we enjoy discussing your stories. I started with a travel trailer, moved to a gas Class A, and now have a diesel pusher. I can relate to many of the experiences you go through. If I someday end up at the same campground as you it would be a pleasure!!!
Best Podcast I have ever listened to. Ken and Martha are great to listen to and give us a great deal of good information.
I just started listening and love the show. It's educational and entertaining. I am still working for a couple more years so I am enjoying vicariously all the travel discussed. Keep up the good work.
I can't stop listening! Great overview of life in an RV !
Somewhat entertaining. If you over look ken and Martha talking over each other. They also can come across as highbrow and condescending.
It seems that Ken and Martha have a lot more disposable income than most people that are currently looking to get into the full-time lifestyle. I like to listen to their stories, but they seem to be speaking directly to older, long retired full-timers. One podcast per month isn't enough to prompt loyalty by listeners. We don't really get to know you and it becomes easy to drop off in favor of more frequent podcasts.
We thoroughly enjoy this monthly podcast! Ken and Martha provide a wonderful mixture of RV life knowledge, geography, history, humor, and technology. Please continue to record your shows, they will be invaluable to us as we embark (next year) on extensive RV travel around the U.S., and Canada. We look forward to every episode.
Ken and Martha always seem to come with new ways to entertain and have products I have never heard off. We appreciate them sharing trials and troubles with their motor home. We also enjoy their travels and have nade plans to visit some of the places they went. Keep it up guys, another 100 episodes.
One of the best podcasts out there for RV'ers. Luv the tech updates and humor.
I have enjoyed listening. Thank you for the laughs and great information. Keep up the great work!
For anyone who travels in a RV, or would like to. I have been listening to them on my IPod for several years, as we moved from tent camping, to a small trailer, then a class C Minnie, now we are in a Winnebago Journey and are full time. Just got done listening to the January podcast while I walked the beach in Myrtle Beach at sunrise, this is the life! Going to take a look at staying in Texas next winter. I find everything they talk about interesting, especially the tech tips, I am going to subscribe to my first magazine on my IPad, had not occurred to me. Thanks again for being there every month RV Navigator, no matter where I am.
Ken and Martha are so interesting to listen to. They are smart , funny and obviously love each other. I listen to every episode and dream about the day when I might be able to wander the globe as they do. Definitely worth listening too.
I have been listening to you since the begining and enjoy every minute. Fun and informative. Keep 'em coming!
I love this podcast and look forward to each new episode. The great interaction between Ken and Martha and their genuine sense of humor are wonderful. I have downloaded all of their podcasts and have learned so much. I listen to them over and over and never get tired of them, often listening while I am working on my own RV doing maintenance and modifications. So inspiring!
A great podcast for RVers or those who just want to be. Ken and Martha have a great sense of humor. I love that they are putting out more frequent shows.
Love the gadget tips (sorry Martha) and love to hear about the campgrounds/places you visit!
I look foward to the podcast and now every two weeks! It has a little bit of everthing for the RV'er and some fun included. Great job.
I've been listening to Ken & Martha for over a year now. Very infomative, down home advice. No commercials, no product endorsements. What they talk about (gadgets) are what they use. Glad they are considering a bi-monthly podcast, as we need more!!!! Safe travels!
I love this podcast. I have been listening for over a year now. Listen to it going to and from work. It also helps during the winter months when we cannot get out....love it...love it....love it.
Best RV podcast by far. Ken and Martha are great to listen to. Thanks for everything. Steve
I just finished looking at the other rv podcasts, you are the best. I have been listening to you for 8 months and thought I would check your competition, you don't have any. I wish you were on once a week. I am a Apple person too. Thanks, Kathy
This is a very fun and informative show. If you're and RV'er, or interested in travel or mobile tech, this is a must listen. Lots of fun travel stories of RV trips taken in the US, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand etc.!! Ken and Martha also have a wonderful sense of humor. The running gag has to do with Ken being a tech geek (like me), and Martha wishing she could be put into a state of suspended-animation until the gadget review is over. Funny, informative, and entertaining. SIgn up...
My husband and I hope to become RVers when we soon retire. RV Navigators has provided us with so much valuable information about buying, driving, living in, affording, and maintaining an RV. Their real-life RV experiences has entertained us, made us laugh, and given us insight to what RVing is and isn’t. We could not have gained all this knowledge through research alone. I discovered this site this summer and we just did an RV Navigator marathon while camping (TT) in Old Forge and feel like Ken and Martha are friends. This podcast is easily the BEST RV podcast of them all.
I just can't get enough of these two. I discovered this podcast a couple of months ago and have listened to each one. Now that I am all caught up it's going to be difficult to wait a month for each new podcast. Wish you two would have one at least every 2 weeks. When listening to the podcast, I feel I am sitting in the RV or around the campfire listening to them. Thanks so much for the entertainment and information.
Every month Ken & Martha review their trips and want's going on in the world of RVing. Their style is like they have welcomed you into their RV for cocktails.