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I wanted to like this podcast so bad but the one host talks extremely slow and it sounds like he’s constantly farting. I hoped this was intentional for laughs but it went on throughout the entire show. The content talked about was great but the delivery sucked.
The content is great, but it’s drowned out by the constant sound of mechanical keyboard clicks in the background. Super annoying in my opinion. I prolly won’t listen again unless that is changed.
This is one of the worst podcast I’ve ever heard. Host is constantly typing and clicking her mouse. The host is hardly paying attention as she’s doing something completely unrelated and not paying attention to the guests on the show
Title says it all.
Who on earth thought it’d be good audio to constantly slurp their coffee??? SLUUUURP, *slams down*, SLUUUUURP. Rinse and repeat! Constant keyboard noises, constant unidentifiable background noise. Is somebody chewing gum? You’ll never know but it’s the absolute worst. Clean up the professionalism problems and you’re left with a half-baked podcast that will put you to right to sleep. SLUUUUUURRRRPPP
sounds like they are doing the podcast from inside a barrell


Cool podcast good samples, extremely slow to get anywhere in conversations. Sounds like host is never paying attention to other people talking, just answers yeah. Love wow and my alts though
I love the way all the people sit around relaxed talking about WOW a game i love this was one my first podcasts and lead me to many other podcasts keep up the great work and you guys really make me feel at home since Esp 30 :)
I just cant give this podcast any more chances or time. Their baby speak when guildees write in or cutesy nicknames are just enough. The only bright spot and I suggest is give the Aussie his own show without any of the other hosts.
i really enjoy your podcast , i quit playing a while back but your show keeps me informed. your love of the games makes this podcast alot of fun thank you all
This podcast is made by real people for real people. If you have friends (in real life) and have family, and you put on your big boy pants everyday and live and work in the real world, and just so happen to play and wildly enjoy a game called World of Warcraft, then you can relate to this podcast. This show is about relationships. It is about connecting with people and showing compassion for people you know and play with. Ctrl Alt Wow is about building community. You don't just listen; you interact. You become part of something that is bigger than stats, progression, PTRs or, nerfs. This podcast is not about your idealised self-image. This podcast is about being human, and all the flaws, quirks, joys and pains that go along with it. The World of Warcraft does to move to the beat of just one drum. Come dance with us.
I really enjoy listening to Ctrl Alt Wow. The hosts actually play the game while doing the show and seem to have fun doing so. They involve the listeners in the show which is cool. The hosts seem like fun people. I look forward to listening again.
This podcast is hosted by four WoW players with a variety of in-game interests, but who all love making many alts. They also love sharing the joy of the game with the community. Speaking of community, they also open their podcast to wider participation in three ways: -Send an email about your play (and life) adventures, and the hosts read these on air. -Send an audio submission, and they play these during the show, often generating further related conversation -Join the ustream chat room during their recording sessions, and they read out many comments during the show If you've sent in an email or audio contribution, you can then also join the fabulous, casual, social guild Clan of Darkness (Horde side on Earthen Rng). Great group of players, friendly and encouraging. The podcast hosts are located around the globe, but they connect once a week via Skype for our listening enjoyment. If you love the game, want to listen to other folks talking about why they love the game, and enjoy a lot of laughs, check out this podcast. Bonus - you'll also find some nice little tips along the way! -Rogueslayer1
Im new to wow and just stumbled on this podcast recently and im all cought up lol i love it its Amazing the host are fun and relaitable. i would recomend this cast to any wow fan new or old and rember to DIG>>>DIG>>>>DIG ^_^
I love, LOVE! this podcast! It's quirky and cool and the hosts are a lot of fun. I enjoy playing WoW while listening along. Just the other day I was listening to Aprillian's Vial of the Sands journey while digging around in Uldum myself (3 dig sites, no luck - back to Northern Kalimdor.. sigh). The camaraderie between the hosts is apparent and it always stays casual and fun. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who enjoys playing WoW, enjoys leveling alts, and doesn't get their knickers in a twist over end game content. I may have to start a horde toon now. :D - Amelia
After reading itunes reviews related to this pod cast I knew it was something I wanted to try out. It is done by players who truly love to play the game in any way shape or form. In the hosts, you have a queen of multi-boxing, an Auction House king, an all around excellent player/world traveler, and a warm, tendered voice of the chat room. Not to mention many talented weekly submissions from longtime listeners. So, look…read the bad reviews, and if you want to hang with THOSE types, c’est la vie. Or, read the 5 star reviews, and if you’d like to hang with THESE types, have a listen, get to know the show, and you may meet some wonderful people in game that could become life-long friends.
I love this podcast and have been listening for years. No elitists here. Super friendly hosts. This podcasts is for those of us who love the game and play it the way we like to play it, not the way others want us to play it. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Tried several times to give it a chance, but the main host's voice is like nails on a chalk board. Not to mention some of the other cast members are completely monotone in their delivery. There is very little information about WoW, but more so about how they are blundering their way aimlessly through the game. There is no production value in the editing and lots of dead air and away from the mic talking. One guy sounds like he has walnuts in his mouth and makes you feel depressed by just listening to him. Not a good representation of a great game and people that play. Sorry :(
Sorry, this review is long overdue. Ctrl Alt Wow is simply one of the best World of Warcraft podcasts out there. I am a long time listener and fan and I look forward to the show every week. The hosts are awesome. Enjoy.
Sorry there are better WoW podcasts with fresher content, more informed and in-gauging hosts who stay on topic I care to waste my earhole time with.


Just no... 2 mins and I couldn't go any longer
This podcast is hard to summarize because it's multifaceted. The hosts deliver information in easy to digest snippets that allow both veteran and new WoW players a means to learn and improve their WoW skills. To me the greatest part of the show is the fact that the hosts are not afraid to stand with the curtain wide open to show all of us that you don't have to be a spite filled cynic (this part is for you trade trolls) in order to be liked and respected. Thank you for providing us a great podcast!
I love this podcast! Its like I'm sitting in a coffee house at a table next to a bunch of wild and funny people all talking about WoW and how much they fun they had running around in Azeroth last week. Its awesome.
I try not to be negative but this podcast is just such a mess. 2 hours of bad jokes, dead air and heavy breathing.
3 minutes was all I could bare. Poor sound quality I can deal with. The show lacks energy that I could find more of if I log into Vent...
Great podcast, may actually email one day. Always brings a smile to my day. Thanks Dantonsartu
Thank you very much Aprillian, Ashayo, Glanthur and Ctlr alt wow guests for so may great and entertaining podcasts! Also thank you to Blade for his weekly contribution. Mo
This is a great group of people! They approach WoW from the aspect of fun, rather than grinding and really trying to be uber l337 and "beat" everyone else. They appreciate their fans, and read every email personally and comment on them, rather than just tagging them onto the end as some podcasts do.
I just love the podcast... Aprillian, el Jeppy, Vrishna, and Ashayo are just awesome. I love the chemistry they have, and since i am an eternal noob, they always have info that i need and present it in a way that is easy for me to understand. They understand me and how I play the game... with child-like abandon without regard to the finish line. Thank you guys for all the time you put into this podcast. You are the best!
This podcast is amazing in how bad it can be. Dogs barking, drinks spilled, talking over one another, side discussions over the mic that have nothing to do with the show and one of the worst female voices I have ever heard. And her husband, brother you need a spine.
I couldn't take it. They lost credibility within 5 minutes of listening. Spewing inaccurate information about game content, poor audio quality, general approach to WoW... This show rides a wave of ignorant bliss. If you want relevant information and solid advice on game play and endgame content, look else where.
I was hooked the first time I listened to this podcast which was around episode 110. However, these past few episodes have been been a bit on the disappointing side. I love Jeppy and Ashayo, but it seems like doing the podcast lately have been a chore for them and they both sound a bit annoyed. Hopefully I'm totally wrong on this. But I have not been able to enjoy listening to it lately and the last 2 podcasts I couldn't even get through the whole episodes. I have 3 friends that I got to listen to this a while back and 2 of them feel that same
This is definitely a podcast that I wait for every single week. I love the camaraderie and level of comfort between the hosts. This is a very laid-back show where not only do they talk about their love of alts but also what they have been up to in their lives. This makes it a very personal podcast with WoW mixed in and it always gives me a laugh. A must listen for anyone.
If you are looking for a wealth of wow knowledge combined with great audio and interesting hosts, look elsewhere.
listening to your podcast makes me want to try dualboxing. Sounds like it would be a load of fun, and this is from a guy who already has 12 characters( no 80's) spread over three realms. And all done the old fashion way one at a time. Keep em coming i enjoy your show.
A good group of friends, which makes this an enjoyable podcast. The differences in cultures of the casters are apparent and amusing at times. I find myself laughing when there is a mix up because of misunderstood slang or phrases. I work on an assembly line for an American auto company and this and other wowcasts help me get through my mundane week. Lots of talking over and interrupting each other, usually by my fellow Americans (lol), but other than that, no complaints. I enjoy each of these guys/gals for different reasons and find myself very happy that there are other geeks out there like me. I probably relate to Ashayo the most, with end game raiding...thanks Ashayo. But as time has gone on I have began relating to everyone. I look forward to your casts during my boring weeks on the line and thank you for them. Keep up the good work folks and one of these days ill drop you a line about my experiences in Azeroth. Again...an excellent podcast. Nice job!
great show very funny , helps me make it through boring nights at work Resalecheap lvl 80.5 night elf hunter and questing in Mt Hyjal great show you guys and gal are great thanks again for a fantastic show also a 80.5 human DK name of Nueman also in Mt Hyjal,All on the Warsong US along with 8 other toons I also have a question for Aprillan . My IMac is almost 4 yrs old with a 2.16 core 2 duo 3 ddr2 and the nvidia geoforce 7300 gt . all my settings are on low or disabled and i still get rendering at times any help short of buying new IMac? once again thanks to all of you for a great podcast "for the alliance" ( you need to say this in a high pitch tone) on by the way I am a 54 year old guy been playing for over 2 yrs


Poor quality. I can't hear with the levels going up and down. I think there sharing a mic and moving there mouth away for the next one to start talking. Four ppl talking about four diff topics at sometime is un listenable. Better podcast our there.
Very great show however I have to complain on Aprillian's and Vrishna's mic which would increase and decrease on the volume of their voices. Keep up the great podcast.
Plz turn off all effects including the reverb from your mics!!! For me, it makes the show unlistenable. Newscasts = no effects. singing = lotsa effects an reverb. I like the show and content, but i can't bear to listen to it because the of the horrible way the mics are adjusted.
Love The Show!!! Experience and Inexperience all in ONE Show. Seasoned WoW Veterans sharing the show with New to WoW players. Great Fun Listen
this show helps me every week at work, to make the day go quickly. Even thought Aprillian spends quite a lot of the show giving me the old Bus Wheels, i still come back for more each week. length is great. Pulling an Oni = Enjoying listening to Ctrl-Alt-Wow each week. -Oni
I am a relative newcomer to WOW, but an avid podcast listener on my commute each day. As a life-long fan of everything Blizzard, especially the Diablo series (I am an addict to the leveling process) I think I have found a must-listen podcast. While some want a content-specific and norrow experience with their podcasts, I am more a fan of those where I feel I am listening to and being part of a conversation. Sure they talk about WOW, but also everything else under the sun. The diverse nature of the cast and their interaction makes this a greet experience. Good in-game ideas tend to bubble up organically within the flow of conversation. The good-natured bantering and picking that goes on and the free-flowing nature of the presentation add to the conversational nature of the podcast. If you want a lecture on the finer aspects of power leveling and macroeconomics in WOW, go elsewhere. If you want to feel you are part of a small group conversation where it is ok to embrace your "noobness," I am note sure there is a better option. Hearing about noob mistakes they have made helps me get through those sessions where I am berated by my fellow players in-game. With a good release schedule and impassioned folks behind the scenes, I will listen as long as they keep episodes coming. Thanks for a great experience. P.S. Just broke level 40 for the first time (Draenei hunter on Kul Tiras)! Those darn alts keep distracting me!
I write reviews for WoW Podcasts because I listen to a great many of them and feel that that qualifies me. It turns out that I should listen to more than one episode before doing so. If your most recent episode had been the one I first heard, I would have given a better rating and a better review. I had some laughs and the British guy was particularly interesting to listen to in episode 182. Some of my complaints are still there, but you deserved a better rating than what I gave. If I get some genuine laughs from ANY podcast, it's worth more than 2 stars. P.S. TCM = The Crystal Method