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Chris, I want to say thanks for all you do in promoting the faith in a clear, concise and loving manner. I feel like you are part of my spiritual family! HUGE Congrats on finishing the film it’s killing me not to start watching it tonight but it’s much to late to start now! It’s so nice to see something of this magnitude made available at no charge, I pray that you will be rewarded 10 fold far all your time and effort. God Bless you Brother!
For anyone looking for a biblical researcher who brings a good amount of reason and common sense to the topic... look no further! Chris White does an amazing job discussing topics in the Bible (especially prophecy) without the “denominational lenses” that we all look through. I’ve been listening to, watching, and reading Chris’s work for many years now, and as a non-denominational Christian myself, I really appreciate the insight that he brings to the discussion. A lot of what he says makes more sense to me than most of what I have typically heard in church. It’s wonderful to see you back in action, Chris! Keep up the awesome work!
I discovered this podcast around the time I started to learn about the NWO, discrepancies in the official story of 911, etc. I believe it was literally sent by God because when my faith would waiver or new questions would arise as I learned about these troubling subjects, Chris would release a podcast that had exactly the answer I was seeking. Even on occasion when I was very troubled, he would give me solid scriptural advice via email. Here's what I know about this man. He's humble, gifted in intellect and laying information out in a very comprehensive manner. Often I am like, "Ah ha, it's so simple, how did I not see it before"! I'm speaking of his knowledge of scripture in this instance. No man is perfect, but Chris really is a humble servant, willing to put aside his own will to serve God, mentor believers and reach the lost. He is sincere and honest and he loves the LORD. He is most concerned with pleasing God, not man. If you listen to his podcast, I believe you will feel like I do, like you are listening to a friend. Because Chris is a friend to brothers and sisters in Christ. He's devoted to Jesus in a way I hope to achieve myself someday but if I'm honest, I'm not there yet. My prayer for Chris, Connie and there ministry is that God will richly bless them for all that they do and give of themselves. Peace, Joy, Love and to be filled with the presence of God. In Jesus name, this is my prayer. Thank you Chris White and God bless you always.
I have listened to Chris for the last 2 years. You could call be a Chris monger...I used to listen to MacArthur, Sproul, and others like that. Now I don't, it's Chris only. Fresh and informative. He did not go through all the same thinking that the seminaries dole out to each of their students who know no better. Thanks Chris for dropping other names like Charles Cooper...My only regret is that it seems that I will not hear Chris live or something updated from these older pods...
I really appreciate Chris White's thorough approach to the subjects he covers.
Chris White is a hard working to the point and amazing man of God. A true blessing from heaven. Thanks for all your effort and hard work mate.
Hoo boy, these prots and their biblical exegesis. Ask 10 protestants their opinion on a scripture passage and you'll get 10 different answers. So much for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Prots are guided by a spirit alright, but it is anything but holy. They are of their father, the Father of Lies. Chris White follows a religion invented in the 16th century by an apostate priest, reads a bible written in the 17th century by a homosexual monarch and has an appallingly ahistorical view of Christianity that has more in common with Jordan Maxwell than any reliable historian. No thanks, I'll pass....
You will not find a better source, I DARE you.


Outstanding verbalized of Gods word. Conservative yet intimately aware of today's Christians frustrations due to the worlds changes.
Chris White's ministry and "Nowhere to Hide" podcasting teachings have greatly helped me and my discernment as a Christian. I really like that he takes the time to break ideas, concepts ideologies down to the basic level without missing any of the important information that many miss. Excellent show.
I recently renewed my faith in Christ, when I backslid, I searched for all information that I could about the occult and it started to make sense. Although many of my assumptions were lacking the connection, it wasn't until I renewed my faith that God opened my eyes. He showed me how the Illuminati was a satanic group and that they were trying to undo everything that God had done. God brought me to Chris White and God used Chris to show me how to relate the Bible to what is going on today. Chris' ministries is clear and concise and right to the point. Thank you Lord for Chris. :)
Great info, well researched,Christ centered. I linsten to Bible teaching at work and Chris always delivers. If you want hype and shallowness this podcast isn't for you. Chris isn't afraid to delve into the conspiricies that shape our culture.
Chris is open-minded and firmly planted at the same time. He respects context but doesn't ignore relevant supernatural interpretations. He's the best of both worlds; a "context is king" interpreter, and a "gifts of the spirit are still relevant" believer. He makes advanced doctrinal concepts easy to digest.
Chris White is a talented researcher and a humble big hearted Godly man. He explains many of the real problems our world is facing today.
Always my first choice in podcasts.Thanks for all your efforts Chris.
For being a good christian and reading your bible everyday you sure are an evil person! You should really read the bible and practice what it says, You shouldn't put people down in what the believe. If you don't agree with them by all means don't do a podcast to put people down as you and I and everyone in this world has no idea what God had in store for us!
There is only one truth the bible teaches. To understand it and have a grasp of what it teaches, you should start from the begining. Before you begin you should pray to god for holy spirit so that your eyes can be opened to the truth within his word. Don't rely on the interpritations of men especially if you don't test what they are teaching. I can say all I want regarding the bible but if what i am saying is contrary to what it teaches than where do I stand, am I a teacher of falsehood or truth? Read and dicern for yourself what the bible teaches and if for any reason you get stuck ask the one who inspired it's writing for help or guidance, with out fail he will answer if you call....... Knock Knock ;-)
This podcast is great. Chris does a great job of research and his debunking of crazy theories is fantastic. This is not a crazy fundamentalist, the guy has brains. Why would people rate this show 1 star? Those are not honest evaluations, people are just envious.
If the pre trib rapture is true then how is revelation 13:7-8 possible ? Chris keep it up. Thanks
Read your bible..His "Rapture" discussion is wrong.I have listen to a man who has done hundred upon thousands of hours of study (jack Van Impe) and he says the Lords people will be up in a twinkle of an eye as the NWO comes.not during the tribulationU want a great odcast go to Impe.Watch the false teaching and people going by their own understanding.Which I find this gentleman does.He needs to really study before teaching this stuff.Those who stear His children wrong will answer for it.
Chris hits the nail on the head and hammers it into dust. He sees the world for what it really is, and connects all the truths, not just some of them. I look forward to more of his work.
Chris does great work, and is most definently on my 'must hear' list! God bless.
Nowhere to Run is one of my 2 favorites sites.....I'm a lady of 69, still active and clear thinking....and I enjoy the thought, and obvious research that Chris puts into his podcast.....his delivery is pleasant to my ''old" ears, and I thank God for young men that put forth this effort all for the love of our Father and His Church. We are, indeed, blessed.....I challenge each of you that read this, to, in this next week (or longer), to mention God in some way or other, to each person you meet. You will be surprised, I promise, at the's great!.. now..... (all dots do not nessasarly represent the person neither the speling)
Chris White is a genius-level thinker with a serious thirst for knowledge and the ability to share on a level that most peopple can understand. His brand of humor is refreshing and his humility is priceless. If you are wondering what the heck is going on in the world today, try Nowhere To Run. You are certain to learn more about what's REALLY going on in the world than any other media source can provide.