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This podcast is a weekly must because it brings something different to the table from what you'd hear on Jay and Jack, the Transmission, or the Blackrock (all great podcasts too). I can understand if you don't like TLI cause it's explicit or not serious enough, but if you're hating on it cause Kim & Aimee show personality and occasionally go off topic, you got more issues than Comic Book Guy.
This is one of my favorite LOST podcasts, right up there with jay and Jack and Jorge garcia's Geronimo Jack's Beard. Each new episode is amazing insightful and entertaining. They shouldn't let the end of lost stop them from doing this
There were 23 reviews before I wrote this. Kind of didn't want to ruin it because that's one of our numbers, but I just wanted to show some love. You guys do a great podcast.
Great podcast. This is by far the fresher one around. It feels like a discussion that u have with ur friends. 
I have been listening to various Lost podcasts over the last few months. I subscribed to the Lost Initiative and proceeded to stock up on back episodes, eager to get a fresh take on the tv show. The two episodes of the podcast I tried to get through included the female hosts sighing and swooning over every male actor they happened to mention. I didn't find the podcast to be particularly insightful compared to others, such as the Transmission or Jay and Jack, and found the women's seemingly teenage boycraziness to be very annoying. Needless to say, I have unsubscribed.
I Love your podcast. I laugh my a** off. Everything about your show always puts a smile on my face KEEP Up the great show!!!!!! Chowwwwww!!!!
The LI girls are hands down the most entertaining of all the Lost podcasts. Keep up the amazing work.
With the Dharmalars retired I had to seek a replacement. TLI is the best of the Lost Podcasts, trust me I've tried them all at one time or another... Including the GSPN show (<----stay the hell away from that one). Kim and Aimee kick a*s. Razzle Mthr Fkn Dazzle.
I have to say that I don't usually write reviews. Live and Let Live is my usual motto. But these two really, really, REALLY annoy me. Reasons: 1. Insight or lack there of. What good is it to waste half your podcast telling the listener (i'm assuming people listen once and unsuscribe) how much you like or don't like other podcasts. Why would anyone care to listen to your perspective if it doesn't go much past what I just saw on the show. 2. Content. I personally don't care if your podcast is explicit or not. If you are the only lost podcast left with an explicit tag then please call Ralph and Ben and ask them come back -- PLEASE. The simple use of profanity with no purpose is not funny -- it's just dumb. 3. Female perspective? Huh. I'm not sure you indeed have a license to claim such a tag if you're trying so desperately to act like the guys.
I love this podcast. I watch Lost and think "I can't wait to hear what Kim and Aimee are going to have to say about this". Their humor is very young, hip and **cking hillarious.
With all the great and entertaining LOST podcasts avaiable now, dont bother with this one. The one girl seems to dislike almost everything about the show (e.g. is mad because the characters now are not exactly the same as in the first season...ever heard of character development??). The other girl doesnt seem to understand basic story elements of the show (e.g. thinks the writers put in the 4 toed statue as a knock on the fans and thinks it is meaningless). I would give this zero stars if that was an option.


By kfike73
I found them after the Dharmalars suggested them when they "quit" podcasting. I'm so glad they did! Funny & insightful!
Leave the rigid professionalism to Jay and Jack and The Transmission. Kim and Aimee are give thoughtful dissections of the show, but where they really shine is their chemistry. Add in the fact that they record a high quality, well produced show while living in different countries and you have the coolest geekfest ever! If your two of your favorite pastimes are watching Lost and listening to funny hot chicks (who use a lot of cool swears and "That's what she said..." jokes), then you've found your Eden!
These gals put on a great podcast. If you are looking for a great podcast on Lost or just having fun and shooting the breeze, consider this your one stop. Sign me up for the Lost Initiative pep squad!!
There are so many good Lost podcasts but this one is the best. When it comes to entertainment these ladies are a blast to listen to and I always save this one for last because I know it will be the best. The best part is how well they know the show. I mean Aimee has read ever book. Wow that is impressive. Funny, entertaining, knowledgeable, what more could you ask. I like the regular contributor whose voice they make fun of kyle from ky. He really knows his stuff too. I wouldn't mind hearing him on a weekly basis.
I really like this show. Very cool. Nice chemistry between the hosts. Amy don't hate on Jack so much :) LOL!!
These ladies do an amazing job as they discuss Lost, among other things. And now featuring MB and Mac! What more could you ask for?!? Kim & Aimee rule! And MB and Mac do too!


What a find. These ladies are awesome. I am downloading their entire archive right now. They are a must for the duration of Lost.
maybe not as incisive as some of the other lost podcasts (such as lostcasts, the lost initiative(UK), or even jay and jack), but not as annoying as the dharmalars (not including seattle jimmy, of course), these girls have a fun, goofy take on lost. sorta like when me and my friends get together at the bar and talk about lost-- good conversation and hilariousness.
What can I say other than these girls are funny and they know there Lost stuff. I'm not kidding very funny!
Aimee and T-dot Kim are awesome. They have fun with it and don't take themselves too seriously. They also are very informative and witty. I'm always got a grin on and breaking into a couples laughs during the show. I love it.
Following in the footsteps of MYOKOM with SAS these ladies are producing a great podcast that is both witty and fun. Keep up the good work!


By ApelPie
Probably my favorite podcast. These Lovely Ladies really know their LOST SH*T!! Keep on rockin' it!!