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It's not good, but there is a lot of potential.9 100% wrestling talk, which can get stale. Lots of negativity. Poor production value. Low energy. Might be great in a couple years.
After listening to the show from Saturday, 3/3/13 I won't be listening again. The female host was negative about everything and a control freak with one of the worst foul mouths I've ever heard. Every opinion was laced with cursing. I realize the show has a explicit warning, but this was over the top. And if you hate everything about Smackdown -- why watch it. It's wrestling and everything is left to creative's imagination after all.
Pretty sure the raw reaction hosts think wrestling is 100% legit. After the girl went on a tirade about how CM Punk was on crutches 6 days after surgery, the same surgery she claims she had and was walking after 4 days. You do realize this is a work, right? How dumb it would be if punk came out walking and talking about not being able to wrestle. Gave it a chance, hated it, don't waste your time. Oh, it's also extremely negative and constant whining and the typical giving no credit to TNA for anything done good, podcast format.
0 stars for raw reaction, 2 stars because I some of the other shows are actually listenable.


5 stars for The O Show, 1 for all of the other trash on this feed. Thus, a 3. The O Show should get their own feed so they don't have to associate with, and carry the rest of this painfully boring and irritating "podcast network."
Attempted to listen to Raw Reaction #87, and that will be my last attempt without a doubt. Poor sound quality, non-stop whining, trying desperately to be edgy and angry, and hosts that I'm pretty sure don't know this is all pretend. Avoid at all costs
This guys and gals are passionate about wrestling .keep up the good work (o ya King J talk like a man !!!)
Gentlemen, invest in a thesaurus. This is evidence that just because you have the means to create a podcast does not mean that you should create a podcast.
I thought this would have some sort of insider news but it's all just fans speculating. Sticking to aow if you want a real wrestling podcast.


By Rese28
Frank Vaugn's rants. Enough said.
I made it to 1:43 before I had to turn this awful podcast off. Teenagers trying to have wrestling gimmicks, 15 seconds of awkward silence, and emotionless voices. Keep up the great work.
The whole network of angrymarks is great, but the o show stands out above the rest. The O Show might be one of the coolest things to EVER happen to wrestling. Otherwise all the other shows are above average to blah, but there is a nice variety. AMP is pretty cool even though Killa Kev can be annoying. They also do a pretty good job keeping up with the super indies like Chikara and Ring of Honor that other radio shows tend to forget.


A couple of random podcasts does not equal a network. Only podcast worth listening to are the law, roundtable wrestling, wrestling soup, & I want wrestling. Maybe you should include those shows to your network.
K4D used to be my favorite podcast, but they are basically dead now. The only show I can even tolerate is "The Drunkcast / Over the Top Radio". Anything else, they can keep. Sorry.
Angrymarks gets a 5 for their one and only good show, Tha O Show. Congrats on 200 episodes!
Lose the hole and learn how to speak you morons. My grandmother has more passion and shes been dead for 25 years.
i tried to listen to the ring the bell podcast but i would've fell asleep
In the podcasting landscape, one of the categories that is overwrought with mediocrity is programming about pro wrestling & mixed martial arts. This is where the Angry Marks program (& Podcast Network, for that matter) prove themselves the exception. At the helm of this endeavor is Steve Juon, aka 'Stevie J'. Stevie is a life-long fan who cares enough about the subject to where it is approached with identifiable respect & credibility. He is a great interviewer as well. Check out past episodes with guests like Paul Lazenby & Oliver Copp as examples. The AMP network also aligns itself with a number of great affiliate programs including Fight Game Blog Radio & the infamous 'Drunkcast'. If you're a fan of pro wrestling or mma, and are bored with the level of quality you receive from some other podcasts, I highly recommend seeking out Angry Marks.
I thought ultimate robot fighting was real like pro wrestling. Turns out its fixed like boxing.
Straight out, If it wasn't for Tha O Show and The Handsome Genius Club, I would not listen to Angrymarks. Besides those two shows, it is basically the same group of guys on the same type of podcast, doing the same thing. K4D is worthless, the Drunkcast does have some good guest but still sounds bad. The Mike Sawyer show though has some promise.
After listening to the O show I got to say it's the saving grace of this network of podcasts. The only reason I bumped up this rating is because of them. The rest of the shows blow hard and not to mention a bit racist. If you want a good, enjoyable listen certainly pop on dat O. Its pretty...... Pretty...... Pretty..... Pretty good!
I think that word pretty much sums it up
The O Show is great. I wish I could subscribe to the shows I wanted rather than the entire "network". I'm giving this 5 stars, but they ALL go to the O show. This is not a lame wrestling newscast. Guys who obviously close to the game. Seems like some dudes I might actually hang out with and watch wrestling. Not the the dudes my girlfriend associates me with for listening to wrstling podcasts!
If you like wrestling and mma and want to laugh hard, these podcasts are for you. Even if you don't, you should still listen. Big D is one funny mofo. Stevie J keeps things grounded. Ed in San Antonio cracks you up. Killa Kev is a great heal who adds a lot. The O show is great. Kayfabe for Dummies is also quite good -- Cancer and M Rob are a great team. And best of all, they are all FREE!
Like the other reviewers are saying, this network is very hit and miss... I would venture to say there is only one real HIT on this network.. Thats THA O SHOW. great podcast, with lots of fun and informative talk, from actual wrestlers. And they talk about MMA too... Deffinetly give there show a listen.
I would not recommend subscribing to this "network". Try the shows out individually, and pick and choose. Kayfabe 4 Dummies is awful. I can't endorse these idiots that condone a thug "Gangster" rapper carrying semi-automatic weapons, and pick fights with elderly grandmothers. It's Lucha!... I have no interest in the subject matter. Angry Marks Podcast... Stevie J is okay, but his new co-host is awful. Their show has difficulty holding my attention. The crown jewel is Tha O Show. Those guys are very funny and have some great wrestling insight.
I downloaded the podcast after hearing a plug for in on WrestleCrap Radio. From what I heard so far, the show is pretty good. You guys sound like passionate fans that have something to say. I have one suggestion, however. Please get somebody else to read off the lucha libre report. The guy you have now has terrible pronunciation. Get somebody who at least took 1 semester of high school Spanish. Heck, I'll do it. Just let me know.