Reviews For The Savage Dog Show with Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood

It's such a blast listening to the SDS. Greg and Jeff are too long time buddies they do a fantastic job of delivering an mma show that's fun!
Waiting for more dog show on iTunes plz help.
I love these guys. Shows even better when is Jeff and TJ
These guys are hilarious, have great chemistry and know how to interview. Oh and they know mma too. A must listen.
This is the best mma\sports comedy podcast out there so this is to da haters STFU
Love jeff and tj but gregs breathing into the mic gets old. He sounds like hes got the flu 24/7.
TJ...Please...STFU! This would be a 5 star show if TJ could keep his voice off the air. You're already on Beatdown and Breen's show. We also have to hear you on tons of commercials. Please...spare us. Too much is too much. Please don't speak on the air during MMA Sunday School and The Savage Dog Show. p.s. Savage is right. You're not funny. Cutting a host off of his own show beacuse you're pissed is not funny.
Show offers a great perspective on mma, not just catering to UFC . Also great dialog pertaining to other serious stuff like Jeff"s 4 fishtanks ,the NFL and many funny softball stories, Keep up the good work boys, Gary from Boston
if you are one of the true fans of MMA, you've gotta subscribe to this one. Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood have good chemistry. The only negative if you want to call it a negative is that they sometimes go off-topic, but it just adds to the realism. TRIANGLE CHOKE!!!!!
I'm 45 mins into this podcast and they're not even talking about MMA. One of the guys mentioned how no one knows who Fedor is. You won't know listening to this podcast. 2hrs of BS.
Offers great MMA conversation and debate while throwing in a little commentary on the NFL (most notably the Cowboys and Packers). Both guys have been in the MMA game for quit some time and it is interesting to hear their stories.
I love this show, but these guys need to seriously work on their production. one guy is a low talker, the other isnt, the phone levels are too high, mic's inconsistant, and the ads are way loud... drives me crazy. otherwise great show. great talk, great content.
great show they are getting better with every show they do at first i didnt like them but now i cant stop listening the savage dog show and the sherdog beatdown are the best mma shows on the net i reccommend this show and beatdown to all mma fans
Considering who these two guys are and their respective backgrounds, this is an entertaining podcast. I appreciate someone taking the time to do the podcast and keeping fans up to date.
Greg and Jeff put on a great show and have me looking forward to every episode. C'mon, the Savage Dog Show is one of the best MMA podcasts out there.
Had the first letter read on air, Sherdog then stated I must be the one and only fan of the show. Savage Dog is a great MMA podcast and is a welcomed addition to the Sherdog family. The show has good info, great guests and lots of banter. Yeah the hosts are a little green with interviewing and some times the audio is not great but, they will get better(Looking at you TJ)