Reviews For SLOWBOUNCE - Dancehall with Dj Septik

other than that, its awesome.
this is a great reggea dancehall show, keep doing it!!
keep bussing big tunes for da island people in da south
Great updated mixes. Thanks!!


Your show is the best in the world and the most up to date and I'm from the virgin islands
Mix up the selection. All I keep hearin u say is new kartel, new kartel, with other artists thrown in. The show is ok, but more selection breagin. Also y'all can check out "one drop radio" dj trendz. He mixes and gives a nice variety.
If You love listening to the Reggae Tunes Slow Bounce is where you really need to come and have a listen to. Smooth Tunes the Mixing is on Point, your all set here Get at this!
Big Up!! Slow Bounce podcasts brings the FIRE!!! LOVE IT!! Can hardly wait each week for the new music.
Keep up the good work your show sound better then most show in the USA.