The Pain Clinic Pro Wrestling Talk Show

Reviews For The Pain Clinic Pro Wrestling Talk Show

Check out the gang. A wealth of knowledge and completely professional. 22 years on the radio!
I’ve been listening to the show since 2002 and I always enjoyed it, but “The Cashman” is TERRIBLE!!! It’s like he watches wrestling one a year and get info off of Twitter. He wasn’t always like this but It hurts my overall experience having to hear the other host constantly correct him. PLEASE BE ON TOP OF WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT, BE A BETTER HOST. IF NOT, PLEASE HAND THE SHOW TO SOMEONE ELSE.
One of the best Wrestling commentary out there. These guys are professional and put on a solid hour of entertainment. I wish the podcast would post sooner. But hey, it's free. Like WWE, I would rate this as PG. Many other programs are laced with too much profanity and that gets annoying. Highly recommended. Update: Only complaint is that this is a Saturday show but the podcast doesn't drop in iTunes until the following Monday. By that time, the news is often too old to be relevant.
Great podcast w/ the perfect mix of comedy & pro wrestling
Salvatore's . Com!
Ive recently been looking for more and more Wrestling podcasts. Im hoping this one will work out but other great podcasts are Wrestlecast and Between the Ropes. Anyway once you get past the first 5 min the talk show hosts get into some good Wrestling talk. However i suggest you search Wrestlecast or Between the Ropes.