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I discovered this podcast through John August's website, and while I enjoyed that episode, the show could use a serious retooling - especially from a technical level. The guests are interesting, but the conversations take some time to get going. And that cold opening, where we jump right into some random-ish, off-topic conversation, just comes off as forced. The guests themselves seem confused as to whether or not what they're saying in that intro will be part of the final show. And it goes on for a long time. On a technical level, it's time to get more mics and some audio control. Maybe not one mic per guests, but enough so the levels don't vary wildly between subtle speaking and harshly loud laughter. The rumbles as the mic stand was being moved during the John August episode were so loud, I thought something had hit my car. I understand the podcast creators wanting to do a no-fuss show with nearly-unedited, live-sounding audio, but the sound suffers to the point where it's a distraction. Even the reflections off the walls of the room started to drive me nuts after a few episodes. I'm not someone who usually gets so bothered by technical issues that I tune out... but in this case, I have. I'll check back in six months - I like the topics covered, and the hosts and the guests, but more focus and polish would help sustain the current audience, and would grow it as well.
The guests seem like interesting individuals, unfortunately those interesting qualities are overshadowed by the overall negative and bitter tone of most of their convos. The moderator comes off as a grumpy sour-puss that's been jaded by ultimate failure within the new media realm; and his guests spend there entire time moaning and groaning about how their ideas never work and how evil the major studios are. This podcast definitely has potential, but these people have to start coversing about progression within the industry, not about reasons why they've failed.
Everyone making and watching web content, web series, web shows, zizzle, or whatever you prefer to call it should download and subscribe to New Mediacracy. The regulars and guests provide insightful commentary and information on the state of new media. They pose questions and give honest answers. They're not afraid to disagree with each other or the conventional wisdom, but it's always done with respect and with a clear desire to make the industry better.
New Mediacracy is a known industry commodity. Insiders are clued into it's relevancy, are you? Steve Woolf and Zadi Diaz are on the web TV frontlines, telling it like it is, and their guests are always insightful and interesting. Of course the wine-drinking doesn't hurt, either. Great show!


Love this show. It's good to see that internet famous people also do their own video blogs and their own little show. :) Love this show. You should keep on doing it. Please, prety please wth a cherry on top :O lol.