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Reviews For The Korea Society

Great resource for understanding current events on the Korean Peninsula. The contents are diverse and interesting.
Through this podcast I can participate in some amazing lectures and panels on Korean politics, history, and culture. It is as if I was living in NYC or Seoul.
I came across this podcast before a trip to Korea to try to learn more about the culture and history and found myself listening to several of the episodes. The podcasts cover many different angles: fairy tales, politics of both the North and the South, relations with the West, business, history, and there is even one about cooking. I feel like these podcasts have helped me have greater appreciation for the Korean culture and ways of life. Thank you for publishing for free. Please keep the episodes coming! Highly recommended! (By the way, I don't remember having any issues with the quality of the audio.)
Have listened to several chapters and very excited to have enriched my understanding of the critically important area of Northeast Asia and of Korea specifically. Would love to hear more about Korea's relations in that region and how neighbors play a role on the Korean Peninsula. Well done!
I've learned a great deal about North and South Korea from this podcast! I'm not Korean - and I have no personal connection to Korea - my only exposure comes from the media - so this podcast opens up a window to a world that I would not otherwise know about. The podcast of the CIA guy in N. Korea is especially interesting! Podcasts are academic enough to be interesting but still assessible to me - just a random guy who likes to learn.
I was really excited about this podcast but unfortunately can't hear. The quality of the recording is beyond bad.