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Very helpful discussion of current issues on the national circuit
I'm a freshman student and my life has pretty much become LD; this podcast provides an insightful look into the personalities of LD "bosses" Jon Cruz, Mike Bietz, and Jim Menick, and are educational in that they teach me about the history of LD and how it functions today!
I, being an LD debater from Arizona, do not have any surplus of expert coaching, nor do I have any real national circuit experience. This podcast, in conjunction with other helpful issues from VBD, is a great helper for me and any other competitor who may have missed out on amenities such as camp, or national exposure. There is little critique to make of this podcast, because (as far as I know) it is one-of-a-kind, so it is justified in its flaws. However, my comments would be as follows: -Try to decrease the inside jokes between you three crazy cats. I would love some new inside jokes created IN the show, so that you would feel a little more connected to your audiences. -Perhaps try to bullet-point (and upload on the blog) the issues you all go over -INCREASE THE VOLUME!!! Other than that, I love this podcast, and I thank the guys for getting the ToC topic discussion out so soon.