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Jackie is one of the goods ones. Wish she would stop trashing Andy Kaufman though. It's her own fault that she doesn't get it.
..for LIFE! So much love! So needed. Listen to multiple times a week (yay archives!). I’ve learned new delightful things, I’ve discovered so many wonderful dorks and leveled up so many dorkdoms! Ranger for life!
All my favorites stop by: Brian Regan, Jen Kirkman, Jimmy Pardo and the Harry Potter, Ministry of Magic Inquisition Panel -Paul F. Tompskin, Greg Proops and John Hodgman! Keep it up Jackie.
So so so so funny. Love Jackie Kashian! This podcast always makes my morning.
I've been a big fan of Jackie's stand up and this pod for years! I was using stitcher, so that's why it took me so long to rate and review. Jackie is so very talented, funny, smart, warm and engaging. One of my fav pods since pretty much the beginning of pods.
Jackie talks to people about things they are really into. With a casual conversational style, she shows genuine interest in learning about what people love. From the traditionally geeky, such as gaming, sci-fi, or video games, to the seemingly mundane worlds of shoes, baseball, or Christmas movies, you will find the discussions interesting. With over 400 episodes, there are plenty of topics and guests to pick from. Go. Enjoy.
Talented comedian Jackie Kashian got in on the ground floor of podcasting and she knows what she’s doing. Interesting interviews with people talking about what they love best.
Host Jackie Kashian is a funny, curious, pro of a host who interviews comedians and comedy adjacent people about the thing they love. It’s so pleasant and breezy, then you realize that you learned stuff about the world and about human nature. How cool!
This really is one of the great podcasts. It’s fun, it’s laidback, it’s dorky, it’s everything I like in a casual pod. My biggest problem, though (and honestly, this is probably just •my• problem do you should just ignore it), is that every now and then there will be a guest on that shares one of my interests and they’ll start talking and half of what they say is wrong and I start yelling at my iPhone and make the people in the car next to me think that I am insane, which of course I am because I’m yelling at my iPhone about someone either not knowing what I know and/or disagreeing with me and that’s just admit that that’s plain mental and move on. Anywho, listen to the cast. You’ll love it.


more kaycee conlee.
Jackie is able to converse with people of all walks of life. She’s hilarious and although the guest/topic can be hit or miss Jackie is able to keep it interesting!
Nice to learn some new things even though the guests aren't always accurate.


By c1!
Jackie is so funny. I love her humor. She had great guests that are so interesting.
Love it, thank you Jackie! A wide range of topics with the comfort of a good host. On topic or in the weeds, good company on car rides!
It’s just me and the pets most days and this podcast keeps me sane.
Love, love, love everything about this show. I "discovered" Jackie and TDF about 6 months ago, and I have been binge listening past episodes. Ah, how naive we were years ago about Nixon's presidency being the hottest possible mess. Jackie's adorable self-proclaimed ignorance on many topics leads to fantastic questions that get answered in a dorky depth not found on other shows where the guest, interviewer, and listener have a vested interest in the given topic. I will never look at a sombrero and not think of the ending song. Yay!
I am a big fan of Jackie's work. She is not only hilarious, intelligent and well-versed in so many things, she is also the reason I got into trouble at work from laughing. This podcast is what gets me through the work week. If you want a relatable, hilarious, and comfortable podcast, this one is for you. Good job, Jackie! I love this.
Everything about this podcast is perfect and I can't believe I'm just now finding it. Jackie Kashian is the perfect host on this perfect podcast that truly has something for everyone. I mean this in the most positive and sincere way possible... Jackie Kashian is the dork queen (or Dutchess of Dork?)!
The Dork Forest has been my favorite podcasts for years. Jackie is a delight, and it's so fun to hear people go into the minutae of such a variety of topics. You never know if you're going to get comic books, music, knitting, purses or anything and everything in between.
I have listened to several episodes of Dork Forest and my favorite so far was all about Labyrinth and Virginia Jones! I was transfixed, intrigued, and couldn’t stop laughing. Amazing. The chemistry is unstoppable.
I love this podcast! From shoes to comics to movies to chicken! I love hearing Jackie and her pals talk about their passions!
Jackie is a lovely host who is genuinely interested in the most obscure interests of each of her guests, and this makes for such a fun and warmhearted show.
Jackie is an absolute delight! I love her stand up and hearing stories about her life makes me listen to her new albums in a slightly clearer light. Plus her enthusiasm for dorking out and watching OTHER people dork out is infectious. Always new things I want to read, look up, and listen to after each episode.
Jackie and dorks help me get through my work week for sure. I’ve learned and laughed a lot with this podcast.
Jackie is an amazing host. Topics are varied and well produced. Cant imagine life without it!
I love listening to people talk about the things they love.
Think a topic is boring? Just wait until you listen to someone who really truly loves it. No subject is too small and Jackie is a wonderful host.
This is such a great show! Jackie gets people to share their passions and often, they educate her or the listener about a wide range of "dorkdoms". Everything from dance, and meditating, to video games. Check this show out, rangers!
I've enjoyed The Dork Forest (and determiners) for a while and now I'm trying to offset my free podcast listening by writing a review here and buying one of Jackie's stand-up albums. You're doing vital work. Keep it up.
Love Jackie and the secret nerdiness she brings out of her awesome guests. Turns out this is the best way to get to know someone--find their g-(eeky) spot.
I found this podcast a few years ago and am long overdue in writing this review. I love hearing Jackie and her guests talk about all sorts of topics- many I might normally not be interested about. Her guests enthusiasm in regards to their topic and Jackie's support of their dorkdems make every subject interesting. I'm all in. I've bought the hoody and I've seen her in person. Thanks for the hours of listening enjoyment. Ranger Merry
Episodes typically have two or three guests, and discussion proceeds organically, which is not to imply that it's ever boring. Jackie is a surpurb host, letting her guests do most of the talking while somehow providing the occasional nudge that keeps things constantly interesting and entertaining.
A great podcast, featuring a wonderful comedian. She features people you didn't know you wanted to know about.
Jackie and her guests are always hilarious and (almost) always informative!
I love this podcast! Jackie has fantastic rapport with all of her guests, and I love the variety of topics covered. I have learned a ton of stuff about topics I was already interested in, and about topics I would never have even considered looking into. A must-listen for me every week.
I wasn't sure what to expect. I heard a couple other podcasts mention "The Dork Forest" and I figured I'd give it a try. Jackie Kashian is fun to listen to and her guests are wonderful. I have learned a lot from this show and expect to keep listening.
If you dork out about anything this is the place for you!!! Jackie is funny and friendly and will introduce you to things that you never knew someone would dork out on. I must admit I myself have picked up a few more just by listening. You can't go wrong with this on your playlist.
This podcast is a natural mood elevator. There's almost nothing as fun as listening to Jackie and her guests talk about things they love. Even if the subject doesn't interest me at the outset, it does by tne mid-point because all of the guests have such genuine affection for and knowledge of whatever is the subject at hand. If you'd asked me if I cared at all about Cricket prior to the podcast with cricket enthusiast, I'd have stared blankly and asked, " grasshoppers? That kind of cricket?" I can't say I emerged with a great love of cricket, but I at least understand it and finally understood why it is that it is so popular around the world. Jackie's guests are always well-informed and comfortable talking on air. I first heard Jackie on the Gilmore Guys podcast, but she quickly become my top rated podcast. Always fun, frequently funny and for those of us that just love and are passionate about something deemed a little out there, it's a godsend.
Once a week I take a journey deep into the Dork Forest.
The Dork Forest is hands down one of the best podcasts. It shows that everyone has that one thing that they dork out about. Even if the topic is about something I don't care about, it's so entertaining that I can't help but continue to listen. Keep up this great podcast Jackie!
Anyone can be a dork. It's not restricted to comics and scifi. You can dork out on potatoes. (you add the e when going plural Dan Quayle!) Jackie is hilarious without being condescending to her guests. She gives people the space to share their love. Not all guests are comedians which is great. Fans of the show are invited to share their dorkdoms as well. The intro and outro songs say it all.
the best!
I am a huge dork. I enjoy Jackie's comedic voice, so I usually like the podcast. Please keep it going! One thing: I don't understand why the email catch-up episodes are so far behind. If I wrote an email and didn't get a response for a year, I'd have moved on. It may not be fair to skip over old emails, but current listeners (such as myself) would feel more psyched about writing in if I didn't need to wait 50-100 episodes hoping for a response.
I turned off after the plea for listeners to donate $100 per year. I can't afford to listen to this podcast. it isn't worth it.
Keep up the great podcast.
I love Jackie as a host and interviewer. She has genuine interest in people, and all of their likes. Jackie draws put her guests in a fun and entertaining way!
After seeing Jackie (at Acme - Twin Cities), I decided to give her podcast a try. LOVE IT! Fun and informative, diverse topics and great guests. Keep up the GREAT work, Jackie...and keep those Milwaukee/Wisconsin references coming, dere hey!
saw jackie on @midnight for the first time after ive been listening to her for months and its nice to put a face to the voice. i enjoy most shows since i do consider myself a geek, it's interesting to hear of other geeks obsessions. thanks jackie.
I've really been enjoying this poscast the last few years. It is definately one of my go-to staples. I love the variety of guests Jackie has on, and I love what she brings to each of the conversations. The show is quality, but I'm often charmed by how casual it is too (ie play the drinking game where you take a shot every time her house phone rings). LISTEN!!