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He has so much energy it made me feel like I was in Colorado not RI. Namaste
Love this podcast and Daves teaching style!
Too much misguided and unrelated commentary while we're supposed to be under instruction! Lacks the description and mindfulness needed for those of us (aka ALL of us) who aren't in the studio with him. It's not podcast-worthy, and comparing the importance of breathing to a newborn baby that wasn't breathing out of the womb?!---he never explained what happened! If you're gonna chitchat nonstop during yoga class, at least follow through with an insightful ending. Disingenuous and not easy to follow along from home. Also, uses virtually only Sanskrit terms, not good for beginners.


By mllejae
The instructions are fine with confusion at a few asanas. I tried one of his podcasts just to switch it up from Yoga to the People. My main complaint is maybe personal, but his voice was grating to me, especially as he speaks so much - if I sound bratty, please try out a Yoga to the People podcast for reference.
I'm really not a huge fan of these podcasts. Mr. Farmar speaks A LOT, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but most of the time his banter doesn't do anything to help. Sure, you'll understand the joke he's cracking, but a sentence later he's talking about being in a posture that he barely/poorly instructed you toward. Additionally, the audio quality is really poor with constant vocal popping and CLEARLY audible breathing while he's trying to be quiet. I suppose you could overlook these things if the classes were amazing, but they're routine and average. I know they're free and I appreciate him making the effort to put them up. However, there are better podcasts out there.
As an instructor I find this to be my favorite of all Yoga podcasts i've tried. The others are great too, but I appreciate the length of the class, the humor, and the ability to safely talk the listener in and out of asanas (even without visual cues, you feel where your body should be).
Hey for a free podcast, it is very challenging. I appreciate the sharing. And I look forward to trying out the other FREE podcasts. It's great to implement this whenever you can't make it to the shala.
I got about 15 minutes into the last podcast and literally couldn't take it any more. Yeah, it's a free podcast, I probably shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth. However, for anyone who has a fairly advanced yoga practice and/or depends on the yoga instructor's voice and rhythm to put you in the "zen" mode, this podcast is awful. The guy talks constantly about things that have nothing to do with yoga, makes constant jokes that are both lame and distracting, and spends a lot of time explaining alignment and poses that those with an advanced practice will find tiresome.
I don't know if the actual yoga class/podcast was any good--I couldn't make it past the first 15 min. He talked way tooooo much while holding the first couple of poses--the practice did not have a nice flow.
This is the perfect podcast for me when I'm away from my home studio. Dave's low-key sense of humor is great, and he's really clear about what you're doing when -- at least, if you're somewhat familiar with yoga and the Baptiste style flow. I recommend it heartily.
People complain that he talks too much, the quality is bad, well people it's free and the practice is as good as if you are in a studio! Other podcasts have a bunch of promoter junk that is said for more than half the time! Here you actually get an hour or more of just yoga. He reminds me of the instructors back in Berkeley, so full of live, yet very chill. He reminds all of yoga isn't just serious business but is also free-spirited and fun. VERY AWESOME KEEP IT UP!
I am not reviewing any specific podcast, as I have done countless Dave Farmar podcasts over the past three years, I am reviewing them all: the instruction, the energy, and Dave in general...thank you Dave, for your dedication, knowledge, sense of humor, and your spirit. My kids are now old enough that I can go to a yoga studio to take classes again, but for a long time I was at home and all I had was Dave Farmar podcasts and they were my favorite time of day! I know all his jokes and somehow they still make me laugh! Over the years, I truly was able to deepen my practice, learn new things, and "peel away layers" just by listening daily to his podcasts mainly because of his specific verbal cues, thorough instruction, and detailed, down-to-earth way of teaching. I think my favorite podcast is the one in Thailand from at least two years ago, and it was raining that day of the recording, anyway, it doesn't rain much here in Denver so it is always such a pleasure to take that class/podcast. My point is, whether you are in the studio with Dave or in your own living room, his words and energy speak so clearly that you can almost smell the rain!
Just want to give a shout out to Dave from the three lowest Peace Corps Volunteers on Earth! - keepin' it real from the Dead Sea. Your podcasts have kept us cool through many challenges and six months of 100+ degree weather. 18 months down, 6 to go. THANK YOU and Namaste!
I am really sad because I want to like these podcasts so much. The first few times I attempting the routines, I did feel better the next day (even if I had to interrupt my practice and rewind a few times to understand). I see the value in the practice sessions and wish that the instruction were clearer. To clarify, these are podcasts of Mr. Farmar's live studio sessions; it is clear that the instructor is wearing a microphone while he is live, in the studio, instructing a roomful of students. I could only stomach 20 minutes at a time because, while the poses were clearly described in the beginning of the sessions, as Mr. Farmar continued, he stopped naming the poses and one had to literally guess what he was implying. Believe it or not, I actually stopped in the middle of a podcast to write this review. I am incredibly frustrated (and not feeling very yoga-rific right now. :-/) Here is a sample description of one of the poses: "left arm under, left leg over, elbows out in front, bring your top leg up and around behind you ...find that balance." This is when I slumped down on my mat, feeling frustrated. He continues: "Once you are gazing up and you know your hip is open ... your bottom hand will naturally float open." Huh? I have NO IDEA what the heck Mr. Farmar is suggesting here. "You make it easy by choosing to do so," he says. I'm glad other people find this helpful. But I am going to make it easy by pressing stop and moving on to a clearer instructor. :( If Mr. Farmar is reading this, know that you have a potential fan here ... if only I could understand your instruction 1,000 miles away.
This is a wonderful podcast!! Dave's instruction is easy to follow along to, even for a semi newbie! His classes are friendly and lighthearted which is just what I'm looking for in an instructor. I'm hooked!!!
While I usually try to attend class in a studio several times a week, sometimes my crazy work schedule doesn't allow it. On those days I rely on Dave's podcasts to deliver a challenging and humorous class. I like that he offers a variety of class lengths and settings, and makes me sweat even though I'm not in a studio. His jokes during class help me to not take myself so seriously and give lightness and joy to my practice.
Thank you so much for the amazing class Dave! I moved to Italy a month ago and have been unable to find a studio that teaches with the same level of intensity that I experienced in the US (plus the language barrier doesn't exactly help!) Thank you again! I'm so happy to finally be able to integrate yoga into my new life here in Italia. Cheers!
Farmar has not given thought to the Podcast format: the recording quality is bad, with lots of plosive interference on the mic. More consequentially, he fails frequently to call out the name of the poses. While this might work in a studio, when recorded for playback later, it leads to confusion: it's easy to get lost, especially since Farmar flows quite quickly through poses. He's simply recorded his studio classes, without giving thought to the Podcast listener. To me a worse problem here however is that Farmar's style is all about *him*: be prepared for one of those yoga sessions where the instructor talks all about himself, in self-aggrandizing fashion ('...last time I was doing a teacher training in Turkey...'). To me, this is deadly in a yoga class and basically violates the whole ethos of yoga.
This class had a lot of potential and I thought the physical part of it was very good, but the teacher could not stop talking. Also, he would lecture about not getting distracted and then describe all the things that could distract you--thus being distracting. For me, just letting the class flow with the breath, along with reminders about technique and breath, is best. The constant talking took me out of the mental flow.
I buy Daves classes off of Yoga Downloads and was ecstatic to see that he is on iTunes! You are all in for a treat! Daves yoga classes are the most challenging and entertaining classes I have taken!!
This is my FAVORITE yoga practice ever! I only wish Dave taught in NYC - I would go everyday! Ok not everyday because this practice is really intense, but every other day! Time FLIES doing these podcasts because Dave is hilarious! I will start laughing out loud in a torturous pose because Dave says something like "Don't pay attention to that girl who is really flexible. She's probably on muscle relaxants." Every time I do one of these podcasts I finish in savasna feeling amazing and content. Dave always has insightful things to say in a refreshing way that makes you realize it's only yoga and who cares if you're in child's pose half the time. Thanks so much for these podcasts!
I was excited to find a 75 minute yoga workout, but extremely disappointed by the wretched sound quality of these and the lack of sufficient explanations. I've been doing yoga for a couple years, and still couldn't follow several of the sessions. Also, on 5/10/09 the sound gets muffled and impossible to understand about 20 minutes in, once your're warmed up and ready.
I think that Dave is a dynamic teacher and I love the variety of length that these podcasts offer. However, like another reviewer said, the quality on some of these podcasts is just terrible. There is way too much static. Fortunately, this should be an easy problem to remedy--just wish he would do so!
Dave Farmar's class is a great workout! It is challenging and fun. However, the quality of the podcast is poor. On several of the podcasts the static is so loud you can't hear the instructor and it is very difficult to enjoy the workout. It sounds as if he is wearing the microphone on his shirt and when he moves the static is all that is audible. I would highly recommend this podcast if he could fix the static problem!!!
This is a great podcast for any yogi out there who wants to enjoy their practice on all levels. There's great instruction mixed in with empowering messages and all wrapped up in a fun light-hearted delivery that always brings a smile!
I've loved listening to Dave's teaching expand, and being along for the ride now as he travels the world still recording classes.
I love Dave's mix of a challenging class and humor, and philosophy. THanks for making these classes available!
Dave's Power Yoga podcast is the best on the net. We've tried a bunch, and keep coming back to Dave's fun and challenging classes. If you can get to Dave's class in person, even better, as we found out during Dave's intensive weekend workshop in Ankara, Turkey. Dave's knowledge is tremendous, and his enthusiasm contagious. Highly recommended!!
Dave provides well-explained, funny, and perfectly challenging classes. He is almost flawless at leading the podcast viewer through the poses he teaches in his live class; he does so with charm and more than a laugh or two; and he always gets you sweating. I can't wait to come to Denver and thank him in person!
Dave adds a deep knowledge of tradition to his modern power flows creating great overall instruction
These classes have been an inspiration to me, please keep 'em coming...
Just load a couple classes on your iPhone, hit the road, then pop on the speakerphone to turn wherever you are into a Power Yoga studio. Love the classes Dave, and your humor and insights. Thanks!
Finally a challenging level II or III class! Dave has a great sense of humor that keeps the eternal practice of yoga current. More utkatasana! He also suggests modifications for more advanced students. The Lulu lemon episode was particularly enjoyable.
Dave's e-classes rock.
Without a Baptiste studio in my city, this is a great way to get a new class weekly and keep up a great home practice. I also have young children and find it hard to make it to classes at studios that we do have because of the whole childcare issue. You definitely need to know yoga to do a podcast. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners as you need to know yoga terminology. But, it is a wonderful practice and I continue to use it. I also like it much better than a video as I get sick of the same thing after listening to it more than a few times. Dave is very inspiring and will keep you in the present.
I love the free yoga classes offered by a true professional! It was great to be able to download it so quickly to my ipod, turn up the heat and start practicing! Thank you for your time and talent, it's appreciated greatly:)
As someone who travels for work all over the world, the one thing that helps me center myself are Dave's yoga classes. I enjoy his challenging, yet fun power flows. Definately one of the better classes on iTunes.
I appreciate the thorough and knowledgeable dialogue. Rather than just leaving us in a pose wondering, Dave guides our bodies and minds to deeper places. Very inspiring, very well done!
Great to have such a master instructor sharing the gift of these classes for FREE on-line!
How can anybody do this with all the talking! My yoga instructor would smack him!
My yoga practice is my oasis from my stressful job and 4 children and I find it difficult to be in the breath while there is so much chatting about other matters during the class. I think the class would be more effective for me in person. Either way, thank you for sharing your practice.
Dave's yoga sessions are really well put together, and very inspiring. He gives a number of options from very challenging to fairly modified, and his calm sense of humor and patience is really wonderful. Highly recommended, Thanks Dave
I've practiced a LOT of yoga, and it's rare to find a teacher who can combine real yoga asana knowledge, a really fun class atmosphere and tone, and a great workout like Dave does. I'm so glad these classes are always ready to go whenever on my iPod...
I love the wit in these podcasts. Dave does a great job of making all of his comment relevant! Keep up the great work Dave!
I love power yoga and Dave's upbeat way of teaching keeps me coming back for more.