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Awesome podcast , I can't wait for portal 2 part 2:-)
I'm having a bit of trouble downloading the podcasts directly from my iPod, can you fix that? Other than that, the HPAW podcasts are THE greatest podcasts in the history of the universe!
One of the greatest podcasts that deserves the name of Hot Pants Action Webcast!
first of all i'm only doing a reveiw on birth by sleep. it is awesome,but the only one i really care for is birth by sleep.
I've been trying to download the Resident Evil 5 podcast onto my iPod, but whenever I do, the video won't play and the screen goes black. Can you fix this? I've had this problem with several other podcasts too.
I can't play prototype on my ipod!!! I've downloaded so many times and it still doesnt work can any one help???


By Are16
Wow amazing
Due to limitations with how we integrate with iTunes we can only post some of our videos on here, think of it like a preview. Many of our other videos are iPod compatible you just need to import them into iTunes. Thank you all for watching!


Where is the Kingdom Hearts videos?
They are great podcasts, but ive seen you put Oblivion marathons on youtube but they arent here. you guys should put those on, those are the good ones.
Who ever likes video games, has a great sence of humor, and likes to see the latest gameplay, i totally sugjest this.