Reviews For Subject:CINEMA

Listening to TC and Kim islike beingaround family on a holiday! They make you laugh and you can tell they care and are very passionate about the show and its listeners. I enjoy listening every week as they know how to brighten up my day! Anthony Lamberti
I just discovered this podcast but am enjoying it enough thus far that I felt I needed to comment. Any movie podcasters who discuss Danger Mouse are the tops in my book! Plus, I'm enjoying their episode on the disappearance of movie title sequences. Enjoyable and worth a listen!
TC and Kim remind me of the "weird kids" I knew in school, which is great, because I was one of the "weird kids" too. They have a great dynamic and a quirky sense of humor. They are very thorough in their coverage of the week's topic, which I like even if it's on a subject I know nothing about (and when it's a topic I like already, it's even better!) Their earliest episodes aren't up anymore, so I don't know if you'd be able to track it down, but I got hooked after listening them talk for an hour and a half about Mystery Science Theater 3000. Subject:Cinema is a great podcast for people who love movies and want the perspective of other fans. They're not producers, they don't work for any movie studio, and they're not professional critcs (which means they're not stuck-up or biased). And they do love getting e-mail, so drop them a line if you want your five minutes of podcast fame.
One of my favorite movie podcasts. Very fun and they love hearing from their listeners. A couple of fans talking about movies and no spin. Yea TC and Kim