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I’ve been geeking out with this guy for years. This has evolved into one of the best pop culture podcasts ever. Good job, ‘Scapers!
Hilarious, relatable, and fun podcast that exudes warmth
Literally the funniest, most amazing, smart podcast out there. Love Jonathan. Long time fan, first time reviewer.


Im good
I love listening to Geekscape. It's just a fun, geeky podcast. Always a pleasure to listen to.
After listening to their Infinity War reaction and breakdown I can fully endorse this show. Jonathon and Ian bring their impressive comic-knowledge to the discussion and make sure the episode is engaging throughout. On top of all the info, they're funny! How else would I learn about Red Skull's toilet? Definitely subscribe to this one.
If you love all things geek, this is a podcast for you!
Such great insight in the world of movie tv and comics. Really enjoyed the sit down with Dean Devlin. I learned how he really feels about the new form of movie reviews ie Rotten Tomatoes vs the days of movie critics. Give this a listen it won’t disappoint.
I tuned into the iterview with Dan Fogler. Dan's graphic novel, Brooklyn Gladiator, sounds really interesting. I enjoyed the reflections of being in NYC on 911 and the explanations of what happened. I wasn't familiar with Dan's work prior to this episode but now I want to know more about his work. I would definitely tune in again!
This is a fascinating podcast. The interview with Dean Devlin as such a great listen and the discussion was in depth, intelligent, and so fun to listen to. Hard to believe the host was as nervous as he mentioned in the show notes - I hope to be half this solid as an interviewer. I could not have loved this more!
If you're into anything remotely nerdy, this podcast is for you. The guests are excellent. I was actually so excited to listen to the interview with Dean Devlin. Stargate was my big nerd thing as a kid. I enjoy listening to others talk about the nerdy stuff I lose my head over, so I know I'm not the only one.
Wow! What a cool show! Geekscape is a pop culture stew of interviews with different folks. In a recent episode for example, Jonathan London spoke with Wilding film director Fritz Böhm about how the movie spawned into the dark fairytale from the first line of the movie being improvised. The budget was tight. It took 23 days. They had to make it up in Post production - there was no money hose. This is the kind of information you learn in this awesome podcast. How did they get a wilderness look when the film was shot in New York City? They actually were in the Bronx Zoo for the most natural looking part of the river. For the cave, they shot in a warehouse and outside of cage was a rock structure in Inwood Park Manhattan. This is fascinating behind the scenes content. I especially loved the pull away of “Be precious in post, not on the day.“ And yet completely changing gears, on another episode Jonathan was discussing writing and creating without thought with the musician Andrew WK. The overall focus for his creative process on his most recent album? Embracing the unknown. Great podcast to discover. Check it out.
If there was a center of the geek podcast multiverse, it would be Geekscape. Loved the wonder con episode, so many interviews and so many great topics. This show literally covers and encompasses everything and has for so many years. Phenomenal show with a great host, how much more could I say?
You can tell Jonathan really preps for the people he interviews and has a passion for the subject matter. He pulls out references and call backs like nobodies business, super entertaining!
Listen to the interview about Wilding. First love the intro music🔥. The interview is so detailed and makes me wanna watch.
I’m a fan boy, I love fanboying, but I get tired of people just fawning over their favorite guest, show, or fandom. Every episode of Geekscape I listen to convinced me of how thoughtful and insightful he is. I have heard 5 interviews with Andrew WK in the last month and Jonathan continually pulled out deeper conversations around what drives, motivates, and shapes Andrew’s music. Amazing.
I just lsitened to the interview with Jack Kenny and it was fantastic. I am an audio script writer and it was so enlightening to hear about scriptwriing. The guest and host were so well informed but also funny and engaging. It felt like an up close and intimate conversation with an industry expert. This is one of my new favorites!
Listened to the Andrew WK interview. It was cool listening to you bring your perspective to his music in ways that sort of surprised him. Excellent and concise (but maybe edit out his cough!)
First...the consistency to have a podcast this long is amazing. Second, to call out the band that created your intro music is just very thoughtful, and the content is awesome! It fascinates me that you’re able to link incredibly fascinating topics to real life...the inner geek in me really get excited...time for binge listening!!
From one Geek to another I definitely recommend this. Great content, great host, and interesting guests. Worth the subscription
I’m not a comic book reader, but I often love film adaptations of them, which is why I enjoy this podcast. I’ve seen Black Panther and loved it, but I’m not at all familiar with the comics, so it was cool to hear them discuss the movie and make comic book comparisons. I also really enjoyed the discussion of the Last Jedi. These are the conversations I love to hear, but no where close to knowledgeable enough to have them on my own (or with my friends) Hahahaha! Keep up the good job fellas!
I love totally geeking out to this show, I highly reccomend it!
For a decade, Jonathan has consistently booked guests and been in the forefront of all things geekdom. Long before everyone's mom knew who all the Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, and Frank Miller were, Jonathan was talking to them about their craft. Why tune in to a podcast from someone who learned about the Secret Wars through trades when you can tune in to a podcast from someone who has the original run bagged and boarded.
One of the best podcasts out there because the host is just flipping awesome!
Love the content. Annoyed I can only hear half of what Ian talks about.
I have listened to Geekscape (and before that Geekdrome) from the beginning and have always enjoyed it. I do miss the video but the audio version is just as good. It feels like an old friend you can always count on. Great content and great fun.
Jonathan London and his team are great… this is a positive and enthusiastic podcast that is a million miles away from some whiny uber-fan complaining about everything. In fact I was very impressed that they address the internet-bullying that seems rampant amongst fan communities. These guys are professional but still open and loose enough not to be too polished. I am enjoying every episode more and more
I've seen the future and the future is GeekScape!!!
The new format is proving as a strong reboot of sorts. Pus the audio is a whole lot better. Great Job!
I wanna make out with London and Gilmore at the same time. -Sandstone


By phuq.ju
Truly a great way for the public to get a non bias opinion on movies comics and an occasional video game.
A great comics movies and video games podcast. It is a lot of fun and very relaxed and grounded.
Geekscape is among the best podcasts around. It is a humble, honest, and downright funfilled hour of good content churned out on a weekly basis. Jonathan London is a charismatic host, and delivers good comedic beats that just leaves me hunched over in laughter. I've been listening since Geekdrome, and for the past 3 years, Geekscape has proven to be a hallmark among all the things geek.
I've tried to like this show, but time and time again all I get is HATE. You'd think they would geek out on geek culture but instead, like most geeks, they ridicule and criticize everything until it is no longer fun. I am a geek and I want to watch this show but FAREWELL Geekscape! You've lost me because I'm sick and tired of the hate, the obnoxiousness and the potshots. I hope you learn to find the 'positives' in a culture that has consistently and continually become 'negative.' This show has become a piece of *EXPLETIVE DELETED* and just like the host I'm going to be critical of it and everything about it.
Geekscape is less polished but it has heart with interesting to absured dialog vs overproduced and boring
Jon and his guests provide a great conversation each week about great Geek topics. This isn't a flashy podcast by any means, but I love how the shows flow. They always hit the main topics of the week, but they do it through an involving conversation. You never feel like the hosts don't get their say. And nothing is ever taken too seriously, so you know there will be plenty of laughs throughout.
So much better without Dan Trachtenburg as the wet blanket. A+ for pug related content.
Jon does a great jod every week talking about moviess that you should see so you do not waste your money. Same goes for Comics and Video Games.
This pretty much the best "geek" podcast on the net, mainly because Jonathan London is so awesome... Content is funny, fresh, and often hilarious.
just what i needed. something that will always get my attention during those long college days.
I heard Jon doesn't eat dolphin safe tuna.
the best geekcast there is
London is sometimes funny, but mostly just obnoxious.
I miss Dan. *tear*
Finally, another podcast for me to add to my inventory! And it's a good one!
It's been six years since I lost my ability to kickbox, and since then I've been laying in a Thai brothel trying to forget the hate and resentment I had for myself. Then I discovered Jonathon London's He visited me in an opium induced dream, where he explained to me the importance of cherishing popular culture instead of relying on the memories of bloodlust to keep me going. Since that dream, I've made it my life's mission to spend every waking hour listening to, watching, and waiting for geekscape. Some say my life was better addicted to opium and scratching my festing wounds. I say, that's probably true, but nuts to that. Geekscape for life!