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A good podcast brought down to earth today by laboring over the subject of one grid girl photo
I never miss "An Aside With Joe".
Decent podcast. They do seem to complain alot. I also wish they would drop the silly names for each podcast and just tell us what race it is for. Rate the Race section is a waste of time. I do hear news that I don't hear other places. Do not miss the "Aside with Joe" episodes they are awesome.
As an avid F1 fan and lover of podcasts I was thrilled when I came across Sidepodcast. These two have an obvious (but not unquestioning) love of the sport and I find their analysis, commentary and personalities to be very winning. I'm glad that they have ended their hiatus and am eager to hear what they think of the new season. Of course, being Brits they have an unreasonable dislike of Schumacher, but that is to be expected. ;) This is one the best F1 podcasts out there and I look forward to every episode.
Christine really did a good job for F1 all in one, well done!
This has always been an interesting podcast. However the episodes recorded during a race weekend are "old news" by the time I listen. Recently, they hosted a "Sidepodpanel." I am certainly not a producer, but I think this format could become the centerpiece of the show structure. The Sidepodpanel show was truly outstanding and quite different from other racing podcasts. Moreover, those of us in the U.S. who follow F1 do not generally have legions of friends with the same interest. Thus the opportunity to hear from other "regular" fans is particularly welcome. I would generally be inclined to give this podcast something like 3 stars, but to encourage consideration of the Sidepodpanel as a regular feature I give it the full five.
Simply the best F1 podcast on the web, in my opinion. Christine and "Me" have been known to make me laugh out loud, on multiple occasions. Following F1 in the United States is hard, and Sidepodcast is an essential way for me to keep in touch with the sport that I love. Keep up the great work!
Great podcast, guys, and congratulation on your wedding (and beautiful wedding photos)! In the past I believed you were fawning a bit too much on Hamilton, but now that's done with, you guys are the best again. Also, I must say that you have one of the best produced podcasts around. Please keep up the outstanding work!
There's a lot of great information and analysis here, and the computer graphics analysis of the F1 tracks are fantastic. Unfortunately, the podcast is hampered by subpar presentation. Christine needs a LOT of work as a broadcaster -- her monotone and faster-than-normal delivery makes her difficult to understand. Also, the banter with her co-host sounds a little *too* scripted. All the podcast needs is for Christine's presentation skills to improve, and it would be fantastic. She's clearly an on-the-level F1 enthusiast, and if she learns to slow down her pace and inflect her delivery, she'd be much more enjoyable to listen to.
Sidepodcast is a brilliant slice of wonderful stuff! Christine gives the fan's perpestive on all things F1, a viewpoint which is rarely encountered in the motoring media. She is well-informed and never get in deep over her head, unlike some in this genre can (and routinely do!). The shows are quite well put together with high production values. Very professional! Christine also has a most wonderful voice, made for the microphone. Don't miss a single episode!
Since I found this podcast two months ago, I can't wait for the next one to be posted. This is definitely a podcast to listen to and yes watch also! Great job, keep those great podcasts going!
This is that most rare of experiences, two people, mad keen about formula 1, discussing the races and its relative stories without hyperbole, distraction or their own egos. Mysterious, "Me" is the tech expert and he clearly has some pretty good sources, Christine is less experienced but learning as she flies. It is a delightful mixture and very entertaining. The best podcast on F1 available. Whoever does the writing, manages a perfect balance between information and listenability, there's no dumbing down, just sharp information and opinions, speculation where required. They're funny, smart, relevant and entertaining. If you listen, you're hooked, be warned! brendan (atlanta)
A terrific site steeped with as much style as there is content. Of course the accent is always a bonus. ;) Keep up the great work.
Entertaining, down to earth reviews of all F1 races of the season. They cut through the sometimes pretentious world of Formula 1 with a refreshing irreverent voice.