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Love this podcast! Look forward to it every month
What an excellent podcast full of amazing tracks. House music is where it's at & I love listening to the latest mix while also going back to their previous mixes. This podcast is a gem and I'll enjoy going back to all of their mixes. Cheers to the beats!
great trks cannot wait for nov2013 podcst
A real runner's friend!
I am a huge fan!! This is the best dance music podcast!! Always lifts my spirits and makes me move!! I look forward to every new one!! Keep up the outstanding work!!
I'm having the 325 error when I try to download any of these tracks.
The best house music podcast available bar none. Thanks guys & keep up the good work!
Keeps me on pace during my workouts, and the music is fantastic.
This is an awesome podcast. One of the best I've ever listened too. Great workout music or great for just hitting the road and driving! Transitions are perfect!
I love all of their mixes keep up the great work!
I keep getting an error 325 while trying to download it.
I look forward to downloading the latest podcast each and every month and love to take it along with me on a run or to the gym. It's definitely through this podcast that I find the latest tracks to download. It's incredibly well mixed, the song selection is fantastic (and exposes me to some stuff I'd never found myself), and as promised, no chat! Keep up the good work!
Sam jestem djem i moge zdwierdzicz ze poczo mixowacz na partach jak potrebny jest tylko iPhone +dobry wzmacniacz i zajebizde kolumny i party juz leczą
cannot believe i came across this groovy n it!!!
I can't stop listening to these mixes. At home, in the car, at my salon and of course while working out! I stumbled upon FHL after a Rapido party in Rotterdam at the beginning of the year and have been hooked ever since. The absolute BEST podcast on the net hands down! Thank you SO much from St. Louis, Missouri!!
Heard your mixes at a friends place and instantly fell in love. I subscribed once I got home and now I can't stop listening. Keep it up guys!
I can honestly say the best house music on earth comes fro Europe!!!! Not only do u deliver non-stopping world wide music,but u bring some of the best mixes on podcasting all the way thru::))) from LA to London thanks a mil!!!! Funkyqueen aka BCO
Thanks for the mixes and the love!!
Thanks funky house london for letting us enjoy this awesome mixes, one of the best podcast I have listened to in a long time. Off the hook. Keep mixing!!!
Keep it cming... Harder ~ FASTER ~ then tease me baby and get up and do it ALL AGAIN! Every single time this RAWKS my world ~ I luv it... Steady on, baby!!!
Really well done mixes, but still waiting on a new release!