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Playing an instrument is more about just the technical skills or even the musical artistry involved. It's also about participating in a culture around the instrument and the music. Contrabass Conversations has been the best way imaginable of bringing me into this wonderful culture of the upright bass and all the beautiful music it sustains.
This podcast gives me, as an amateur bass player, a wonderful entree into the full world of the string bass
It's been very encouraging to hear people's stories of their personal journey through the bass and music world. It's been great to pick up some insight from all these world class players. I feel this is a great resource for the modern bassist. I've encouraged students to tune in.
I just love this podcast. Jason's ease of style with his guests makes you feel like you're in the room with them having coffee. I love tuning in to hear bass players and other musicians, as well! The one about Jason's early podcasting experiences and goofs had me laughing out loud. This is a must-listen!
I really enjoy this podcast and am continually impressed and inspired by the guests that Jason has on this show. Such a wonderful way to learn from his experience as well as that of other talented professionals in the music world.
Contrabass Conversations has changed the way I practice and organize my resources; keeps me motivated even at 67 years old and even though my instrument is electric bass, not double. Listening time well spent. Get this app and enjoy broadening your perspective.
Contrabass Conversations is a great resource for not just bass players but all musicians. The interview subjects all have interesting stories and Jasonseems to ask the exact question you hope he asks at just right the moment. Highly recommended to all bass players and all musicians!
Great podcast that is both educational and entertaining.
Jason, I love the podcast but sometimes the interview-ees phoning in on cell phones or SKYPE are very difficult to impossible to understand. I've had to dump episodes I really wanted to listen to because I couldn't understand what-the-hell the interview subject was saying, sometimes compounded by an interview subject with a strong accent. To take this podcast to the next level you need to overcome this issue. There has to be a work-around for this. Don't you hear this when you listen to past episodes?
It has been inspiring and validating to hear the personal and professional journeys of accomplished bassists. Just listening to the way they think about and practice their art is insightful and motivating...
If you are a bass player you NEED to listen to this podcast! Getting a glimpse into the lives and brains of the greatest bass players on the planet is priceless. The resources this podcast provides are a must have!
I'm a Huge Fan of these Double Bass podcast.....Thank You soooo Very Much.....Can't Stop Listening Hahahaha
I love this podcast. Every episode is fascinating and inspiring.
I love these podcasts. Great interviews. There is very little media related to the double bass out there so this is such a jewel and great resource for the DB community. The last episode happened almost a year ago so I hope that wasn't the end!
jason and this podcast are both awsome
Really great resource for the community with lots a interesting information. Great job!
An excellent podcast focusing on musical issues related to the double bass. A genuine resource for any musicians seriously expecting to pursue music as a career.
I always look forward to my weekly dose of news from the low end of the spectrum. This podcast and Jason's website are invaluable tools for teachers and players alike. Bravo!
Jason Heath is a powerhouse of new media production for the double bass community. His website and podcasts are fantastic resources for bass players and I highly recommend his podcast!