Reviews For DJ K – Killa Records Podcast (Jungle, Drum & Bass)

DJ K is still rolling out rough amens crossing the old school vibes into the new age of jungle. I’m a 93 Jungliest and I’m still loving every mix. Keep rolling the beats brother.
Oh man. Takes me right back to my days with N2O and Digitalbombing. So glad you're still out there keeping the fire going and bringing the innovation. These mixes are amazing. Thank you!
The best podcast always Big UPS to DJ K. I love the mash ups.Always keeping it JuMpPiN...
Special thanks for russian drum!!! DJ K - best dnb mixes in itunes!!! I want morre podcasts 👍👍👍
I need jungle/ DnB and spin the stuff. DJ K has some damn good sets. I have trouble finding good JUNGLE, not necessarily Drum n Bass, that's kinda everywhere... good and bad. Ending my rant, 5 freaking stars without a doubt. As opposed to popular belief, you do not need to be on drugs to like this wonderful music.
DJ K stays true to the roots of old school jungle flava. He unique style incorporates ragga, jump-up, jazz, reggae, R&B, and hip-hop drum and bass. This is by far the BEST podcast available!