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Love that it is less than 5 minutes a day, easier to remember. I like that the teachers are so articulate!
I love this podcast. I spent time in Italy when I was growing up and didn’t need to start from scratch. This helped me remember a great deal of what I already knew and fine tune my grammar. It was exactly what I needed to get back into shape language wise and super fun to listen to. I can’t say that I would have sought out a Glaswegian to teach me Italian, but it’s wonderful. If it’s possible to have a crush on a voice, then I do.
I am in Italy and speak absolutely no Italian. This course is a gift. Clear, bite-sized lessons are exactly what I need. Thank you.
Thank you so much for doing this! I am learning so much to prepare me for my year abroad in Florence, Italy.
I first used Mark's coffee break espanol lessons down in Mexico, and did well enough teaching children on mission trips in Peru, so I came here to learn Italian ... Knowing how easy and useful his lessons turn out to be. I'm starting early, so I can listen repeatedly, which is key to remembering, once you are faced with having to use it within your destination country. I'm amazed at the similarities of the 2 languages, so this time should be a breeze!
It is distracting - with all due respect to the fine Scottish people - much better to have an Italian native speaker speaking the English part as well, for example for the intontation and pronounciation are reinforced not only in the Italian-language parts.
Mark does a great job with helping the pronunciation of each phrase and word. I knew hardly any Italian before listening to the podcast, but now i can get around with speaking some basic italian!
It's my second time going through the podcasts since I'll be going on my second trip to Italy this year. Mark does a great job going over the basics for travel. Despite his Scottish accent, I think his pronunciation for Italian is just fine. I am still able to write down each lesson and spell out his spoken word pretty well (with the help of un dizionario, of course). That way, I can bring my lessons with me for review while I'm there! Good stuff.
It's a decent podcast if one wants to hear a few words in Italian, but will not give you much more.
Mark is lovely, and he is one of the very few who actually know how to pronounce Italian properly! He is always a pleasure to listen to.
Excellent refresher for those who have studied and spoken Italian in the past but are a little rusty. Mark is from Scotland - you can tell when he speaks English - but his Italian accent is very good.
Went to Italy in Sept/10 - unfortunately found out about this podcast just 1 month prior to leaving. Even so, having to cram 4-5 lessons per day, as NOT recommended by producers of podcast, results were quite good. Basic phrases that I learned from podcast came in very useful, like asking for a pizza to be made "not too hot, please" and asking for a "table for 2". Gracie, Mark, for a job well done. Next time, I'll plan on using the DAILY phrase as intended over the course of 100 days. A must have for anyone visiting Itay.
Trying to follow the instruction is made difficult by the distraction of your accent.
I just returned from a two week trip to Italy. I stayed in some very rarely visited locales where no one spoke more than a few words of English. I found the Italian that I had learned from this podcast came in incredibly handy, and that I had learned it with very little effort on my part. I just listened to the podcasts while I exercised in the couple of months before my trip. I had to laugh at myself as some of the phrases that I didn't really think I would ever use actually turned out to be critically important to me during the trip. I was completely lost driving outside of Rome on the day of arrival and stopped in at a little market and was given the directions "straight on at the stoplights" which I understood perfectly and was crucial in getting to my destination. I highly recommend the podcast to anybody wanting to learn some "survival" Italian prior to their travels!
These are wonderful lessons presented in a fashion anyone can learn from. Thanks so much to Mark and the rest of the team. I have Rosetta Stone Italian, and although I like both, I prefer My Daily Phrase as I can use it on the go. Rosetta Stone restricts you mostly to being in front of your computer only. Grazia!
This podcast is a waste of time. It seems like there is more time devoted to repetitious ads than to the phrase of the day. To top that some guy with a Scots accent is reading everything. Not my idea of an effective way to learn spoken Italian.
I downloaded this podcast after finding out I was going to Italy in less than a month. I listened to 2 or 3 a day as I drove to and from work. It was great! I was able to understand Mark so well and get a general comprehension of Italian. Even more amazing was I used it! I was able to understand people well and they were willing to slow down or switch to English or Spanish(which I already speak fluently) to help me. I also carried on a whole conversation with a woman in Florence about pronunciation it was fabulous! I highly recommend this to first time users and people wanting to learn a language, I had already been listening to Mark in French and now I will continue with my Italian!
I've listened twice to the 100 podcasts and they have helped me very much. Thanks to Mark and the folks at Radio Lingua.
This is a great series. What a way to learn a language. The host is very pleasant and easy to understand. I would suggest purchasing the PDFs that go along with the lessons. There is a page a day and runs $40 plus dollars through their website. I used Paypal for the purchase.
This is a great resource for learning the key elements used when travelling in Italy. I used this in conjunction with Rosetta Stone for a couple of months prior and was really able to interact with people during the trip. Even helped me get free drinks!
From many learning Italian podcast I think this one is the best for beginer because the host will slowly repeat the word to you, so you can speak it properly.
I am going to Italy this summer and this has helped me so much I am pretty fluent in Italian now.
A great podcast. I learned a lot of vocab, and some cultural insight as well. And really, Mark's accent is just devine. He could read the phone book and I'd be captivated...
I am preparing for a trip to Italy and was searching for a good podcast to give me the basics. This is an easy to use podcast but misleading. The first lesson teaches you "Chow" but doesn't happen to mention that it should be reserved for people you are friends with and not strangers. The lesson that teached you how to say "Please" actually teaches you how to say "pleased" as in "pleased to meet you", instead of the actual word to say please. These are very basic things and make this podcast unreliable. I do not want to be embarrassed in Italy so I would rather not continue using this.
So happy I found My daily phrase italian. It's perfect to jot notes down because the teacher goes at the right pace for a beginner- download to your ipod and you can learn in the car. It's great. Italian is very easy to learn too. Chao!
I tried a few other podcasts and was not having much luck. I decided to try one more and this was IT! I LOVE this podcast. The sessions are short and to the point. Would like all of the pdf's to be available but I've learned more from this podcast than any of the others. Give it a try. ciao
This is a great program!! I learned Italian really fast!! Get this if you want to learn.
Excellent podcast. Downloaded the 100 free lessons & made flashcards of the most useful phrases. Just got back from Tuscany and they really came in handy--especially when ordering in restaurants & using public transport. Thanks Mark and Radio Lingua!
This is very helpful for the many people who have taken Italian years ago, or somehow know the basics of how sentences are constructed and a small amount of vocabulary, although I'm sure it would be helpful for complete beginners as well. The lessons build very nicely, but it's still very easy to read the descriptions and download the one episode about the phrases you want to learn. I just wish the titles contained the topic so I could figure out which was which once they're on my iPod.
I made it through the 100 days of the course and feel it was great. Going to Italy next week and hope to survive with this grounding :-)
i have been trying to learn Italian since i was 5. LITERALLY! This has helped me so much!
I am only on week 8 but I have learned a lot of Italian. The lessons are easy to follow and build on each other week by week. I tried other Italian learning podcasts but this is by far the best... well recommended.
Great, esp. if you just need a "refresher" course.
can this be any easier? this is great! i will be going to italy in a couple of months and this is an excellent podcast. it's very understandable and i'm actually saying it every day. i hope to see much more of this podcast.
This program is great!! I am a college student who is currently completing a minor in Italian Literature and this podcast is an efficient review for me while I am on holiday(vacation) from school. I will refer this program to all of my colleagues as well as my family members who are eager to learn Italian. Ciao! Ci sentiamo presto!
This is amazing. I love the language learning podcasts by radio lingua international. I love how it is also so simple an easy to follow. My only request is that there would be a coffee break german and a coffee break italian. <3
Want to learn Italian? This podcast is oh-so-helpful! Just delightful bite-sized lessons that go down easily. Easy to remember. I love it!
I have been listening for about a month now, and I have to say my Italian has improved dramatically. Mark is always cool in his way of presenting the lessons. Grazie Mark, e continuano il buon lavoro.
I have been using My Daily Phrase Italian for the past 5 weeks. Before starting this course I could only speak English. Through the short podcasts and additional information available on their website, I am well on my way to learning Italian. I hope after these 100 episodes are complete, they will come back and start a level 2 course.
This is an excellent podcast. The lessons are just the right length, easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to keep up with. Highly recommended to anyone wanting a quick and dirty, but informative, primer on the Italian language.
I really enjoy this podcast, I believe it is a great start on learning the language for real in classes. At least I hope so.
OK, maybe not as much fun as running with scissors, but I'm learning a lot! I love the Scottish accent of Profesore Marco, it's like Shrek teaches Italian. My 13 year old is studying Italian in school, she can't stand listening to this in the car (because she "knows" it all already!) Anything that can annoy/embarrass a teenaged child is OK in my book!
These podcasts are just wonderful. The daily lessons are informative, user friendly and not at all intimidating (unlike some language courses). I highly reccomend My Daily Phrase Italian and am very greatful for such a wonderful service.
I've studied Italian for 5 1/2 years and I am thoroughly enjoying this program! I frequently learn something new and I always benefit from practicing my pronunciation! My husband has started listening too, although in the past he has always relied on me to interpret. I find the visual support from the premium .pdfs particularly helpful. Mille grazie, Marco!
As my husband and I plan a trip to Italy, my daily phrase Italian has been a great refresher course for him and a great beginner course for me. I love how the lessons are divided into small, easy to digest practices. The week review is also an excellent tool!
I have paid the big $$ for different Italian language materials.. and this has done a better job in 2 weeks of day-by-day, phrase-by-phrase work than all of those combined. I actually find myself thinking the Italian answers in my head during daily conversation. You can't beat the price (free). The premium subscription is also well worth the $$. I'm going to Italy on my honeymoon next year, and I have finally found the tools to help me get by confidently while I'm there. Molto grazie Mark!
This is very helpful in teaching the italian basics and very easy at that!
Great podcast! Easy to understand and it moves slowly so you can easily retain the knowledge being presented.