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I am only twelve and I am learning how to speak German easily. I’m thinking of doing you other lessons on other languages because of how easy this is!
I enjoy the simple format and beginner basics.


I love this podcast please keep it going. I find Katrina's voice very soothing and easy to understand and really helps me.
keeps me thinking in German a little bit every day so I don't get rusty after leaving the country. thanks!
I'm having great difficulty with your native accents ... Almost too much to handle .


Its good but her accent is super ugly. I almost can't Stand it. Nit to offend anyone.
i found this podcast very helpful. it goes through things to say at a hotel, restaurant, etc. and is just the right amount of time where I can memorize the two or three phrases a day. I moved to Germany six months ago, and listen to this while I'm riding the U bahn. I was wondering though, what happened to podcast 95? thanks for the podcast, i'm a bit sad to reach 100!
This is German Language learning, as taught by Mrs. Doubtfire! Download it and play it for your friends and family. It's an interesting linguistic comparison, at any rate.
This is perhaps the best way to gain a quick understanding of German vocabulary and word function in one complete collection. I am thrilled by the manageable content. The lessons are easy to grasp and the pronunciation is remarkably clear. Well done!
It's an okay podcast, but the teacher speaks with an Irish/Scottish-accent, which distracts from the lesson.
This is great to listen to if you're planning a trip to Germany. It teaches you many useful phrases that will help you get around while traveling.
Woah! This is an amazing podcast for learning German. Thank you so much Radio Lingua Network!!
This podcast is indeed free, but no visual curriculum is provided free of charge. There is an advanced podcast which provides this for a fee, which I find to be terribly offputting. I find I learn best when I can both see and hear what is being said instead of trusting my American-English-hearing ears to properly discern what is actually being said. I find I often have to pause the podcast and scramble to find the words that are being used (and usually I fail miserably). I don't know why there aren't any podcasts which introduce people to the basics of the German language first. I think many people who do well with these podcasts have had some German lessons previously, and already know and understand the basic mechanics and fundamentals. That's just a suspicion, and I could be wrong, but I have a very strong language-learning center, and I feel no better off after listening to these podcasts than when I first began.
This podcast far oversimplifies the German language and only teaches you phrases that you won't ever use. Buy a book on German or take a class, you'll get far better results that way. Another effective way is simply go there and learn it. It takes a while, but you'll learn much faster and become more fluent than with a class, or a crappy podcast.
I would have given this podcast 3 stars had it been updated in the recent past but since it's merely a finite set of mediocre info podcasts at best, I'm going to have to stick it with a 2 star rating. Radio Lingua is a great organization and after absolutely being sold on their Coffee Break Spanish series, I was sure that the German podcasts would be high quality as well. Instead, what I discovered was a very disjointed series of extremely short podcasts which did little more than introduce random phrases of varying usefulness. If you are looking to learn German, this is not the podcast for you since you already need to know a lot of the basics before you begin. After hearing all of the podcasts in this series I can qualify it as a very poor attempt at generating useful vocabulary for a visitor in German speaking countries. True, there are some phrases which will inevitably be used while there but the scope of the whole series doesn't even begin to link ideas together to allow the learner to begin building phrases on their own. In fact, more than once it is mentioned that the grammar will be discussed later. So unless you're perfect at those memory games like Old Maid or the like, this podcast will do little more than you can get from a good phrasebook -- and with the book at least you get the benefit of some organization and explanation. Also, I try to give the benefit of the doubt to non native speakers but this person's pronunciation is fairly poor. True, she did mention learning to speak in Bavaria but her accent isn't even really Bavarian. The Scottish really breaks through in her German speaking. There are also some poorly worded phrases here. Perhaps it's a Bavarian construction but I doubt it. All in all, I would expect much more from Radio Lingua but then again, this podcast is free. Beggars can't be choosers I suppose. The instructor sounds like a perfectly nice person so don't mistake this as a personal attack. I would expect this type of critical evaluation of any instructional podcast out there. In short, I really hope to find a high quality, comprehensive German podcast in the spirit of Coffee Break Spanish. Hopefully someone will publish one in the future!
Finally, an easy way to learn geman,which of coure's ,i'm a german as well !!!


By Silke*
I was hoping to find a podcast for my boyfriend so he can learn some German phrases. Being German myself I was suprised that this podcast is full of mistakes and the speaker is not even native. Very disappointing.
The contents might be nice but actually the spoken German is not native at all and there are also some phrases like "Gibt es einen Bus heute?" that are not very proper German (It should be "Fährt heute ein Bus?" the phrase used sounds more like "Exists there a bus today").
The whole point to this podcast is to easily insert 1 phrase into your brain a day, with a little bit of grammar thrown in. It's not overly ambitious, and being under halfway done (100 episodes total), it's actually building pretty nicely. But the BEST thing is the podcaster's adorable Scottish accent. I find myself listening every day just to hear that light lilt.
very good


I really love this podcast. I even LOVE it more becasue its FREE. And I do listen to it daily so I hope my German improves very soon. I do have a suggesting for you guys though. Can you please just go right into the language learning instead to always introduction the program. I just want to move right into the podcast instead of listening to 1.5 mins. of useless information.
For those of you wondering why there are so few episodes, you should actually listen to them before complaining. This podcast's German lessons are set to begin this month; it only exists as a podcast right now so that people can subscribe in anticipation of the beginning of the daily show.
if it says it will be updated daily, then why is it not? 2 podcasts in almost a month of eacother. disapointing.


By Selv
I was so excited when I found a brand new german teaching podcast, i could catch up fast. The detail and title said daily, and right now it looks like it might be yearly =(
Are there are any more forthcoming?