POEM of the Week Podcast

Reviews For POEM of the Week Podcast

Always a concise and great review - love starting my week off with this (and other similar) podcasts!
Concise and high yield.


As a resident this is the best source out there to stay up to date.
I look forward to these quick little clips each week! Relevant topics to my practice, EBM, and some further discussion/insight on the studies. Thank you for helping to keep me current! Great podcast!
Realistic. Applicable. Straight forward. Useful
I can't read everything, and this team carefully reviews many sources. If I have already read the article, the discussions are even more valuable. Thank you.
These are almost universally excellent. I burn a few per week to listen to on the way to the hospital. Summaries of recent original articles to answer focused clinical questions, with some discussion of relevent background. Just don't forget to read the actual article if you plan to integrate results into your practice.
A great way to get a 5 minute literature review on pertinent evidence-based studies that actually have clinical significance- PSA, Vitamin D, Asthma, etc.