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This one of a kind PDFcast for photography breaks barriers by allowing the photography to be integrated into the teachings as intended. There are many great photo related podcasts available, but only limited to audio/video. This PDFcast allows you to save the information, print it, and reference the articles/tutorials as you need them. Great articles, photos, and excellent to share with others. I look forward to each episode!!!
I love this podcast!! The information that they give is accurate and helpful. My only complaint is that the PDF files will not synch to iPod, but that is apple's fault, the jeff's. Love the 'cast, and wat to see them keep coming!!
Thank you. I enjoy your magazine. It is a great mixture of topics relevant to photographers with enough relevant information to make it worth while. Keep up the work!
I love your magazine! Keep up the good work!!!!
Hello guys, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading the Magazine. I usually read it the same day I get it, but the only downfall is that there is a lot of typos and mispelled words. Other than that.. I love it and keep up the good work.