Reviews For RadioNowhere


Definitely the best way to learn about new artists - and recall old favs. I am never disappointed!
If you like good music and only have time for one podcast you will be glad you picked this one. The immense variety never leaves me bored. High quality, top notch, outstanding podcast!
Joe Strummer is always great to wake up to...this podcast rocks and is right up my daily steering!!
Hipster hokum.
I'm seriously surprised that there are not more reviews of this podcast. The ecclectic mix of music suits my listening style perfectly. Plus it has turned me on to many new bands that I haven't heard of before, which I love. I end up buying lots of new music because of this show alone! Thanks RadioNowhere!!!
As a long time friend of the coolest dj around (we used to make some awesome mix-tapes together back in the day)...this is like a sweet megamix from outerspace...he hits a little bit of everything and throws in new & unheard of bands to sink your teeth into, as well as some out of print rarities that may lead you to launch your audio editing program so you can add them to your iTunes library...and this is where you can get Tim Ten Yen's ex-cell-ent theme song for the best dj in the world!!! Go Lau...!!!!! Your the best dj in the world!!!!