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I found your podcast last year, 2013. Nice entertainment for the work day.
Can you list what is in each hour in the description please? Thanks!
The quality of these files is amazing compared to the other options available on iTunes. Please more "you bet your life".
I used to look forward to the weekly podcasts. Then bi monthly. Then monthly. Then, who knows? What a shame.....


By cts grx
I love this podcast. Really very well done. Commentary by the hosts is warm and amusing. Shows are entertaining - sometimes in a b movie sorta way, but the hosts usually warn you first! Recommended!!!
By far the best OTR podcast that I've found. Very well done and very entertaining!
Where are the new shows?? They used to arrive every week. Now there seems to be no schedule
I like my old time radio channel on XM, but I make it a point to download this podcast every week. First of all, Mike and Mark are both uber-expert and are also very entertaining in their own right, they make Greg Bell sound like an amateur night loser. Second, these guys still manage to find fresh stuff (i don't know from where) and the sound is hi-quality all the way. Keep it up!
This podcast make me a fan of old-time radio. The audio quality, show selection, and variety of genres are great, and the presenters provide interesting background information for each show. One of my essential podcasts every week.
Hey Mark & Mike, I listen to your [iTunes downloaded] podcasts for pure enjoyment and nostalgic memories of listening to my grandmother's radio in the 50's as a child (before we got television). You two are great! I especially enoy your banter and trivia before each show. Do more of that, please! You have no idea how listening to these podcasts bring back the uncomplicated joys of my youth. I especially like the Great Gildersleeve and Burns & Allen. Your broadcasts are a staple of stress relief in my face-paced life. I listen to you on planes, during rush hour, or through headphone while in my easy chair. I neeeeeeed more, please! Keep up the great work! There are more of us listening that you realize! THANK YOU!
One of my favorite podcasts. Love the classic comedy and you never know what else you'll get. Thanks Mark and Mike!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I listen to all five hours every week and I especially love the variety of the programs. My favorites are Jack Benny and the Great Gildersleeve, along with other shows like the old game shows and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. I'm not too crazy about the "thrillers" but they're interesting for their historical value, if nothing else. And the Big Broadcast has kept some of the old commercials, which just crack me up! This is a fantastic podcast with something for everyone. Thanks, Mark and Mike!
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Entertaining, interesting, enlightening... just an all-around joy to listen to. I'm a military wife, and when my husband is away, I just pop on my headphones, snuggle with my dogs and listen to the Big Broadcast. It puts a smile on my face every time.
I love this pod cast, but what’s going on :( The last show I listened to was on March 4th. When are you coming back on the air? Out here in Colorado the only radio I get is country or Christian so I really on you entertain me. If I can’t listen to you I have to put my radio in a high corner of my room and try to get npr which is a very week signal in this town. I absolutely love “Lights Out” and the other horror shows, “The Great Gildersleve” is a close second. But you guys defiantly have the highest quality radio shows; other podcast that I has listed to made me motion sick, I think they had a warped record or something it was terrible. Well I just wanted to thank you for making my school nights more enjoyable. I feel like my grandma sitting on my bed knitting and sitting on the edge of my seat listening to radio shows. Thanks!
I use my ipod to listen to the show, I can't wait for each week so I can download. I work in construction and this makes the day go by so good. I have downloaded just about everyone. Keep up the good work.
Excellent use of podcast! I have been a fan of old time radio since I was a kid (30 years and counting)... I hope they put on Fibber McGee and Molly from time to time!
It's all here - great stories, laughter, suspense and two guys who truly know their stuff and are also really entertaining. Thanks to iTunes, my son now listens to these classic radio shows on his iPod while riding the school bus in the morning. Over the years, all three of our children have learned more about 20th century America in one Saturday's worth of Big Broadcast - especially the WWII years - than they do in a full semester of Social Studies. This show is a perfect reason why real public radio needs to survive. Our entire family enjoyed The Big Broadcast and Theater Of The Mind until Xavier University's radio network was sold to some arrogant thugs who apparently felt they had a monopoly on intelligence. Wrong! Now thanks to iTunes, the shows are not only back but they're easier to access and enjoy than ever before. Thank you WMKV and Apple!
this is awesome! i started listening to the big broadcast when i was in 7th grade and i've been hooked on old radio ever since, especially jack benny and groucho!!! wmkv doesn't have a good signal where i live, but now i can hear all of the big broadcast on my ipod whenever i like! thank you mike, mark and wmkv for putting the big broadcast on itunes!!!