Reviews For 360plex - Straight Talking Xbox 360 News and Reviews


best ever, laid back podcast, ever. the live shows are also great
This show is a lot more relaxed then most other 360 podcasts (and in a good way). Informative, and hilarious. Great show!
Great overall podcast. Good hosts who provide a great variety of knowledge in a funny way. A must download for XBox 360 freaks.
I just wanted to say that you guys make a great show. Your shows are filled with relevant information that I don’t get a chance to read for my self. I enjoy your Pod Cast more that most. Keep up the good work.
Great Podcast! These guys provide a great insight and honest opinions. I have been a long time listener; and yes I was sold on Show #10 - Viva Piñata just for girls. I like the fact they will not be held down by the gaming companies, like some other Podcasts... RAVENZ
ive only been listening for a couple months but i got a lot of love for these guys shows great like the talks there great great topics, real laid back, easy to listen, and fun
Funny hosts. Great Content. Awesome Website. 5 Stars 360Plex FTW!
I've listened to quite a few podcasts since coming to the USA. 360Plex's show is the one that keeps me coming back week after week though. Sure there are some rough edges once in a while, but who cares. The guys seem to give honest opinions on all the games they play and won't mislead you into a bad purchase. I also like how they have integrated the community features on the website and take call ins fom the listeners during live shows. So if you want a few laughs along with an honest opinion on all things Xbox 360, give the show a listen!
I have listened to numerous podcast related to the XBox 360 and this is the only one that has stood the test of time on my IPod. Others seem to scripted, but this crew gives it to you straight. No sponsors preventing them from speaking their minds. News for gamers by gamers. Bring us another great year. 360plex FTW
This use to be a great gamer podcast, until the 360 plex crew decided maybe they can get more attention if they be come the howard stern of podcasting hmmm. Now the dirty jokes are so bad and tasteless that i have to try to force my self to laugh, Its like they're trying so so hard to be loud and shocking that they lost focus on give a good gamer podcast show. I'm going to be canceling my subscription. To bad i use to like thes show
Begging for reviews and not having any callers gives you the idea nobody else is listening. Twenty somethings going on fifteen. There are many better Xbox 360 and gaming podcasts out there. Drop outs in audio are annoying. It has potential but after listening to four recent podcasts it is still lacking.
360plex is pretty good, their are some minor problems but overall it's good. P.S. The singer from Palette Swap Ninja is actually Dan Amrich from OXM, and the OXM podcast.
Great podcast for anyone interested in Xbox gaming with good input on the other consoles. They've got a well rounded crew who work together to make a informative podcast. All seem very honest with their opinions. Give it a shot.
The show is good. It's been off-topic quite a bit recently but I'm actually finding it enjoyable and amusing. Keep up the great work.
360plex is a great podcast, the chemistry between the hosts is perfect, and the information often is fresh insight to the world of 360. Definitely less formal than other podcasts, 360plex makes the listener feel he/she is important to the podcast itself. This podcast does what many-a podcast aspire to do.
360plex is one of my fav gaming podcast and I think it well be your too. The cast seem like they really having fun and real good friends. With 360plex you don't have to worry about cazy xbox kids. just 3 guys talking game's in a good and fun way.
The show it cool, keep it going! The show is a great balance between video game news, and laughs. Thanks for adding your show to iTunes, it's alot easier to get your podcasts now. Show has minor sound issues but nothing that kept me from enjoying it. Im only 16 so I don't always no what they are talking about in regards to the old 70's and 80's titles but it still keeps me entertained to and from school. Out of all the xbox podcasts out there you guys are the best, Thanks guys!!
Please turn your mics up! The podcast is ok, but I can barely hear you guys!