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I really enjoyed the interview with Jonathan Coulton. Great job!
This show has helped me find tons of great podcasts audiobooks etc...
Geek Cred is an amazing podcast! The audio quality and interviews done by Steve Riekerberg are done very professionally. The interviews are engaging, interesting, and educational. Thanks Steve for a great podcast!
If you want to learn about geek then you need to subscribe to this podcast. I didn't even know about half the podcasts I now listen to if it was not for the interesting and often highly entertaining interviews Steve does with his various guests! I look forward to every eps. I always learn something from them or discover new technology that I did not know about before. So subscribe already it won't hurt a bit I promise!
Just on a lark I subscribed to this podcast because I was searching for more interesting content. I started burned through the 3 episodes that I downloaded and now I have to go back and get them all. The interviews are great and there's a real liveliness in the conversation.
Not only can Steve book the A-listers of the geek world, he knows the right questions to ask. Even better, Steve encourages his listeners to participate in the show by taking questions from the live chat. The shows are just fun.
This the first podcast I listened to that was immediately intriguing. Steve is very professional and charismatic in his interviews of key players in the Geek World such a as Leo Laporte, Randy Scwatz, Wil Wheaton, Scott Sigler, J.C. Hutchins and the list goes on and on. This podcast is fun and informative, a great way to find out about hidden gems on the internet. Highly recommended.
This podcast is well prodcued, informative, and very easy to listen to. If nothing else, listen to have your geek cred validated by the trivia. Have fun!
Steve does a great job getting guests that are interesting to the geek community. He asks the behind the scenes questions that you would ask if you were talking to the guest one on one. His breadth of knowledge of technical subjects is impressive and Steve is completely capable of holding his own with Silicon Valley’s technorati. The podcast’s trivia questions are also fun. I highly recommend Geek Cred.
Best Geek Podcast, not to mention some of the best geek interviews out there! Be sure to subscribe to this awesome podcast and get your geek on!