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I’ve been listening to him for a loooong time, there is nothing that man can’t talk about!
I agree with others - I could live without Tim and Charles. That said, on the whole, the show is better than when I started listening years and years ago I especially enjoy Claudia, Lael, and Justin Chang. And Larry is a national treasure.
Although I appreciate the different perspectives each reviewer has on the pod cast , I don’t applaud taking faux offense in the defense of another group. Case in point is Tim’s lambasting of Guy Richie’s treatment of women in “The Gentlemen” and in the same breath he fails to recall the name of the leading actress (that was Michelle Dockery, Tim) and then refers to her character as a “tough broad”. Very woke of you. At least he didn’t reminisce about his time growing up on the streets of London training in the martial arts. Cheers.
My favorite podcast by a mile. The reviewers don’t take themselves as seriously as they used to, which is nice. Except for the guy who reviews the animated films. I’ll send $1,000,000 to the first person who can prove he has ever given a positive review to a movie! He hasn’t!
I look forward to listening every week to decide which new movies I’ll see. The critics are mostly very knowledgeable and have good taste. I love the shows with Claudia Puig (partly because I just love hearing her name pronounced).
The quality of this show is dropping by the week. They used to have a stable of serious critics with serious opinions. Now it is the Tim Cogshell And The Grumpy Old Man Hour. They insist on giving a mic to Charles Solomon so he can complain that a new animated film is terrible and nowhere near as good as some obscure Japanese movie. If they can’t get any real critics anymore, they should give it up.
Look forward to this every week!
I look forward to this podcast every week.
I enjoy all of critics and Larry Mantle is a knowledgeable and insightful host, asking the great questions to get well-rounded commentary on each film. They review a wide variety of films and I listen each week. I hope public radio like this sticks around!
He's just the worst
The hiosts and guests pretty much have a terrible sense of humor all the way around and they're not the hippest critics. Still enjoyable and informative
An interesting, intelligent and diverse group of critics give me a real feel for what’s playing out there.
Excellent movie podcast. They race through reviews, so you have to pay attention.
For the most part I enjoy this podcast. The reviewers are insightful and knowledgeable. But BE WARNED that occasionally and without warning a reviewer will SPOIL parts of a film.'s quite frustrating.
Number one place I go to to find out if the newest blockbusters are worth seeing and also if there is a hidden gem I can find that I may have missed. Critics also give good variety of view points on the movies.
There's really no reason to bother listening. Even with a variety of critics that appear weekly, it's completely predictable how they will critique a film depending on the content, not the quality. Comedy: Bad Popular: Bad Big Budget: Bad Politically Correct: Great Indie or Low Budget: Good Liberal Agenda Driven: Perfect These critics seem much more concerned about how they will be publicly received than the fils they are supposed to be reviewing.
I don't always listen all the way through (the movies get pretty obscure sometimes), but I love the intelligence of the reviewers and their conversations and energy. You'll definitely have favorites of your own, because I certainly have mine. I can't wait to get I every week.
A rotating cast of reviewers lovingly shepherded by host Larry Mantle. In depth reviews including indie releases.
A longstanding subscribed listener. Engaging host, great columnists, good banter. A devotee.
FilmWeek is currently my favorite movie review show, after a lifetime of studying film, writing reviews myself, and having been raised on Siskel & Ebert. What it has that the latter did not is a multiplicity of critical perspectives, rotating each week. Because of FilmWeek, I discovered Tim Cogshell, an African American critic and my current favorite, Charles Solomon, an expert on animation, and Amy Nicholson, a young, female former MTV critic young who was a fan of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" growing up, and thus offers a unique perspective not usually seen or heard in modern film criticism. "FilmWeek" also features Roger Ebert's hand-picked successor Christy Lemire on occasion, and because of the diversity of its rotating lineup, you get a series of fresh and insightful perspectives. It's been my go-to movie review show for the past several years now, and I can't recommend it highly enough. A winner!
I've been listening to Filmweek for years on KPCC and love the film journalists and Larry. It's funny, I have 2 kids and the reviews are so thorough and thoughtful (and funny!) that I feel like I've seen the movies! A highlight of my week, for sure.
I depend on this multifaceted review. It's opinions are thought provoking. Thanks Larry Mantle!
Remember how it's pronounced! Anyway, I like this show for the revolving array of West Coast critics who are in studio every Friday to review the new releases while Larry moderates. The final few breaks usually incorporate good interviews and listener ineraction. I usually listen to this while preparing or enjoying a nice Friday night meal. I like when Larry waxes nostalgic about the cinema of yesteryear.
It's well produced but the format to cover every new release playing in the LA area each week means the reviews are quick takes. Also, the only critic I generally agree with is Claudia Puig, and she's only on sometimes. The rest of the critics, while knowledgable, seem either too soft or too hard on movies.
Like your podcast. But this one was missing the reviews of Spectre and spotlight on iTunes
Very snobbish, very pretentious.
I just listened to their Insurgent episode and they said Insurgent was better then Hunger Games are you kidding me ? If you want REAL reviews don't listen to this show it's very hard to take them seriously when they say stuff like that !
They get right down to business. No fluff, filler, or off topic banter. The critics are fantastic. Smart, snappy reviews.


By GQueue
What I like about this film-review podcast is its reviews of smaller and lesser-publicized films opening in the LA market---a great push for the successful filmmaker. Besides the great moderator Larry Mantle my favorite critics are Henry Sheehan, Amy Nicholson and Tim Cogshell--love to hear what they have to say about the latest releases.
Ok, as of feb 2, the iTunes downloading is working again, so I'm upping my rating to 4 stars from 1. My previous review is below: ___________________________ Once again it's no longer loading to iTunes for me. Why does this keep happening and then you fix it and it happens again? Again I'll up the rating when you fix it. I enjoy this show. Claudia and Lael always make an episode better. Larry is wonderful.
The podcast quality is awful, constantly repeats during stream. Often wont let me download.
I am editing my earlier review as the last few weeks I have actually been able to listen to the show on my iPhone without it dumping or resetting back to the beginning every couple of minutes. Fabulous! I used to love listening to this podcast every weekend on my iPhone as I'm driving to work but for some reason it only allows me to play for a few minutes before resetting to the beginning. I get to listen to the first few minutes over and over in the hope that THIS time it will work. Unbelievably frustrating. I love this show but I've given up.
i'm sorry to say that filmweek is nearly unlistenable any more. tim cogshell completely dominates the time and does not hesitate to cut off his fellow reviewers. what was once an enjoyable discussion (with a decidedly artsy-non-mainstream-almost-anti-big-studio preference) is turning progressively into a cogshell q&a. it almost doesn't even matter what he has to say anymore because he talks so much i just zone him out. dump this guy and move on to another reviewer. i don't think i've unsubscribed from an npr podcast before, certainly not one as popular as filmweek, but at this point, it's on the block.
Used to love to listen, but can't make podcast play anymore on my iphone. Please fix, KPCC.
Downloads great on my laptop but just jams up when I try to load it on my iPhone-has caused me big problems
Love the show but the podcast is horrible. It constantly shuts off, starts over, or does not download properly.
I love this podcast but the technical glitches make it so unpleasant! It will stop midway through, stop after a minute and go back to the start and sometimes just not play at all! Please fix the problems so we can enjoy the podcast!
I never miss this podcast and really like Larry Mantle's presentation and the reviews of Andy Klein, Henry Sheehan, Peter Ranier and Charles Solomon. I'd like to hear more from Lael Lowenstein but less, less, less from Tim Cogshell. The guy interrupts, repeats himself and uses the same words (e.g. affable) over and over again. He also mangles the English language frequently. He detracts from an otherwise-stellar show....
Almost unlistenable due to the spikes in volume which force the normal volume levels to be lower than other podcasts. Listener has to raise the volume listen to the quiet sections but risks being blasted during the volume spikes which occur sporadically. Could be a 4 if the sound issues are worked out, but will delete the podcast if the issues aren't addressed. Listening in fear of getting my eardrums blown out isn't a pleasant experience.
Great podcast, but please look into some volume adjustment. Voices range from barely audible to painfully loud.
I love this podcast. It brings out the inner film nerd in me. I don't always agree, but that is what makes it so interesting. I am exposed to movies that otherwise I wouldn't know about.
I've been a FilmWeek listeners for over five years now and am glad to see it hasn't changed my over the years. I also don't agree with all of their reviews but I'm given enough information to make my own decision about whether or not I'll watch. Review generally brings healthy snack-sized coverage of each movie but the show still moves along at a decent clip. Larry Mantle is an excellent host, successfully neutral (mostly) in his mediation of the critics. I often download a series of podcasts and use a long plane trip to catch up on old reviews. I just listened to a few from six months ago and because I hadn't seen those movies yet, the reviews were relevant.
I enjoy the podcast, although they so consistently dislike the big Hollywood films that the bad reviews are almost redundant. Also, I am unable to fast forward or rewind for some reason. It's the only podcast I listen to where that is a problem. I hope someone at KPCC sees these reviews and addresses the technical problems.
On all of my other podcasts from various sources, I am able to scroll ahead or scroll back in the program. For some reason, the FilmWeek podcast refuses to let me do this. Any attempt to scroll ahead or back starts the program from over again the very beginning, which is frustrating if I don't want to hear the first half hour over and over again... Why can't their MP3 files just act normally?
I like this show... It gives me a good feel about the movies out there. Even if i disagree with the reviews (not very often), I know why and that I would like the movie anyways. These are smart critics who probably see too many movies and often don't enjoy a more popular title. An especially great show for the independent film lover.