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I've been listening to Mark's podcasts for several years. It continues to amaze me that the topic of the day often times happens to be JUST what I needed to hear on that day or time in my life! Mark's wisdom and encouragement are a wonderful shot in the arm. The podcasts help me to view the world in a healthier way and often inspire me to positive action. Thank you Mark for everything you do!
Every single one of these podcasts by Mark have given me something helpful. Mark provides such positive insight and guidance. I literally get through the day due to the healthy reminders that these give me. I would recommend this podcast to everyone. We all need little reminders to stay positive and to cope with daily stresses and a push to make ourselves better now and then, right? This is the place to go for a daily dose of healthy thinking!! Thank you, Mark. Keep up the great work!!
It just takes a few minutes to tune in and drop some of Mark's perceptions into your brain. Amazingly, you will notice the opportunity for the practical applications of his ideas as you go about your day. And, as the questions you ask of life become deeper, so do the answers. You will begin to challenge your old patterns and welcome the changes that bring about success. Mark's insights will broaden your own understanding!
I never considered success as being something that required conditioning, but after listening to this podcast every day for several weeks, I am a believer! Mark's questions have really made me think. I am much more aware of my opportunities and the power of my choice (and whether my choices are aligned with what I want). Amazing considering it is only a couple minutes a day. Thanks!
Mark Ward's nu-thought For the Day podcasts are insightful and intriguing. The topics are always fresh, and the guests on the shows are always the best brains on the subject in discussion. I find something new to ponder after listening to each one.
Thanks for these podcasts! They are straightforward, insightful and keep me keep on track. I always find something that I need to hear for that day.