Reviews For EPIC FU (HD)

This was a good show. Who knows anymore. The show no longer is viewable on the IPOD. Since I can not longer watch it, I am unsubscribing
I have bounced from Podcast to Podcast looking for ones that capture my interest and this one is one of my favorites. Nice mix of topics within the show. If one is not for me, I just wait a minute and the next probably is. Love the use of the camera and the editing. The show is very fresh. Just wish they came out more often and were longer.
I only watch my video podcasts on Apple TV, which means on a 47" LCD. And if it's not in HD, then I'm not watching.


By Narmak
Excellent show! I love the direction and the stories. There is some very cool stuff out there on the Net, thanks for sharing some of it with us.
Zadi has a enthusiasm that is infectious, and the show is not only fun but accesible as Zadi is all over the web and is very friendly when approached. She also designed the Epic Fu shirt and I'm wearing it so yay. I know that sounds stupid, but I'm happy Zadi is making the web a better place ;)
I usually catch Epic-Fu on YouTube, but I'm happy to see it here as a podcast. Good information and entertaining. But to echo a previous comment, Epic-Fu is probably better viewed on an iPhone or iPod Touch, than an iPod Classic.
GREAT Program!!! It’s Very creative and imaginative with Good content. Only problem is it isn't configured to play on the iPod.


its cooool