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I appreciate Vince and Emily Horne, not just as compassionate teachers (introducing me to Hokai Sobel), but also their commitment to inclusion and humility. Newest stuff on Ken Wilber is very promising. Listen to 405. Real deal. Thanks for letting me in the online class for what I could afford all those years ago, Vince. It was a transformative course for me, with Hokai stressing the integral connections that moved me forward. Michael Hallett, Florida
Podcast on tripping and meditation by a guy who says he’s tripped a handful of times? Interview people who have actually been there. Boring. Amateur hour.
I have listened to Buddhist Geeks for many years. One of the best podcasts for those interested in secular meditation, psychedelics, and much more. Highly recommended!
This podcast is excellent. It covers a variety of topics around mindfulness as its practice intersects other fields ranging from neurology to ayahuasca. If you are a Buddhist purist, you may object to the idea of such overlap, but I find these discussions broaden my perspective. I am looking forward to many more episodes!
Great content and guests
Buddhist Geeks is an intelligent collective of young minds which has a lot of potential to engage with Buddhism is a contemporary way. Over time I have only felt sorrow, seeing that they continue their trend of demonizing traditional practices in favor of 'clever approaches' and personal critiques of dharma roots. Listening to the recent episode about 'Buddhist ethics is a fraud' I am reminded of when they invited critics of Buddhism to be key speaker at their conference in Colorado. I respect that not everyone has the benefit an education which elucidates the roots of Buddhist traditions and that there are ways which Buddhism has not yet met western audiences, but I feel the trend here is to try to rip up the metaphorical tree of dharma to replace it with mindfulness, neuroscience and perpetual skepticism. I don't think this is intentional but the disrespect will only block their way. I hope this trend changes.
I was delighted to find out there are other people out there with this niche interest. This podcast explores the convergence of science and spiritually in a diverse way, hosting many interesting people from various fields. Vince the host is awesome.
In his most recent pocast, "Buddhist Ethics Is a Fraud," Horn and his guest said that they didn't believe in renunciation as a necessary part of Buddhist practice. Given that the Third Noble Truth states clearly, "Cessation of craving brings cessation of suffering," I have to wonder what kind of Buddhism they're talking about. The path to Nibbana requires renouncing sensual craving -- not embracing it in "a healthy way" or whatever. Supposedly Tantric Buddhism offers a way around the entire "renunciation thing." Go ahead and give it a shot. But maybe rename your podcast to, "Semi-Buddhist Geeks?"
I have listened to every single Buddhist Geeks episode. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Buddhism.
Amazing, I've always had an attraction to wisdom as a child, now Buddhist culture. I too wanted to enhance the culture through the use of interfacing with technology. But that was a small idea. It's beautiful to have found that someone has done what I had considered doing. Thank you for doing you!
I’ve been listening to Buddhist Geeks for several years. Vince Horn (the host) does a fantastic job of navigating the emerging faces of Buddhism. Each episode is jam-packed with insights and engaging conversation. Well worth your time. My personal practice has deepened immensely as a result of listening.
While the show interviews many people who call themselves Buddhists, the overall message is: the religious side of Buddhism is useless (rituals, beliefs, culture, etc) and one should just learn meditation "techniques." (Mainly the popularized Vipassana Movement -- which is American ) There is also a strong message that baby boomer generation of teachers should move out of the way to make room for a "new" and more relevant kind of Buddhism the Geeks recommend. The general conversations lack information about the variety of authentic practices of Buddhism, which are vast and just beginning to enter the United States. I'm all for the average non-buddhist to learn mindfulness, but this show seems to go a step further and deems traditional lineages irrelevant. The show seems to push science and technology as a magic answer to Enlightenment. I'm thinking that perhaps technology has actually contributed to the average person's distraction, stimulus addiction, and inability to look inward.


By S M F W
Can't believe I only just discovered this podcast! Thank you!
The quality of the show seems good, but the audio quality was unbearable in the latest episode. After a lot of echos and horror movie type sounds in the background especially when the guest was speaking, I just had to turn it off. It's a pity since the topic seemed interesting.
Good hosts. Inspiring and insightful guests. Good quality all around, and a nice way to revitalize a practice. Recommended and two thumbs up.
The host talks too long, most often reiterating points already made. While its clear he is articulate, brevity brings out the soul of wit- neither are on display here.
two minutes of ads to start every episode is a bummer.
I love this podcast! I've been led to many great authors and resources through the many interviews and discussions Vince and co. have had on this show. If you are new to Buddhism like I am you owe it to yourself to check it out. There is no leaning towards any single sect or tradition and all views are given their fair share or credit. It's Buddhism for the 21st Century!
Great angle on Buddhism, wonderful interviews, and interesting topics. It is, in my opinion, not a skeptical enough delivery of Buddhism for 21st century geeks - we are not just technophiles we also hold science to a higher standards then they did 1 - 2 thousand years ago. If Buddhism is to be relevant today it must be held to that standard and scrutinized accordingly. Somethings will get dropped by the waysides, others will flourish. I don't think we should worry about the future of Buddhism, it has undergone this internal restructuring several times in history (it's introduction to China being the chief example). As a result what I just said some of the content on this podcast is a little disappointing, but a lot of it is great. The episode that distinguished science from scientism, for example, was pure gold, as was the one were a neuroscientist taught simple techniques for coming the mind before meditation, like touching one's lips with one's fingertips.
I work a job where i can listen to podcasts all day long. I am just trying to get back into sitting after being absent from it for a few years, and was hoping that taking in some podcasts would help me. Unfortunately, my attention span is longer than this podcast seems to want it to be; and at least 3 minutes of the podcast itself are taken up with a constant reminder (read verbatim with each 15-22-minute episode) about an upcoming event, awful blues music, radio silence, and requests for donations. Granted, this is just the first 6 months of casts I have been able to listen to today; but I shouldn't be able to listen to 6 months' worth of a program regarding a subject that is so varied and in-depth in one single day. My other issue is the cutting up of interviews. I would have liked to hear these en totale, but rather than make the entire interview available, they were edited and dispersed here and there so that interviews run into each other. This podcast is all over the place. I would like to give this another shot; the hosts seem affable, their guests are good, and when there is a good discussion, it's a good discussion. I just can't be stopping my work to continually hit 'next'. Unlike the current gene ratio, I do NOT have a short attention span. I like my interviews whole and unedited. Allow the listener to sit with the information you're trying to convey, don't jerk them around to the next interview subject for 17 minutes, and THEN go back to the other person you were talking to. Sign me interested but disappointed so far I may or may not continue to give this more chances, but it looks like this trend continues up until recent episodes. You folks have good information, I just wish you'd let me listen to ALL of it, at one time. You wouldn't cut off a conversation in the middle of it with a human being in real life, would you? Give me the time to process the big picture; give me the full interview please!
Engaging and diverse, it touches all the topics that matter in modern life. This podcast really opens the door to expose and connect with so many ideas and teachers out there, otherwise probably not know to you
Buddhism for sale is not buddhism
What a gift! This podcast is incredibly interesting. As a new practioner I am fascinated with all of the different aspects of tradition and how different teachers and science are integrating them. The interviews are very well done with interesting thought provoking questions. After writing this review I will be heading to their website to make a donation. Thank you so much !!! teachers
Thanks for sharing dharma with me and the world for free. I hope you all get merit and a higher rebirth.
You have really created a wonderful thing here. Thank you.
if you only have time for one Buddhist podcast, this is the one!
They really want to show as many facets of buddhism as possible. The guests are diverse and the questions are honest. They seek perspectives from different generations as well as show how buddhism is making use of current technology and trends.
Five stars
The best Buddhist podcast out there.
I'm completely grateful for this gift of a podcast. These three young, open-minded, well-practiced, well-knowledgeable people put together a podcast interviewing the top heart-minds of our generation, all as a gift to us, a gift of the dharma thrown down on our iPods and ipads, a truly unprecedented event in the history of western Buddhism. The wisdom, patience, and silent kindness of theses younger interviewers is promising. We all look at the world and sometimes see little promise. But the youth today aren't stupid and aren't anything remotely close to the way a small minority of them have been portrayed in the media. We are so lucky to be alive today, and I think this podast awakens us to this fact. Holy Toledo!!!
Great podcast! Vince et al interview teachers and writers from various traditions, neurologists, etc. My favorites are the interviews with the practitioner/neurologists; using science to confirm what the Budddha discovered. I've found information and purchased books by some of the interviewed authors that have changed my practice dramatically! Cool!! Easy to listen to, informative, deep, wonderful podcast!
This is an amazing podcast. I am learning so much and I am so entertained. I am so glad I found it!
My first non-text connection to the sangha (Buddhist community). Fresh, amusing, playful, honest, and warm. Guests, who always share insight, come from varied traditions/experiences within and outside Buddhism so content is always innovative and interesting. Free to download but well worth donating to!
I listen nearly every night and so enjoy the variety of people, topics, and traditions featured on the show. Thanks for bringing dharma study right to my door! Well worth making a donation on their website. - Rachael in Montpelier, VT
Great program for the serious Buddhist who is seriously geeky.
I am a teenager, and I can follow this (for the most part)! I think it's a great podcast, and it is very captivating and interesting. five stars and two thumbs up! :D
Geez, I'm so glad I found this podcast! I find myself grinning as I listen to it in my car or on my exercise path. The hosts are smart, funny, and clearly dedicated to helping others understand the complexities of dharma, especially in a Western context. The only disagreement I have with Enlightenment Magazine's take on this podcast is that a person doesn't have to be young to enjoy it. ;-)
Dana is on its way. Hope you guys make your way on public radio with weekly show. Lex Hixon use to run something similar back in the day. You guys as questions with tack and depth, keep up the good work.
Fantastico! I wish this podcast were around when I was a meditation-obsessed San Fernando Valley kid with Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda as my only spiritual role models. I've read and attended talks with several of these teachers, but these interviews feel more like you're hanging out with them after a retreat and going on "the deep dive." Keep on, BuddhistGeeks, your backpacks' got jets.... - Andrew in Boulder
Thank you so much for interviewing such a great and down to earth, accessible, western teacher of Varjayana Buddhism! I am so glad I clicked on this episode - I LOVE Reggie Ray and your show - great support for all practicing Buddhists! Namaste, xox Alissa Kriteman
Buddhist Geeks give new perspectives on learning to meditate, the history Buddhism and study of the Darma. They always interview interesting people and ask interesting questions. I recommend the progam to everyone who is interested in and/or practicing Buddhism.
The Buddhist Geeks offer one of the best Dharma podcasts around, with big names in the Buddhist world stopping by for great discussions every week. Check them out - they're free.
This is my favorite podcast. The only problem with it, that there isn’t enough of it. I wish you could make them more often. I listen to them while running, and I run every day… Very inspiring… Often after listening, all want to do is to sit and keep sitting on a regular basis You are doing a great job! Thank you.
It has been a great priveleage to produce this podcast, and we consistently here from listeners that the content of this show directly impacts their practice. We've met folks who have gone on to do retreats with the teacher's we've intervieweed, those who have read books that have impacted their understanding of practice, and even those who have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in Buddhist Studies. It is a great honor to have been able to bring something to life that has a direct impact on people's relationship to the Buddhadharma, and I think this speaks more highly of our listeners then it does of us as hosts. So, thank you.
Whether you are new to buddhism or have studied for years--this podcast is sure to inform and augment your current perspective. They have amazing guests, and the hosts are quite knowledgable. The show has supported my personal meditation practice and I look forward to listening each week. It has recently started airing live --online -- which adds a new flavor and encourages participation from listeners. I have throughly enjoyed tuning in and would recommend this podcast to anyone. It helps that the production quality sounds professional and they clearly put their hearts into their work.
Vince and Ryan both express clear geeky attributes in personality style, humor and content all of which as a listener are vital to my enjoyment:) Their vast interest in the Dharma, Buddha-Mind and technology are brought to fruition through the multiplicity of guest and their quirky interview style. I find extreme addicting symptoms arise from tuning on and server with drawl from missing their weekly episodes. On a more serious note, as a meditation practitioner and aspiring western Buddhist these guys both have my utmost admiration and I genuinely want to see this type of dialogue opened to a large audience. BGeeks hold frequent live cast which great way to get engaged in real time, I highly suggest it. Mad Love Geeks, Rock on!!
Excellent podcast. Eclectic, the right length for a walk to work, a little weird in terms of how episodes are sequenced, but interesting and well don
Two Buddhist Geeks, Vince and Ryan, interview interesting and cutting-edge Buddihst thinkers from around the world and discuss important topics for modern-day practitioners of the dharma. Always fresh and invigorating, the show is alternately humorous and insightful --- and sometimes both.