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Still wish Medros was able to game more and do current content.
Lots of dead air. Ali carries the show and does her best to prompt to Medros and Toasty into thoughtful conversation but it generally falls flat. It’s like listening to boring ventrilo conversations. This could be a top tier WoW podcast if they recast two of the roles with dynamic, broadcast minded personalities who also like happen to like WoW. They also ban anyone from discussing any Blizzard related controversy on the show. During the Hong Kong fiasco toasty and medros would regularly have an on air melt down of moaning and shushing if a guest started to drift toward talking about anything controversial. It would sound like someone having a fit and waving their arms up and down. At least that’s the visual I get each time one of the male hosts gets overwhelmed or stressed and audibly expresses it.
Please get rid of the massage studio background meditation music... it’s so distracting. I kept waiting for it to go away but it just kept creeping back up


Medros is just stale throughout the whole thing seems like anytime he chimes in it’s to put others down for not liking things he likes.


Very slow, boring and inarticulate. If you are looking for mediocrity these are your guys. Complaining is foremost and lack of dungeon and raid knowledge is close behind
So it took so long for them to even get into talking about Wow in one of their episodes. Then they bring up other things other games or subjects other than Wow. It wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t take up 20 minutes of an episode. If you want that, be a gaming podcast; not a Wow podcast. Also, they sound bored. Super bored. Like they don’t wanna be there; it’s not entertaining. They post over a week behind. The background music is a decent touch but the point of a podcast is to not have to have music as a filler; intro and closing music are the exception. The worse things are that they are GUESSING. They bring up a subject and it’s all “I think”, or “possibly” or “I’m not sure”. Do not bring up something and not be able to have facts about it. Like dates of stuff starting. Lol. If you are bored and ran out of other podcasts to listen to, listen to this one. But you’ll be behind on current things because it takes them too long to post
Easily the worst current world of warcraft podcast. There seems to be no coherent layout, the hosts are awkward passing the conversation to each other so they no longer have to talk, the quality of microphones sounds like they have tin cans glued to their lips. I love WoW but man this podcast literally puts me to sleep because everybody is just so dry. The podcast needs a severe injection of life, don’t waste your time.
I’m by no means cutting edge but the cast doesn’t seem to enjoy any content far from raid finder and updates despite the name of all things Azeroth they mainly focus on a negative tone on only the most boring topics. Most of their convos seem to burn out and end in awkward silence. Zero Chemistry of cast, I’m sure it could be improved with an addition of a couple harder core players to clue them in on what actual players want to listen to. Wish them the best of luck but I honestly can’t listen to something this boring even while farming.
I tried to make I through this but one guy seriously needs to lose weight or something. When you struggle to catch your breath after saying a sentence.... something's wrong.
The content isn't bad, but the hosts are dry as dirt. Lots of empty space and a total lack of direction for the conversations make this painful to listen to.
I have never in my life heard guys so mundane and monotone. It felt more like a sleep hypnosis audio track than an actual commentary. These guys need to put in some emphasis and excitement.
I only listen to this podcast when I have nothing else to listen to. This is one of the worst podcasts I've ever listened to. I've tried and forced myself to listen to them since November 2015 to give them a fair chance. The show always seems unorganized and still search for related topics during the show. The hosts sound bored and like this is a chore for them. If it's that much of a hassle for them then just quit. There doesn't even seem to be any structure to the show. There are many times they don't even tell the news correctly or assume too much without reading more in detail about upcoming changes. Save your time and listen to Azeroth Round Table or Pwncast
A WoW podcasting institution. For remedial kids.
Listened for first time today and couldn't get past the host speaking way too fast and slowing on words like "Uh" & "Uhm" it was really distracting.
The quality of this podcast seems to have plummeted since Rho left. Not so much because of Medros, but because of the parade of personality deprived automatons he uses as co hosts. It seems they don't research fully the material they're reporting on, make ridiculous assumptions, and the show stutters at points and drags on in a boring fashion when anyone other than Medros is talking. To be fair, Rho is a hard podcaster to replace. But couldn't you have found people that had a little more life and knowledge of the material?
Emma is HORRIBLE .. can she read ?she seems to know nothing about wow can't even pronounce basic words honestly used to listen because of rhow . sorry have to unsub.
I have been listening to All Things Azeroth for many years off and on. I started when they had two hosts Medros and Shade and Shade was providing the Lore and facts of the game while Medros played host. Since Shade left the show has gone way downhill. Medros does very little in the game and knows even less although he likes to act like he knows so much about the game. The other host Emma is boring and even less informed of the game and often discusses topics that she knows very little about. The one bright spot of the show is Phandeth. He knows the game and the topics that are discussed and really deserves his own show away from Medros. If you are loking for a Podcast with an interesting cast that is informed about the topic they are discussing this is not the show for you. If you want a show that is slow, unorganized and obviously losing listeners than this is the show for you.
Emma is ridiculously annoying. She slurs and rambles on, often spouting incorrect information. She said that Everquest could have sued Blizzard for copying the "medieval feel" of their game. Seriously?? She also eats during the podcast! Ugh, who wants to listen to that? Phandeath (sp?) is even worse as he often sounds high, speaks in a stilted slow manner, and also spouts incorrect info. When he's asked a question, he'll answer like this: "(long pause)I actually (pause) played Hearthstone (pause) (voice drops so low you can barely hear him) for the first time (pause) (even closer to inaudible now) in a long (pause) long (pause) time." Medros is a little better, but doesn't have the strength as a host to carry the show. He allows SO many awkward long silences/pauses. At least when he speaks, he comes across as knowledgable and coherent. I really love the Blizzardwatch (formerly Wow Insider) podcast and was looking for something similar, but this is NOT IT. Don't waste your time.
I've been listening to ATA for several years now and I've never had a bad time while listening to the show. It felt more cozy and casual than the soundbite heavy Convert to Raid or Instance which was a nice change of pace. So this feels incredibly uncomfortable to give such a low score but, since the introduction of his most recent co-hosts the show's really gone down hill. They're very uninformed, unprepared and sound like they don't really care for what's going on with the show. Medros is the only one who still sounds like he's hanging in there, but only by a thread. Emma is bad at pronouncing any proper nouns and the other guy shows his lack of concern for nearly everything that goes on. "Uh, I don't know." or "Oh, I didn't do that." are common phrases. Please ATA, I would really love to see the show make a comeback. I understand this is a fan show and this is all for fun, but you can still be passionate about something while having fun. Medros is passionate and has been for hundreds of episodes now. Hopefully this will be addressed, but for now I would not reccommend All Things Azeroth.
Not even worth critiquing the main guy is horrible it's like he doesn't even listen to his cohosts and is just waiting for his next turn to talk... Guess what boys I'm moving right along to another podcast!
If you want to listen to a bunch of people, some of whom are high as a kite and possibly drunk, whine about a game of which they clearly haven't played much, read other news sources to at least back up their whining, have no script or outline for the episode and then proceed to give advice on their perspective of the minuscule amount they have played, then maybe this is for you. Otherwise, run away! Do yourself a favor and go listen to The Instance or Convert to Raid for some actual news and perspective on WoW with actual production values.
Guys... I'm not trying to be mean but please.... Run the show in a daw and set levels, limiters and some eq. It is fatiguing trying to hear someone whisper quiet then suddenly having a loud boisterous laugh burst out of the speakers. What's with all of the background noise? I understand if you have to use your desk for notes and whatever but put the mic on a boom stand that's on the floor so we don't hear all of the desk crashes. I did like the information that was provided though. Just focus on the engineering a bit more.
I just can't listen anymore. Emma cannot speak. She
ATA used to be middle to top of the pack of my playlist. After the departure of Rho it's slipped further down and I only listen when there's a lack of content elsewhere. I HATE giving poor reviews but I think it's the best way to get the attention of the hosts. Emma seems like a very busy person with many RL obligations. That's fine when it doesn't effect every other show. When she's there she is mildly knowledgeable and seems to enjoy her time in game. Anytime class changes come up she doesn't understand how it will effect the game either... Fandeath (sp?) likes to believe he's an expert but isn't... Like really isn't... He doesn't seem to do any research on topics in a news driven show and possibly doesn't have the time devoted to be a full time co-host. Medros is a terrible host without the strength of a co-host. He doesn't do anything to move topics along other than say "we're done talking about that, what about this". He's the epitome of casual, entitled, lazy, and uninformed. Again, I was a fan but, Rho brought out candid responses and the best of Medros. Without him or someone else he's extremely whiny about anything that isn't "his" gameplay. All in all I think you should play the way you want and get your money's worth but STOP HATING ON PEOPLE WHO DO IT DIFFERENTLY! This show has hit an all time low for me and I'll still check in from time to time and adjust my review accordingly but for now, 2 stars, one for the show, one for it's potential.
I gave it a shot. I subcribed right before the Warlords expansion released. They were still talking about trying to get their first completion of a raid that had been out for 10 months. I quickly realized they were casual fans of the game and were not playing to be of any relavance in the game. They ramble over patch notes once in a while with no idea of how they will effect the game play. All the host seem to complain about things a lot. They want everything easy and handed to them but then when they aren't maxed in a profession in a week they cry that its too hard and proclaim Blizzard doesn't listen to the players. Not to mention they seem to shamble from one subject to another with no real idea of what they are going to talk about or what the relevance of the subject they are trying to explain and complain about will actually do in the game. I thought today, these guys are sponsored? If you want to hear people who seem to play the game poorly complain about things but not offer any ideas for a solution this is the podcast for you. If I could rate lower than a 1 star, I would.
Hey guys, did you hear there was an expansion? How about you talk about it instead of talking about playing Starcraft.
The show has good sound quality and is good at keeping a regular schedule for streaming. This though does not cover the content of the show which is lacking. To be specific far to often the hosts will bring up topics from recent news only to be befuddled. There seems to be no time taken to research the topics they address and conversations are vague excuses or sometimes even misinformation. I don't judge their personality as that is personal observation, I will however say the mentality of the show is, happy with mediocre. While this is acceptable to them you may be confused or even amused when the hosts talk about how "hard" something is while refusing to talk any time investing in things which would make it easier. I think with proper preparation before shows at least one problem could be solved. In two words, "Entitled Casuals"
Medros just sounds like he has hit a whole new category of nerd.......
I was sad to see Rho leave. It isn't surprising though considering medros spends most of his time complaining whining and arguing with anyone that doesn't agree. The new female host sounds like an annoying child. Speaking of children she brought a child to her first official podcast! Which she was late to. Which she very loudly stopped the show and explained things that we simply don't care about. Followed by a baby in the background. The unprofessionalism is terrible. Rho was the glue and now that's gone. I'm giving it one more listen and if it doesn't get better I am un subbing.
Guys really good podcast and good chemistry keep up the good work but play more wow! ;d
Great show guys been a long time player and listened off and on through the years, keep up the great work and I won't be surprised to see you have an Ep 1000!!
I've listened to All Things Azeroth for years, through several changes in cohosts, and it has always been a favorite. Each host brings something different to the table, and obviously all love WoW. Keep up the great work!
This show and its hosts, past and present, have given new life and perspectives to the World of Warcraft universe. It is because of this show and its hosts that as kept me playing until this day. The segments are fun and entertaining, and the hosts are humble, kind people who work so hard to deliver such as high quality show that you can tell comes direct from their hearts. Medros is a master at his craft, being behind the creation of so many wonderful podcasts through his network that I can't go a week without.
Since the exodus of Giggle Chick, this show had been on its way up. Rho and Medros were a great pair. I've been listening to Medros for years and Rho brought out the very best in his senior partner. Rho frequently caused Medros to think quickly and fire back candid responses. It was becoming a delightful bromance, similar to that which Scott and Randy shared. Then they brought in a third. Guys, it wasn't broke. You didn't need to try to fix it. Every time I listen to this show and hear that godawful 'skwee' sound, I immediately switch to another podcast and thank the maker that the Hawks won the Stanley Cup.


I've been a long time listener to the show and I've always been impressed with the show's longevity and consistency even with changes to the show co-hosts. Medros, the show host, is knowledgable and a great facilitator to his co-hosts. Rho is solid in most parts of the game, even if he is a little horde-biased. ;) Lore, news, even a little PvP. Bella provides balance and fun. A huge SQEE for pet battles one moment and active discussions about raiding the next. For me, a fun part of following any podcast is watching the hosts take their own journeys in game and out. Each host is having their own journeys and growing as a result, and it has made for some excellent podcasts. Keep up the great work! KaltonEly
I used to be an avid fan of this podcast. With the introduction of Bella, it has just slid downhill. The constant talking-like-I-am-a- five-year-old from Bella and the less than informative Medros has completely turned me away from this show. The only saving grace is Rho (sp?). He is the only person who has some sort of substance to his topics.
I know ATA are one of he "heavy hitters" of the podcasting community, but I honestly just don't see why. I have been listening to WoW podcasts for the past 4 or 5 years, but for some reason never got around to hearing this one, and now that I have I can sincerely say this is not show I will likely be returning to. The cohosts here seem to have absolutely no chemistry, with the perpetually glum / serious moods of Medros and Rho (not sure of the spelling) always seeming to be at ends with the obnoxiously bubbly Bella. The bigger problem though might be the dynamic main host Medros brings to the group. From their interaction, it seems he is treated more like an authority figure than a friend / peer by his cohosts and it makes the whole thing feel very stilted. Not to mention I really don't enjoy him as a host. He just doesn't have the personality for it, is constantly rude, awkward, does not have much knowledge about the game and frankly does not seem to even enjoy it all that much. So, unless you enjoy "omg-squee!" little girl antics from 30 year old women, or the entitled musings from someone who neither knows nor cares about the subject matter on which he speaks, or an all around uncomfortable and uninteresting dialogue, I would not recommend this cast. Sorry guys, but I think it's time to throw in the towel.
I do enjoy listening to the show, however Rho (the only Hordie) seems to get picked on a lot by Medros and Elizabella (who repeadly say they only play alliance). I do like the part where they talk about their adventures in the World of Warcraft. Keep up the good work!


By Daonii
I liked the show, until Bella started. Come on guys, was great just the 2 of you.
I can not figure out why they added this new female host. Please give her a softball sized puff filter. Her surprise squealing into mic just furthers her annoying 6 year old sporadic inflections, as well as makes my ears bleed. Beware of any adult that still baby talks in general conversations.
Awesome and informative thanks for being great
I will no longer listen to this podcast. Editing is a good thing. When your co-host makes a racist comment, whether or not it is often used in her area of the country - as she stated, edit it before airing. It's not as if it slipped past. The other hosts were moaning in the background, and she responded by stating how it is common where she is. They joked about being racist. I'll also not support Steamforge, which is the new show she is hosting. This episode was a giant swan song by the co-host who quit WoW.
I used to rate this podcast a 3 -- maybe. Now it's a 5. I enjoy it more with each new episode. I had to stop listening before because, while I love Ann Stickney's input and knowledge of lore, her laugh and constant talking about herself and her life really made me crazy. I appreciate her much more on WoWInsider where she is one of three voices, and so isn't quite so promiennt. The new hosts are fabulous. I love them. their input is valuable and timely. This podcast has improved so much with these hosts!!!
Always a good show and hosts
The show should greatly improve now that Shade is gone. No more obnoxious laughter. 4 stars for the future!
One of the best wow podcasts out there, gets me through my 30min car ride to work. Great job guys and keep it up.