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I'm a 28 yr old listener and new to investing. I've been a listening to Ron's Index Investing show for the six months now and it has been of great value. Not only does Ron provide up to date market information, but he also provides solutions for investors, helpful insights, and wisdom from the investing greats. Good food for thought for anyone interested in investing!
I spent seventeen minutes listening to this podcast and found nothing of interest, I’m certain some do enjoy this format, but it’s too restrictive in its macro scope for me.
I've listened to many of Ron's podcasts. I've learned a lot. He is very opinionated and can seem a little harsh but I like his passion. I find his reviews of portfolios educational and fun.
I Love the show, Ron keeps me grounded & confident with my portfolio plan. Ron teaches a clear and entertaining message for broad market exposure to THE 5 Essential Asset Classes. I was so intrigued by the excellent content, I went back and listened to every show he has ever done!! He has a consistent message using real life portfolios to point out strengths and weaknesses of investment choices. Weekly listener questions and special interviews with Index investment providers help me stay the course with my investing choices. An essential listen weekly!!
It is one of the best financial podcasts available. I was able to learn how to constructing a balanced portfolio for my risk level and age. Very helpful on current market news. I also enjoy the portfolio reviews.
Ron always has a lot of great info about current state of the market and explains things in a clear and concise way. In case you didn't know that there is an ETF for everything, just listen to the show and you'll find out. Besides, it's always great to hear how Ron goes over portfolios and rates them accordingly against real estate/bonds/stocks/cash healthy portfolio. Learned a ton! Thank you Ron.
I have listened to the index investing show for 4 years... Ron always has an interesting Market perspective .. Ron is your guy for investment advise.. Ron delivers while the other guys talk a good game.. I wish the podcast was 4 hours long each week.. Keep up the good work Ron.. Thanks JW The Portfolio Report card gets 5 stars... Thanks again
I listen to the index investing show weekly. I believe in Ron's philosophy of low-cost, index investing. Ron also took the time to analyze my porfolio and called me twice to discuss different investment strategies.
Great podcast to get all the latest tips and tricks for investing in Index funds. Ron is pretty clear on his message.


Lots of promoting their own products. Also, the philosophy is really tilted a bit towards sector ETFs, market timing, shorting, etc. Not really for the true Boglehead indexing investor, in my opinion.
I am a loyal Index Investing Show listener and have found Ron's show to be insightful and educational. He cuts through the BS of financial noise and delivers a message in a straight forward and satirical manner that will help anyone with their ETF investment strategies. His guests are equally knowledgeable without an agenda or product to push. Listen to one podcast and you will tune in every week. Keep doing your thing, Ron.
Ron’s got it, he sees things clearly and tells it to you straight. I agree with him completely and his views are backed by solid evidence, not hearsay or propaganda. The fact of the matter is, index investing is superior in almost every way to active management- yet active management dominates the market. Clearly in a market such as this, with more and more Americans coming up short in retirement as a result of poor investment practices, its time to look at the facts- something Ron does with relentless vigor. This show features many of the greatest names and thinkers in the investment world and offers some of the most sage and beneficial advice out there- highly, HIGHLY recommended.
Ron is witty, well-spoken, & captivating. He breaks down investing basics & talks about current events in politics that can effect the market. I enjoy listening to the podcasts while doing things around the house.
Ron DeLegge is a man who knows what he is talking about and has the voice of reason and discourse. He covers so many topics in a humorous and informative way that makes it so easy for a listener to follow along and learn quite a lot.
Ron presents important financial/investing news and his colorful commentary. He helps you compare the performance of your investments with various indices. Don't expect him to recommend specific trades, but to educate you on proper portfolio construction.
After listening to more than 500 episodes of this show since it first published, Ron cares about his listeners. He's answered my investing and portfolio questions on multiple occassions. My investment returns are higher thanks to this podcast. Also, People like John Bogle, Nobel Prize winning economists like Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe have been interviewed which says a lot about the show's caliber. The investing advice is consistent, practical and not stuffy. I also listen to financial podcasts from Bloomberg and MarketWatch, but this one is my favorite.


By WaltV*8
To listen to this particular podcast actually requires some intellect and mental effort which is probably why it doesn't appeal to the average investor. So on that level, I think it has a low probability of mainstream commercial success. But on a positive note, I enjoy it and that's all that matters.
Ron has to be one of the worst radio/podcast hosts ever! Love the topic. Cannot bear to listen another moment. Try blogging instead.
The best financial podcast around. It's got a good mix of guest interviews, education, stock market news and commentary. I use ETFs so I like to hear stuff about the funds I own. I've even emailed them a few questions that have aired and gotten answered.
Vanguard should be ashamed of itself for sponsoring this podcast. I am a believer in Vanguard, and a believer in index investing, but this show is bad. Many of the guests are quite good. But, Ron would do much better to not say anything. I predict that this podcast will not continue and I wish Ron well. Joe
This guy is obnoxious! The ONLY reason to listen to him is his guests, but the interview segments keep getting shorter. The only reason I listened to him for a while is I couldn't find any other podcasts on index investing and ETFs. He is extremely repetitious and beats his points to death. He has good and interesting guests but as soon as they diverge from his viewpoint in the slightest he will cut them off. He is expert as promising information but when he finally gets to a point it is the most general information.
I agree with just about everything Chummlee's wrote in his/her comments. Having said that, I do agree wholeheartedly with Ron's investment philosophy. I find little new information from podcast to podcast, however I do listen to it pretty regularly to hear from some of his guests.
I listen every week and enjoy the show. I would like to hear more about hypothetical portfolios based on various scenarios such as in retirement, within 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 years of retirement. That would permit me to do more research on my own and compare to Ron's ideas. I do not think we need to continue to hear why indexing is a preferred approached to active management. I think that horse has been beaten enough. Ron can refer the listeners to the older podcasts to help them "catch-up" if they are new. Just my two cents.
But Ron's a donkey
I like spending countless hours listening to financial podcasts so I do tune in regularly to this one even though there is relatively little substantive content. Ron likes to trash investment vehicles that are not index etfs and often resorts to childish name calling. And he typically doesn't offer up much concrete evidence to support his assertions. Also much of the content is really rudimentary. That said, I am hesitant to give it a lower rating since I listen regularly despite the shortcomings although I'm not sure why.
Statistically, index funds do better than managed funds. market timing may be fun, but it is allocation & diversification that help your money grow. Listen to this podcast. ETF-biased over regular index funds, but they explain things very well.. And you can do trading with ETFs. I recommend this podcast. the 8/17 episode won't download for me- it came in at 25 seconds... i hope they fix it.