Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast

Reviews For Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast

Andy has an awesome gift to share scripture while being inclusive and relatable to everyday life ❤️
Andy has a very clear way of communicating his messages. They are easy to understand and he forces you to use your own common sense. He’s very realistic and scripture-based.
I find it easy to listen to Stanley's teaching.
I stumbled onto Andy’s podcast and became hooked. My faith has grown to a new level through him. His messages make me laugh and grow my faith. Luv, luv! I wish him much success. He is making the world a better place...
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I’ve been listening to Andy for about 4 years now. I believe I’ve heard most, if not all, of his sermons over the past 6 or 7 years. Ive listened to everything of his on his podcast and on YouTube. By far the best preaching I’ve heard. Applicable/practical teachings that I can use TODAY. Christian and non-Christian alike can thoroughly benefit and enjoy the preaching of Andy Stanley. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
What a powerful message I firsts heard Andy at my church in a life group on his starting point series: now I listen to Andy all the time.
What a great series! I have listened to this series twice now and have been suggesting your site to my friends! You and your dad are a part of our Sunday every week! We have learned so much from you and Dr. Stanley! Thank you so much!
I have been a believer since I was 13. Now I am 77. This series has answered so many questions and connected so many dots. I only wish I could remember 1/2 of what he said. What a blessing. Thank you Andy.
I am 62. I have been through relationship after relationship. Wish I had this material 40 years ago. I believe that there is hope for me even now! Andy’s insights are a gift from God and I pray for the courage to step forward and not be just a hearer but a doer of this wisdom. Thank you, Andy you’re a huge blessing!!
Sitting down and reviewing all the podcasts I’ve loved for years but haven’t reviewed and rated myself. Thanks Andy Stanley & Team for everything for the years!!
Thank you sir I am very grateful for your word
I don’t have a lot of podcasts that I turn on notices for but this one I do. I look forward to Your Move and listen to them all
I will never, ever miss a single message of Andy’s. Not on or❣️❣️
It seems like I have really been drawn in to Andy's teachings, sermons, and Starting Point book. I am really enjoying his lessons and spoken Word. Has definitely placed a fire back into my heart for God.
This is one of the few podcasts that I listen to every time it comes out. I enjoy Pastor Andy Stanley’s sermons.
I love it thank you for the knowledge and inspiration for me trying to be a better person and Christian.
Sounds and solid Bible
I Love listening to his teachings that take biblical thoughts and make them into applicable situations that help us make better decisions each day.
Andy gives good messages for people like me who aren’t christians. He’s not trying to convince me change. He’s just giving me ideas on how to do things different and better. I love listening! And I think it will help you to. It’s a great way to help you figure out things. And make different and better choices. Even if your not Christian
Sometimes as a Christian I get bogged down in the nuances of what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. Without lowering the bar on what is expected of a Christian life, Andy Stanley makes living life as a Christian seem more accessible by focusing on the Word and what it means today.
I have watched online for a few years and listen to this podcast continuously. think I have listened to most of these messages many times. I am grateful to be able to grasp God’s word through Andy’s teaching. This podcast is such a blessing. Thank you!
This guy is a charlatan who doesn’t even believe that Christians should adhere to the Ten Commandments. He’s constantly willing to throw out scripture to shill for mainstream appeal.
A dynamic communicator with the innate ability to connect with believers and non-believers alike and discuss highly relavant topics that are applicable to one's life on a daily basis.
My faith is based on a person, Jesus. This perspective has opened my eyes!
This guy spews nothing but nonsense, 'It's true because we hope it's true'
Clear. Concise. Compelling. Wisdom and understanding about how to live bountifully. How to flourish spiritually, relationally, physically, emotionally, financially and socially. Salve for the soul. WD40 for your bones. Andy delivers over and over and over again. Man God is good. He put all this incredible learning in the palm of our hands. Equipping us to gather the wisdom, understanding and knowledge we need to a life that matters. Thank you God.
I went from laughing to crying with a whole lot of reflection in between. God was rally speaking to my heart especially as I evaluate the use of my time and the purpose God has for me. Thank you for your passion and clearly sharing God’s word.
I met Andy and his father at a restaurant a while back, but my friend was wearing a Bama safe to say we didn’t receive any blessings! 🤣😂😬. Seriously, this podcast is a treasure, I love it. Always relevant 👍🏼
I love how Andy makes biblical truths apply in a very practical everyday way.
I listen to 7 podcast a week by different speakers. Andy Stanley is my favorite. I have lost track of the number of years I have faithfully listened. I have quoted things he has said dozens of times. He make the complex simple!
Can’t get enough ♥️ Waiting for this weeks service to be available 🙏🏼⛪️😇Thank You
Andy is easy to understand and speaks to the heart of personal issues.


By zentafe
Andy speaks as though he is talking straight to my heart. He had given me the courage and inspiration to change myself for the better and take responsibility for my life and be a better person through Christ. Bravo Andy!
If you are a bible believing Christian please do not get sucked into “pastor Stanley’s” trap of a simple “unhitched” gospel he has crossed the line into false gospel territory.... please don’t listen if you are searching for biblical truth. There are so many good theologically sound guys out there to follow Stanley down this road...
Always easily understood and applicable.
I love listening to Andy bc he makes the Word so approachable
I feel convicted (in the best way) every time I listen to Andy speak, and it's been one of the tools I use to improve my marriage and relationships with people.
Thank you for this podcast! I listen to it every morning!
When Joshua met the Angel on the road to Jericho, he pulled his sword and asked if you are for us or against us. The Angel said neither...I am for the LORD. These teachings in these podcast focuses us on what we need to be doing, believing and saying for The LORD. I thank you for allowing The HOLY SPIRIT to work in you, your family and the church as a whole.
It never fails. When I need to hear a word, when I’m low. I can always count on Andy Stanley to give a word that is so simple, yet so concise and to the point that I can’t help but reflect. I recommend this podcast to anyone who earnestly is tired of making the same bad decisions and living with regret and wants things to be different. This one is for you.
This show will help you be better at life.


By klmmd
Both my husband and I have listened to this podcast. So helpful for both of us. Great insight and wisdom.
Andy Stanley gives practical insights and easy to understand principles that are applicable for everyone. Although Andy teaches from the Bible, the topics on this podcast are easy to understand and applicable for anyone who wants to improve the overall direction of their life. If you want to make better decisions and live with fewer regrets, this is the podcast for you!
I love this podcast! Andy always has something from the Word of God to instruct and encourage my walk.
Living in a country outside the US, podcasts have become a go-to for spiritual encouragement and fresh ideas in English. Andy does not disappoint as he brings fresh perspective to concepts I already know and challenges me to think in new ways regarding life here on earth and life with our heavenly Father (and how those two ideas connect!).
Andy Stanley is amazing!
This podcast is my favorite thing to listen to. I could honeslty listen to Andy Stanley talk all day. I quote him constantly in my work as a licensed psychologist and recommend that people listen to him all the time! Thank you, Andy!