Orthopedic Assessment Methods

Reviews For Orthopedic Assessment Methods

The videos are great for APN students! Thanks for posting for all to learn Scott--excellent idea!
These assesment techniques are much more easily understood by watching than reading, so this is a great medium for them. Even tho these are common techniques & have been used for eons, how well do they actually work? Ie: I think the author needs to just give a 1 sentence summary of "What is the Sensitivity & Specificity of These Techniques?" This would make the podcast Great. I don't just want to learn something just because everyone has been doing it for eons. I'd like to know if they actually work.
some of us use your podcast in our class. Thanks for helping us review our sp.tests. We need more podcasts like this one!
You're awesome for doing these! So is Angie! So am I, I guess, but I haven't done any yet...