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I use to enjoy download this podcast and they stopped on November 13, 2008.
I guess I should have given this one five stars a few months ago! Haven't seen a new episode since November.
I agree with the previous review in that the show should be longer, but I like the show a lot so I'm going to give it five stars. There should be more video podcasts.
I really miss this podcast. I think we all forget to go back to the iTunes store and write reviews for our podcasts.
Great podcast - I love this! Please give us more and fix the bugs!
As a gay man, I can not express how thrilled I am to be able to hear news about our community from members of our community. When I can't watch the show on Logo, I know I can come download it online, and that is amazing. Thank you so much!
This used to be a great podcast but for the last several weeks the video runs at about double-speed of the audio. Not much point in trying to watch because when the speedy video ends the audio cuts out too.
PROS:I enjoy listening to the podcast and getting the lastest in GLBT news. I also think Jason Bellini does a fine job as a news anchor (plus he kinda looks like Gale Harold from QAF which doesn't hurt). CONS: I would like for it to be longer and updated more frequently. Also, there has been some technical problems with the podcast lately--the sound and picture don't sync up right and its like watching something in fast forward. Please fix this.
I love watching CBS news on Logo, and thought I'd enjoy this podcast. I'd now deleting it from my podcast list after several months because the casts are poorly cut (they take one long newscast and divide it into segments to release every day) and the news is usually... dumb. Relevant if you are a fashionista maybe... but the "news" usually isn't news worthy
The last podcast was 12/13 and it's now 1/13 why hasn't there been one in a month it used to update almost every day??? Is this related to the writers strike?


By Leah65
As the straight mom of a gay son, this is a wonderful and easy way to get gay news. Jason Bellini is personable and fun. You'll want to adopt him.


By kyos
makes me happy that i can still catch this since i moved an no logner have logo to watch at hame. brightens my day that i can still catch the news i care about.
I love hearing news about GLBT issues. GO CBS News and LOGO for doing it well! Thanks! These stories are informative and interesting.
so great to watch this on the way to work in the morning. i always like the show but don't always get to see it. these guys cover great stories and get good interviews. it's all gay news all the time!