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Reviews For In Your Head Wrestling

in Your Head is the best. I’ve been a listener since 2011 and it’s one of the most entertaining wrestling podcasts out there. Comedy and wrestling talk...what else do you want?
Great show! Jack and Incher bring it every show!! I highly recommend it! They know the wrestlin’ and they are very entertaining!!!
Prepare yourself for a series of uncontrollable and mind-blowing eargasms that will leave you beggin for more!!!
I really get a kick out of these two guys and they manage to get some good guest occasionally, too. Keef Riffhard
This is the best internet wrestling radio by far. One Inch Biceps and Jack carry great interviews and have entertaining conversations about the current events in the wrestling world. All that there is left to say is JACK IS STILL NOT A WEREWOLF.
I love this show! It's probably my favorite wrestling radio show! It definitely deserves a listen. My only complaint is that it doesn't always have the latest show to download >:(
this is a great show but last 2 weeks I cant download it from itunes whats up with that!
The Show is always great and the guest are top notch. If your looking for a great podcast for wrestling its this and The Law and Between the Ropes.
I love this show, if I can't get it online sometimes I get it here. It's great when people don't take things too seriouse. It's pro wrestling and shouldn't be overthought. Jack, OIB and Barbie are just too funny.
After I got my iPhone, i started looking for some wrestling podcasts to subscribe to. This was one I saw recapped on 411wrestling a lot, so I subscribed, and enjoyed the shows. The hosts have a good time, which leads to a good show, and they have some great guests on. My only disappointment is that a large number of their shows in recent months don't end up on iTunes, so subscribing to it doesn't help much. I tried to find out why, by contacting them on their facebook page, but the answer I got was (paraphrased) "I dont know, ask someone else." I didn't really care for that, so I didn't follow up with anyone else. Its a good show, but if you subscribe, don't expect to get all the shows without going to their website, which kinda defeats the purpose of subscribing in the first place, but the shows that do end up on iTunes will be entertaining. I hope this gets resolved sometime soon, so I can get my weekly fix of IYH.
I just wish i could still download it through itunes and not have to go through their official site to listen to it. can somebody please help?