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I want real information. Unbiased, logical, unedited. Thanks for trying I guess
Overall Samuel has been at this game for years, yet little to no listener base has emerged. As a former mormon who keeps up to date on all things mormon I can say that I do not find this podcast to be entertaining nor informative. Bitterness drives Sammy in his pursuit to expose rather obvious facts and in the end he comes off a confused, in the sense that his production hops around and delivers the rantings of an individual lost in his own anger. I hope one day he can move on without having to dedicate so much anger and vitriol.
I can recommend the Nightline Debate "Does Satan Really Exist?" A reasoned and thoughtful discussion among several people, all with very diverse opinions, and all respectful of one another….UNLIKE any of the other episodes posted here that I listened to.
I love these podcasts and everyone should listen to them truth is truth Mormons can deny and twist but won't own up to the history.
Bitter people make stupid things and I'm not even Mormon but now I'm interested in the real truth and nit some fact twisting moron.
All the commitment in the world can not change what is and is not true. Some clips are bashing and should be toned down but some clips (Utah preacher) demonstrate that despite evidence presented, the missionaries try to regain control and “preach” the script they were taught while the “preacher” tries to converse with the missionaries.
Wow! I just wasted a couple hours! I'm not even Mormon and I can tell you it is a hoax!! Don't waste your time.
Why so many secrets? I appreciate hearing the truth. LDS members will tell you the details of their religious beliefs are to "sacred" to talk about - but what they mean is too "secret". Thanks Samuel for peeling away some secrecy!
I feel really sorry for you and that you are exhausting so much energy in this podcast. I think it is sad that you have been hurt by the LDS church so much that you've embarked on this slanderous quest to post these ridiculous podcasts claiming that they collectively prove the LDS church to be untrue. The missionary calling the Apostles wives "darn flippin ugly" has nothing to do with the doctrine. So he [individually] is an idiot, what does that have to do with the gospel? I really feel sorry for you, and I hope that you will eventually find happiness in your life.
dude all i got to say is read and ponder befor you say any thing ok in philosopy is so understanding when it comes down to the teaching of christ and why we are not sad really when a love one dies or why searching for the truth is great when u found it all these people are just beliving every thing you feed them with out their own faith in this i have so many friends who have fallen away cuz they want to have "fun" and end up coming back cuz they realized what they needed to fill their emptyness so dude ur so worng about Mormons
This is not the truth, this is edited to confused and hide the truth. I just doesn't have two feet to stand on in the real world.
After listening to some of these it has become obvious that this person edits the footage. If I want to hear the interviews, I want to hear them uncut and unvarnished, thank you.


By Marie87
I <heart> Samuel The Utahnite. Nuff said.
This podcast holds more lies than I can count. What little evidence is provided to support this man's ideas is not respectful, not consistent, and not true.