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Nice selection, my only question is why do they not interview someone like...maybe... Stryper!?!
All of the other interviews i've gotten have downloaded without a prob.;Family Force 5, Showbread, House Of Heroes, Children 18:3, Thousand Foot Krutch, Becoming The Archetype, Anberlin,etc. It's just not letting me download Red's Interview or Disciple's.
I really like the interviews here but the music gets cut out. I listen to a lot of your interviews to find new bands I might like but I noticed that the songs get cut out of the interviews. Playing the full song would help to bring more fans for both the band and the show. Just a suggestion.
where did all the old episodes go? there are a couple from last summer i'd like to get, namely, the interview with Ryland from Inhale Exhale. and with Spee from Underoath.
These guys interview so many bands it's awesome. (My absolute fav is the one with Daniel from Hawk Nelson.)
Radio U and TVU are AMAZING!!!!! I love Family Force 5!!! cuz they are just awesome...seriously, go check them out. Like right now. I mean it. NOW!!!
thats all I gots to say