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Incredibly solid teaching. As a Christian, I feel that I can actually articulate and communicate what I believe far more effectively than before I followed Russ’ teaching. I also find it compelling that the teaching comes from the standpoint that Christianity is the most logical system of thought, and the most logical conclusion to questions of purpose and identity that people have.


By RyanB89
Teaching that engages the listener both logically and emotionally. Rooted in biblical truth and real human experience. Russ Johnson and L2 Denver care deeply about the local church, this community believes in real gospel transformation and renewal.
This man has a gift to speak to many faiths while still conveying truth. My life, both professionally and personally has been truly inspired by his teachings on the gospel. Put on you waders and stand strong, cause this is the deep end of the pool.
Love this mans passion and heart for God. He truly wants lives to be touched and people to become disciples of the one true Living God. He knows the bible and speaks so much truth- it's tough to not be convicted by his messages. They are straight from the Holy Spirit. May all the glory be to God through this guy. An honest friend and true Christ seeker.
This is a clear explanation of the book of Revelation in the Bible. It makes so much sense! I can't wait to hear the rest of it. Thank you.