Reviews For Podcasts

These sounds are awesome! Thank you for releasing them!
Boring only to those with a short attention span.
Boring? Mystery schools, hermetics and boring are related in the sense that the filter in an open mystery is it's prerequisite interest... it is the door that must be made... in your mind...there is less pretense in this "thought stream philosophy" than most psycho-spiritual systems that have existed... it is modern and ancient to want to think and feel at the same time and that is what these podcasts are trying to encourage... the alchemy of having a human mind... and shhh... a boring old soul.
While some will argue that these podcast's are "boring",i believe them to be very informative and interesting.If you will take the time to open your mind to what to what is being explained in these podcast's and give it the attention it deserves,you will not be disapointed.
Reminds me of military doctrine lectures on audio tape with drab powerpoint slide accomaniments. The lecture I listened to on the importance of ritual sounded like she was addressing school children, and reading from a pre-written essay. Maybe this is intended to be course material for the AMORC order, of which I'm not a member... so take my review with a grain of salt--I may not be the intended audience.