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I have listened to this podcast for a few years now, maybe not regularly, but I will come back to it again and again depending on the topic or guest. I’ve always been blessed by the combination of faithfulness to the Christian walk while remaining honest about the issues that plague all marriages, sincerely holding up the Gospel as the remedy and Jesus as the Balm for these issues. Since the new hosts have taken over, I’ve only grown to love the show more! I really enjoyed so many of the recent episodes, and when my all time FAVORITE comedian (Michael Jr) whom I will stop EVERYTHING to listen to was on last week TWICE, that was just icing on the Victoria sponge cake!!! Thank you so much, for all you do and for your hearts and ministry, Family Life, you truly are a blessing and helping many people to love their families and walk more faithfully with Jesus. I would and DO highly recommend this podcast!!
These podcasts are a way to escape the fight of life, and breathe while leaning into the truth of our gracious GOD. I also wanna wish Bob Lepine a happy retirement from the show and I hope that Dave and Ann continue to be the friendly and godly couple they have always been. I really enjoy this podcast, it is the main one that I listen to. With the stories they tell, the devastating, sad, and horrible beginnings, they end with God coming in and shaping the past into a future that people are bold enough to share. Thanks for being vulnerable! ❤️
Thank you, Bob for your years of faithfulness! You’ve been such a blessing to so many, and I know you’ll continue to be. Arkansas just made my list of places to visit. 😉 Praying for you and for Dave and Ann as you step into these new roles.
Dave is right. You are irreplaceable and the grace of God. Thank you for using His gifts to you on behalf of countless souls. You will be so very missed, along with those talents and skills for engaging people and drawing them out, for God’s glory. Thank you, and we hope to hear from you again. God’s blessings of love, humility and joy in your church, as you pastor.
Entertaining while inform the listener.
I absolutely love listening to your podcast!! It is so genuine and helpful! Thank you! Thank you for saying the hard, real stuff, and being vulnerable. You allow us to see that we still need to surrender to God and trust that He can handle all of us.. good, bad, ugly, messy, broken, and all!!
ThaNks for a great podcast, so many relevant topics helping me grow in compassion with the ones around in a lost world
So many wonderfully relevant topics from a godly perspective.


By erofh
Just listened to Parenting potholes after seeing Jill Dillard post about it on her Instagram story... the message in this podcast really resonated with me... but what would you say to someone who did not grow up in a family of faith and did not learn the gospel and who is trying to figure it all out now as a 26year old married woman, while also struggling with a rocky parent/adult child relationship? (Or maybe you already have a podcast talking about this?) Thanks in advance! Can’t wait to listen to more!
I’ve enjoyed this program for 20 years and it’s helped my marriage and parenting in countless ways. But lately it seems like a show by Bob Lepine and for Bob Lepine. I’d like to hear more from the Wilsons and their guests instead.
We started out with a small group doing the Art of Parenting series. That was two years ago. Now we are still leading the same small group (plus a few) using many more of their resources! This ministry has been a tremendous blessing to our family and many others!!
I just heard a podcast where the person compared the Tax Collector that followed Jesus to a Marxist. This person is either extremely uneducated or intentionally trying to deceive people and spread propaganda for the Marxist agenda. If anyone studies Karl Marx, you can see that he was a racist, he was anti-God and the foundation of Marxism is to destroy. The Bible says the thief came to steal kill and destroy. Marxism is about destruction, not life. Marxism wants to destroy, and that is exactly what Marx promoted. That’s a fact and well known. Furthermore there’s poetry that is found that he wrote about how he was obsessed with going to hell and being damned forever. Karl Mark is the reason for the French Revolution, which murdered people by the guilletine if they didn’t conform to public opinion. Karl Marx is also the main reason for communism, which is atheistic in its core. You cannot be a Christian and a Marxist, you cannot be a Christian a communist. You can only serve Jesus alone. You can have different political views of less government control or more government control and that’s fine as a follower of Jesus. However, you cannot be a disciple of Marx and call yourself a Marxist and be a disciple of Jesus. I suggest the person who wanted to compare the tax Collector that was a disciple of Jesus to a Marxist, should study their history better, because they are preaching false doctrine and leading people into believing worldly propaganda.
This podcast is amazing! I listen to every night before bed. So full of wisdom and advice on marriage, parenting and so much more!
I haven’t missed a podcast in over 12 years and have been listening regularly for over 20 years. Today I unsubscribed to the podcast. I just found myself fast forwarding through more and more of the podcast, because Bob Lepine loves the sound of his own voice.
This 3/2/20 episode was there just when I needed it. I had been feeling down, and was searching for a podcast on joy in the Lord, and found this episode, which is funny, because I already subscribe. Gave this 4 stars because I don’t listen to all of the episodes, because they are often so heavy. But, God used you to meet me today. Thank you!
Initially, I was disappointed with FamilyLife because their programs always seemed to be centered around suburban white problems in which the husband is almost always at fault somehow. This made it hard for me, a Black man, to really relate to their episodes and benefit from them. But recently they have done a better job at incorporating diverse samples of couples and issues, making the program reach an audience beyond middle-aged white suburban moms. Nothing against them, of course.
I'm continually inspired by the lessons and perspectives shared on this podcast! It seems like every episode covers an absolutely critical aspect of family life, and developing healthy relationships for overall. If you feel lost, overwhelmed or in need of a community that can help guide you towards the empowering family life you're looking for in the ever-increasing speed of our world - this show is a must-listen!
Thank you south for this content. It encourages and builds our home every day. Thank you!!!!
They're not afraid to tackle hard subjects!
I love this podcast. I love that I can listen to family and marriage advice/lessons based on the word of God. I highly recommend this to everyone.
I have been listening to FamilyLife radio for two years and it has always been a blessing. It is refreshing and positive news about marriage and parenthood. It is like a mentor you can sit down with and listen to every morning before the kids wake up. True biblical help and hope, sound doctrine and gospel centered advice for the common family. We love it!
God has used this podcast to help not only save my marriage, but transform me as well. Praise God for this podcast!
The Family Life podcast is a tremendous resource for Christian families. Within the podcast description, could you describe the topic more vs. just the name of the guest on the show? Thanks
Why aren’t all episodes uploaded anymore?
Thank you for writing your story. I lived a gay life from 21 to 53. I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979. I have walk so very close with him the hole time! It’s a crazy story, I would not even know we’re to be gain. The day I asked him in to my heart as my personal savior I ment it and still do. It got to a point we’re I was living IN HELL! My emotions my mind my flesh. I could not do it anymore. I dont’t need to go to hell, I have been living in it. It’s the best way to say it for me. Nothing is worth my life my soul. It’s been a very hard road and not able to talk to many about it. In the world today we must stand and speak out. Thank you so much. Beth from Portland OR.
I am so excited that God is continuing to build on the legacy of Family Life, welcome Dave and Ann!
I have been listening to Family Life Today since 2008, and still listen today. It is like a mentor that I can rely on for a biblical perspective about everyday subjects.
I can’t say how amazing this podcast is! I’m only sixteen and I still find it helpful. I don’t listen to every episode, but this podcast is still a great resource!
As a wife of 3 years and a mother of an infant I am learning something new everytime I listen to this show! Thank God for you and all of the guests to the show. The only thing I would suggest is that the instrumental musical introductions always sound so sad or ominous 😂 and the show is serious but not sad at all. Thanks for the show!
I have gotten help from this show that has transformed my family. I listen as much as possible.
Thank you for speaking with Brooke McGlothlin! I’ve heard her a few times but your discussion on this podcast has changed how I look at my “those boys!” Wow! I have tears of joy because God just used her to speak to me! Thank you!
I love this podcast. Encourages my walk with Jesus. Can’t say enough good things about it.
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I listen while I clean houses. I have spent moments crying in the sheets because God has convicted or awakened my heart to his truths. My marriage and family are stronger and healthier because of your work. My husband and I have been to the Weekend to Remember 4 times and have brought other couples along. We are in the pastorate and highly value all the resources you provide. Thanks and keep up the great work. Angelle Stone.
What great encouragement and support for all. Whether everything is just perfect or you're going through a trial, you will be challenged to build up your family.
I am beyond thankful to have found this resource after a suggestion from my Christian counselor. There are so many helpful topics on marriage and raising children, I listen while mowing the yard, working or at kids sports activities. Often I have gone back to the archives to search by topic. As someone currently in the middle of a separation, praying for restoration, the stories of other couples have given me so much hope! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you guys do!
Thank you FL for the many years of serving the body of Christ!
Such a good, biblical podcast to fill some hours with. I love this broadcast! It is full of encouragement.
Family life today is just what it says it is. Help for today and hope for tomorrow. You will not find a more encouraging God centered podcast dedicated to building your marriage and your family.
Your show has really guided me on how to love my husband in the way God sees him. Your show helped me through a storm in our marriage, and now since we are through that storm, your podcast gives me great reminders on keeping me focused on eternity.
I have received so much great advice from this show!
I love this show. Dennis and Barbara Rainey are on mission for Jesus, and their fruit shows in their family and in this programming. Dennis and Bob make a great team. The marriage testimonies have given me hope at just the right time, over and over. One of the best shows available.
This is a great podcast and provides great Christian content, help, and advice. Dennis and Barbara Rainey are also the authors of many marriage-related devotional books, at least two of which my wife and I used in preparation before beginning our own marriage, of which we are now in the 22nd year. My only criticism is that as holidays approach, the lengthy commercial plugs for Barbara’s “Ever Thine Home” products can drone on episode after episode to the point of getting absolutely obnoxious once you’ve heard them repeated in more than two or three episodes…but that can be remedied by fast-forwarding.
We heard about the weekend to remember from the podcast. absolutley has benefitted my marriage and life as a follower of christ, a husband and father.
I listen every single weekday. It's such an amazing source of wisdom in my life! Thankful! App works great!
Love listening to this station as well as other moody radio shows ! They are a God-send to me!
Best way to learn and be encouraged in biblical truth about our roles in marriage. If you're not a reader, then make time to listen to them. Praise God for their selfless service to this very important and much needed ministry.
@ladiemira your either 100% a Christian and on fire for God or your just deceiving yourself into believing your saved
Thanks Family Life for providing resources that benefit all areas of family life. I love your program and try to never miss one of your broadcasts. Praise God for your contributions to helping raise secure and confident children.